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22 September 2016
NYALA from Johannesburg, South Africa to Wellington Zoo
Hi Lisa, Thanks again for all the Nyala help… I just wanted to let you know that the 2nd shipment of Nyala arrived safely in Auckland this morning. We are now well on our way to Wellington. Thank you all for your help in making this possible.
Wellington Zoo

31 August 2016
OSCAR & ROSIE labradors to Johannesburg, South Africa
Thanks so much Lisa.  They are the most special dogs, I am pleased you enjoyed them! It is still night time there so expect you will hear later.  Thank you for everything.
Kind Regards

9 January 2016
YOGI briard & PAWS golden retriever to Harare, Zimbabwe
Dear Lisa, We have collected Paws and Yogi from the airport and it is wonderful to have them. Paws seems really tired and Yogi I think travelled better. Although we did a pre clearance yesterday and checked all formalities they changed what they had told us the day before and kept us running back to the main airport 3 times and only released the dogs to us 2 hours after they arrived!! Anyway dogs have had a swim in the pool, drunk and are relaxing on the veranda here with us.
Thank you again it is wonderful to have them with us

10 August 2015
ASTERIX chihuahua & MIDEA cat to Johannesburg, South Africa
Hi all, Hope you are well. Just letting you know that Asterix and Midea are both safely home and happy! 
Thank you for your help.
Kind Regards

January 11, 2013
KLOE & AMADOU labrador & sphynx cat to Nairobi, Kenya
Hi Lisa, The flight didn’t arrive until 10pm, but the clearance and vet check went smoothly and quite quickly, so we were back to the ILRI campus around midnight. Both animals seemed very pleased and relieved to see us and each other.  Both kept their crates clean. Thanks for all you and Bruce did to make this long journey as comfortable as possible. Very best regards from Africa to you all. Tim

December 19, 2012
NERINE, NEOMARCIA, NOTSUNG & NANDINA griffon pups to Johannesburg, South Africa
Hi Lisa, Pups arrived safe n sound, I got a phone call at 4am this morning. 
Many thanks Karen

October 7, 2012
GUS german shepherd & TIGER HARRY cat to Nairobi, Kenya
Hi Lisa, All arrived in great health.  Gus has settled immediately Harry is a bit nervous. They cleared customs easily.
Thanks again Dave

July 25, 2012
LILLY & PHANTOM to Johannesburg, South Africa
Hi lisa. Just to let u no lilly and phantom arrived safely here last night, we had trouble with customs and were sent home without the cats to my distress as they had lost the original paperwork only to get called back an hour later as they found the paperwork, typical SA. They are now at home in the spare room settling in, phantom not happy but lilly exploring. Thank you very much for all your time and hard work, it is much appreciated.
Thanks again

March 21, 2012

PHOENIX & JASPER cats to Cape Town, South Africa

Hi Lisa, Just to let you know that Jasper and Pheonix have settled in nicely. Within a couple of hours Jasper was strutting around like he owned the place.  Pheonix stills stays out of sight most of the time, but at night they are both off out hunting and last night brought thier first mouse into the house ( at 1:00 am ) The heat doesn't seem to bother them much and they have adjusted to sharing space with the dog.
Thanks for everything to get them here.


November 8, 2011

JAZZ & BELLE to Mombasa, Kenya

Hi Lisa, Nairobi was a nightmare of bureaucracy and moving from pillar to post. They had to be stored until sighted, paper work read by the vet (holding fees, payable immediately). Import and handling charges (payable immediately). Sighted by me and moved to internal flight cargo (handling charges payable immediately) Each payment had to be made to the on site bank separately and paper work taken back to each department for the next stage all on three different sites. It took hours. I was assured that they would be on the same flight as me! My flight was over booked and I was placed on the next one - Eventually three hours later we (the cats had also missed that flight) arrived together in Mombasa!! The only consolation was that they had been watered, cleaned and taken care of. We arrived home exhausted, and out of sorts. The cats were thrilled to see Carol, food an a quiet room with nice dark hidey holes to lurk in. Sometime in the subsequent five hours Jazz escaped and completely disappeared. The shrub land is densely wooded and impenetrable, home to snakes, monkeys, bush babies, lizards and feline hating bird life - we were beside ourselves. Searched high and low with the aid of all the locals. That night a delighted and excited Jazz pounced on Carol, whose screams woke me up. They (the cats) are in seventh heaven, fortunately they are both very cautious as well. With us they have resumed their old habits and we bow to their every command - they are not too keen on the food though (no variety of Kenya cat food is as good as the five star NZ kai that they are used to!!!!).
Is it worth it? Well I think so, I guess one has a real responsibility to any animal that one adopts and we could never have found such an amazing home for them as this in NZ (even if we could have found a place for them together). Thank you for your help in facilitating this.

