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9 June2017
LULU & SNOWY cats & DOMINO deaf dog to Larnaca, Cyprus
Hi Lisa and the team at VenturePet, Angie and I would like to thank you and your team for the great service provided in moving our fur babies from Wellington, NZ to Larnaca, Cyprus. We have already recommended you to our friends and colleagues. Appreciated being notified of their journey along the way. Domino 'screamed' with joy when he was reunited with Angie. All 3 are now relaxing in the Cyprus sun, chilling out after their travels. Thanks for all your help.
Best Regards
Mish and Angie

26 May 2017
HUMPHREY shih tzu/poodle to Paris, France
Hi Lisa, Humphrey has arrived in Paris!  Stephanie's colleague delivered him safe and sound to our apartment. Other than being very hungry, he doesn't seem too bothered by it all.  Thank you for all your help - we really appreciated the great communication and updates.  Quite a few people in Wellington recommended VenturePet to us (including our vet) and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to others too.
Thanks again to you and the rest of your team.
Lisa, David and Humphrey

20 May 2017
CHLOE cavalier King Charles to Paris, France
Hi Lisa, I have Chloe here in Paris, she was just so so excited to see me. She was yelping and jumping all over me. It has been a little difficult walking around with her in Paris as she is being extremely clingy & jumpy. Thank you so much for all your assistance and attention. I would not hesitate to recommend 'Venture Pet' to anyone.
Kind regards

18 May 2017
HENNY huntaway to Paris, France
Hello Lisa, She is with my parents!!!! Im so happy!!!! But sad cause she is looking for me! Im in a hurry to be there!! 
Thank you! 

17 May 2017
BETH cat to Barcelona, Spain
Hi Lisa, Thanks very much. Yes, Beth is now back to normal. The comfort purring has stopped, and she's not disorientated during the night .
She seems to be enjoying the balcony views - I've made a catio so she can watch the world go by safely - and so far the heat isn't much of an issue. Our walks aren't as good as in NZ but I knew that'd be the case and I'm making it work as best I can. She seems very content.
Thanks for your help with the move, and best wishes. All the best to you, too.

27 April 2017
PIXIE & PUKKA cats to Geneva, Switzerland
Hi Lisa, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! For your patience with us while we tried to set a date. For your patience and understanding and answering my many questions. For calming me down and showing how much you and your family care that this move went to smooth. Thank you for the updates throughout really appreciate it. Liz opened the cages while I was on the phone so I could watch them take their first steps in the new house, they quickly went to discover and sniff everywhere as cats do. it didn't seem like it was anything different than a move much more locally which we did previously. This has been pretty full on but as you said more for the owner than the cats it seems! I am so happy that I can get now properly excited about our new adventure knowing they are there, healthy, happy as nothing has ever happened. So again thank you so much for your care in all of this!

11 April 2017
JAKE border collie to Helsinki, Finland
Hi Lisa, Jake’s travel was very good. We saw her being unloaded in Singapore and land personnel waved to us and showed thumbs up. That gave us some peace of mind :) In Helsinki the customs wasn't open until 8am, so we had to wait for 40 minutes there. The customs paperwork took surprisingly long time but eventually we got everything sorted by 8:45. We loaded everything in to the car and hit the road for another 2 hours. Jake was quite tired and slept for the most of the time.  When we got to our place in Tampere, Jake immediately recognized the place. All scents seem to be super interesting. Attached is a video of our first walk. Everything went smoothly. We were lucky to dodge the fog that stopped all flights from Wellington on the following day!

30 March 2017
ODIN labrador to Frankfurt, Germany
Just wanted to say HI….  His first vet visit went fine. He is healthy, and it took him 2 minutes to charm all the ladies in the office there ;)  Just a shot from our recent walk up the road from us. He seems to be fine & enjoys hanging out with his new human friends. Unfortunately, there seems to be a German law against letting dogs off the lead here. He doesn’t have a lot of dog friends yet, but we are only here for close to 3 weeks.
Kind regards,
Katja, Odin & the rest of the family

22 January 2017
HIRO Japanese spitz to Vienna, Austria
Hiro arrived safe and sound thanks very much. Best regards,

21 January 2017
BEE basset hound to Warsaw, Poland
Hi Lisa, Bee is safe in our house just south of Warsaw. I picked her up from the cargo terminal on Wednesday. Although she appeared to be somewhat distressed but as soon as I put her in my car she calmed down and today she seems to be fine. Thank you for sending us these lovely updates.
Pozdrawiam - Best Regards
Marek Dabrowski