Kind regards

September 19, 2011

PEPSI cat to Tunis, Tunisia

Hi Lisa, Pepsi has finally arrived at his new home in Tunis. He is a bit tired, but already exploring his new new home. Thank you very much for all your great support and work to get Pepsi to Tunisia. After clearing Immigration and customs at the airport, Markus and I (plus a translator) drove to the Freight Airport to find Pepsi. It was actually quite hilarious as everybody at customs knew about Pepsi. He was the start attraction for them! After we finally found him waiting in his cage for us in one of the warehouses - he seemed to be very happy and quite excited about all the fuzz about him.   After formalities - which took a while - we were finally able to take him home.
I think it is absolutely essential to have someone who can speak either French or Arabic with you at Customs as we would not have been able to do this on our own. There were a lot of discussions amongst the staff there - and we did not understand a word. There was confusion about whether we had to pay anything or not - but at the end they decided to let us take him without any payment. People were very helpful but it was totally chaotic and waiting for a long time in extreme heat was not very pleasant at the time.
Pepsi has already settled in very well and does not show any signs of stress or not being well. The only thing that we are a bit worried about is the Tunisian cat food. It does not seem to be up to standard for him...  At the moment I try to find out whether there are any specialised pet shops anywhere...
It is quite disturbing to see cats all over the place in various states of malnourishment. Never seen so many tiny cats trying to find food in the rubbish and simply trying to survive... Really heartbreaking!
So, who knows - we may end up with more than one cat to bring back...  

Best regards
Markus & Ute

August 24, 2011

REGGIE, ED & ROSE kittens to Johannesburg, South Africa

Lisa, the kittens arrived well all the paperwork was in order and within an hour I was on my way home with them. Thanks a million for your professional service. .


August 21, 2011

IZZY cat to Durban, South Africa

Hi Lisa,J ust to let you know that Izzy arrived safe and sound last night. Her flight was on time and it was just a 90 minute wait for her to be brought to the cargo area and all the paper work completed.  Words cannot express our appreciation and gratitude for the fantastic way in which you guys handled her safe return to us, especially seeing the amount of changes I made you go through!! Nothing seemed too much for you and for that we are so thankful. I certainly would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone. Once again our thanks and appreciation,
Luv ya,

June 3, 2011

NUGGET greyhound to Johannesburg, South Africa

Hi Lisa
Nugget arrived here in South Africa on Wednesday, 1 June, safe & sound & in great condition. She's settled in well with my 2 cats & other little doggy that I now have. It's great to have her back & here with me now. I'll send some photo's at a later stage.

Thank you for a job well done. Take care.

March 11, 2010
TERTUIS kitten to Cape Town, South Africa
Tertuis arrived here in great spirits. He really is lovely and is going to be very good for our gene pool!! Very laid back personality too, just like Tristan!
We've received his vet book and all the transport papers.

Warm rgds,

Tonight he is going to sleep with us!!!!

June 11, 2009
BONZAI cat to Reunion Island
Hello Lisa,
How are you ?
everything went fine with Bonzai. He arrived late at night so he was a little bit confused at first but know he already fell at home....except that his not the number one. He have to deal with my other cat and my two dogs.
He doesn't look stress at all because he already know that his the only one that is sleep on my bed.

Thank you again for everything. My mother was really impress by your services.
Kind regards.


April 23, 2009
STEFFI fox terrier to Cape Town, South Africa
Hello Lisa,
We have arrived safely in South Africa and would like to thank you for everything that you have done to assist us with the exporting of “steffi”.
She arrived safely but very tired in Cape Town. We had no problems with the airport personnel but as you know it is a very different story from New Zealand.
Thank you for your service and kindness.


Johann and Nicoline Becker 

November 20, 2008
TRISTAN kitten to Cape Town, South Africa
Hi Lisa,
Tristan arrived in perfect condition. He had the run of the house when he arrived and then slept in my arms, snug as a baby. This morning he had some steamed Hake and was slowly introduced to the 14 kittens and later to their moms. He growls and hisses at all of them, but it won't be for long. Then he had some Royal Canin pellets , posed for the photo session and is now fast asleep on my bed on Lallie's jersey!  He does not even remember the long  journey!  Thanx once again for everything!!


July 22, 2007
WELLINGTON spaniel to Kinshasa, Dem Rep of Congo, Africa
Dear All
Wellington arrived safely this morning, he relaxed very quickly once we got home. Thank you for making this possible.


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