25 November 2016
PRINCE & WILMA to Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Thank you so much Lisa…You have been absolutely brilliant!!! Prince and Wilma are at their cat hotel and again in very good hands. We have been so lucky and it all started with you Lisa so thank you very very much.
Thanks Kirsten and Wim

14 October 2016
MOLLY bichon cross & TIFFY maltese cross to Zurich, Switzerland
Hi Lisa, All arrived safe and sound. Molly and Tiffy very excited to see us. I think Barbara was just as excited and the reunion was wonderful.
They have settled into the new home really well. cheers for all you have done
Bruce and Barbara

7 August 2016
IZZY Jack russell terrier, LEXI GSP cross, BETHANY & LEILA cats to Paris, France
Hi Lisa, As you can see, they are busy! Flights went well & apart from a long drive back due to traffic around Paris, they are fine. Thanks for all your help.
Kind regards

9 June 2016
LUIGI maltese cross to Paris, France
Hi Lisa, Just to let you know that Luigi arrived safely in Cannes and is settled in with Jacques.  He has eaten and is very happy :) Thank you very much for everything, we really appreciated the regular updates! 
Laetitia & Jeremie 

6 June 2016
GREEBO & ALMA cats to Frankfurt, Germany
Kia´Ora Lisa and Bruce, finally, the cats and ourselves have settled in back home in Germany. Alma and Greebo are really happy and are enjoying their new home/territory. Thanks again for a smooth, hassle free travel organisation. All the best from the northern hemisphere. Miss NZ already :-)

22 April 2016
LILLY cat to Milan, Italy
Hi Lisa, Lilly is finally home. She seem to be doing pretty well and liking the place already. Thanks a lot for all your great work.

11 April 2016
ROSIE Brittany spaniel to Zurich, Switzerland
Hi Lisa, Everything went well and Rosie is settling in. She seems a bit jet lagged but is happy to be with us.

5 March 2016
DOUGAL greyhounds to Zurich, Switzerland
Dear All, Thank you all for relocating Dougal. He has settled in very nicely to his new temporary home.
Best wishes,

25 September 2015
TAMMY heading dog cross to Frankfurt, Germany
Hello Lisa and Bruce, Tammy and I have made it to Germany. I was able to pick her up yesterday in the morning. She was happy to see me but appeared calm and not stressed at all. She has already been on a couple of walks and it seems that she is getting used to the new environment. Thanks you so much Lisa and Bruce for making this a safe trip for tammy and for taking good care of her while she was staying with venture pet.
Kind regards

3 September 2015
BAILEY wheaten terrier Zurich, Switzerland to NZ
Hi Lisa, Just wanted to say thanks a million for all your help in getting Bailey home to family. I spoke to Janie my sister and she said that Bailey was in good shape and seemed happy and content.  
Many thanks for your care and attention while she was in your care, it is very much appreciated by Rob and I. One family member home safely and Rob and I will not be far behind. Looking forward to being back in Gods own.
Very warm wishes

27 June 2015
BETH German shorthaired pointer to Geneva, Switzerland
Hi Lisa, Beth has arrived safe and sound in Geneva. Border veterinary inspection done and customs cleared. Just waiting for Mr. and Mrs. McCartney to pick her up. Thank you again for your great assistance with this move! It is always a pleasure working with you!
Have a great weekend!
Joël Nydegger

22 June 2015
TED cat to Frankfurt, Germany
Thank you very, very much for sending Ted to Germany. We all arrived safe in Germany now and we are happy together again. Thanks again, kind regards, Anja, Aimee and Ted :-) :-) :-)

17 June 2015
BRO & SIS cats to Sofia, Bulgaria
Hi Lisa & Stephanie, I just want to thank you guys so much for getting Bro and Sis safely from New Zealand to Bulgaria. I had been so worried for so long about doing this to them that my anxiety levels were so high when I dropped them off for their long haul flights. that I nearly forgot my own flight!!!!!!!!! Bit of confusion at Sofia airport getting the right departments and paperwork completed but it all eventually got done (after all this is Bulgaria!!!). They have settled fairly quickly - and even had a supervised wander around the garden yesterday. I really cannot thank you enough for such an excellent service.
Thank you again and again
Sue and Pete

31 May 2015
SCRUFFY Burnese mountain dog to Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Hi Lisa, Thank you for your email we arrived in Auckland this evening, so Scruffy is ready to go.
I would like to thank you for your help with relocating Scruffy to Holland, a very professional service, with no hesitation to use you again or recommend to our friends.
Best Regards
Karl, Dina and scruffy 

2 May 2015
INDY cat to Geneva, Switzerland
Hi Lisa, Indy has arrived safe and sound. She is well, eaten, been to the toilet and snuggled Elly who is following her around.
Thanks so much for everything you have done to help us get Indy to Switzerland.
Warm Regards,
Maree, Dave, Theo and Flynn

11 April 2015
PENNY labradoodle to Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Hi Lisa, Great to be reunited with Penny. Thank you again for the great care you gave Penny and the communication with her journey. She is a bit quiet right now and doesn’t want to leave our side, which is lovely. Right now she is sleeping on the sofa and seems to be really contented.
Kind regards and much gratitude.
Colette, Arie Hannah & Penny

24 March 2015
SOOTY cat from Geneva, Switzerland to NZ
Yes thanks Lisa! She is well and happy, and seems to remember the house and her old sleeping spots.
Thanks again for getting her to us

11 March 2015
ELLY labrador to Geneva, Switzerland
Hi Lisa, Elly is doing great. She is settled, eating and sleeping well & making lots of new friends. Plus she got her Swiss passport yesterday - we had to use public transport to get her there so she was riding the buses ;) Thanks again for your great service. We will be in touch again soon about our plans to have another go and bringing Indy over. 
Warm regards, 

7 March 2015
AMY Australian shepherd to Frankfurt, Germany
Hi Lisa, everything went well. I picked up Amy after heaps of paperwork. We needed to pay 47€ for the animal lounge and 17€ for the shipping documents. I expected more!  Amy is in good condition and happy to be reunited. We already miss the warm Auckland weather. We still have some little snow left.
Kind regards
Steve Schneider

28 February 2015
SHEEBA labrador cross, SIMBA, MEWMEW & LARA cat to Paris, France
Dear Lisa, The pets have arrived well and sound after the long adventure, I must congratulate you and Bruce for the perfect handling as well as the choice of your French associates; it was a long trip and seemed to have gone without a hitch. What I did appreciate are the many mails you sent confirming their stopovers at all their ports of call, as it were! We are reunited now in Paris and have wonderful memories of our Kiwi days and friends.
Warm Regards
Lorraine and Laurent

7 February 2015
POPPY bichon cross to Barcelona, Spain
Dear Lisa, Well, the most difficult part was knowing Poppy was on the same aeroplane as I was.  So tricky not asking to see her!
Poppy was quite cruisy all in all which surprised me. But she still seemed pleased to see me. Jordi phoned to see if I had to have a crate for Poppy on the train, and was told because she is small she doesn't.  I really didn't want to take a crate as well.  But the person at the train station asked where her crate was.  While thinking she asked if I had a bag for Poppy, so I whisked out a shopping bag she fitted into!
By the way in the end I left the crate with Jordi as I thought he could use it and I certainly couldn't take it as well!
Heaps and heaps of love and thanks for all you have done for our darling wee Poppy.

9 January 2015
SCHBIBI cat to Geneva, Switzerland
Dear Lisa, Many thanks for your updates. We will no doubt leave feedback on your page, we have been impressed by the outstanding organisation and care demonstrated. Do you arrange return trips as well?  We would like to use VenturePet again if possible.
With huge thanks, and will get you a photo soon :)

18 December 2014
JENKO cat to Stockholm, Sweden
Hi Lisa, Jenko arrived today safe and sound. I got another agency called Scandipet to clear customs and bring him to my address.
They delivered him today as agreed. Thanks for your help.

September10, 2014
AKIRA heading dog cross to Munich, Germany
Hi Lisa, Akira arrived safe in Munich, Thank you to bring her safe to me.

August 12, 2014
SNOWFLAKE & SMOKEY rabbits & PITTY cat to Frankfurt, Germany
Hi Bruce, hi Lisa, Yes, all 3 are arrived in good shape and are now adjusting to German summer. Thanks you very much for all your efforts.

June 11, 2014
FERDINAND cat to Zurich, Switzerland
Dear Lisa, Everything went extremely well with Ferdinand. You have done a great job. Keep us up to date during the whole travel was much more then I could expect. Thank you again and all the best.
Warm regards
Waldemar Krupski

April 1, 2014
ALVIN golden retriever & PUSS-PUSS cat to Munich, Germany
Thanks Lisa, they both arrived safely and in great condition (albeit starving). Alvin is already his old self while Puss is still a bit grumpy and we keep him inside till he has settled some more.My brother had lots of running around to do at the airport in Germany but didn’t run into any problems. Thanks again for the great job, it couldn’t have gone better. Warm regards,

March 6, 2014
EIRA cat to Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Hi Lisa, Eira arrived save at my parents place and already rediscovered her favourite place; on the chair under the dining table.Thanks for everything!

March 1, 2014
NEVE & NINA cat to Helsinki, Finland
Hi Lisa, The cats are home now and they seem fine. Thank you very much for looking after and keeping track of them all the way to Finland. Dealing with Finnish customs was a nightmare! They had no idea what they were doing and it took them almost 3 hours to sort all the papers and forms out. I'm just so glad our cats are with us now!
Kind regards
Poliana Costa

February 14, 2014
KURI corgi cross & SENAPE cat to Rome, Italy
Hi Lisa, greetings from Kuala Lumpur, where we're in transit. Just before we left NZ we heard that Kuri and Senape had arrived safely in Rome. There was some hassle with us having to write and email a declaration of ownership in a big rush to avoid a 300Euro fee when my brother-in-law went to collect them at the airport. Fortunately we were able to sort that out fairly easily with help from the friends we were staying with, but it might be worth taking note of in case you have to send any more animals to Italy in future. Thanks again for all your work on this!

January 14, 2014
LITTLE BOY & JESS to Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Hi Lisa, thank you! They arrived safe and sound. The pickup was no problems, they kept us informed on when we should arrive to pick them up. So a big thank you for getting a cats here!!! It was a relief to see them. The kids have been very excited to see them again. On our return trip home in a year or two we will be in touch again,

December 6, 2013
PAUL cat to Vienna, Austria
Hi Lisa, all went very well. Was a bit of a journey to get him from the airport including customs sending me to the Vet without the need to go there as everything was done already in the UK. It did cost me just under 30 euros to get him so not too bad.
Paul was very quiet but left his cage very quickly and started investigating his new home and was very cuddly with us.  So all went very well. Thank you for taking care of him and organising his travel.
Kind regards, Isabel

October 19, 2013
MAX labrador cross & JAFO dalmatian cross to Amsterdam, The Netherlands
dear Lisa, hereby I can tell you that the dogs are in the Netherlands and they are doing well. I will be leaving New Zealand this monday and will send you a photo when I see them.
Kind regards
Martin Hartog.

September 27, 2013
BOSWELL cat to Paris, France
Dear Lisa, Boswell is here at last. It was a long journey yesterday back from Paris and too late to email you yesterday. He seems Ok but seriously needs to lose some weight! I think he has been comfort eating. I am sure that as he resumes normal life he will slim down again. It has obviously been a big thing for him but he seems pleased to see us and after a bit of R and R I'm sure he will be fine. Thank you for your help in getting him here, we are very grateful to all concerned,
Best wishes, Pam and Steve Loy and Boswell.

August 30, 2013
ACE miniature schnauzer to Brussels, Belgium
Lisa, Thank you so much for all your help.  You've been just great through this whole process.  I will be sure to let Mila Layne know how great VenturePet is and I'll make sure to send a write up to our Community Liaison Officer at the Embassy there in Wellington recommending you for pet shipping.  Ace made into my possession yesterday afternoon and was very excited to see us.  Thank you so much for your help!

July 12, 2013
ZOMBIE large munsterlander to Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Hey Lisa, My flight went great, everything went smooth so that was awesome. Once I arrived on schiphol airport and went over to customs after crossing the border, the did not seem to know much about transporting dogs and after some asking around they directed me to an customs office on the first floor of the airport. My parents and me went here with the copies of the papers, but this did not work as they needed another original paper from the cargo place. So we went there first. The cargo place is a bit of a pain in the ass, there is a strictly controlled entrance where every person that wants to get in has to show their passport and I than obtained a 'visitors pass' which I could use when I needed to enter the 2nd time. Then I had to drive all the way to the end and find my way around the building before getting to the actual office. Once I got the official paper, I then had to drive back to the airport and go back to the customs office. Meanwhile, a huge line had formed here and it would take me forever to wait in line, talking 30 to 40 mins. Luckily the customs guy in the office recognized that I was the 'dog person' and let me go in front. I obtained stamps and everything and then returned to the cargo place using my card. Finally after all the papers were all ready and finished off I was able to take zombie home :)! Phew! It probably took me 3 hours all up but I'm so happy to have Zombie with me now!!  Anyways, I want to thank you so much for your service of transporting my dog :D!!!!
I'm so happy!

April 5, 2013
ZORRO springer spaniel to Paris, France
Thanks for all of your help.  He's really relaxed and seems to be happy here.  He's already started learning French. Thanks Lisa, you guys are awesome!   That little touch is amazing Lisa thanks! (sending photo)
Vicki & Ben

March 12, 2013
NELLY beagle to Budapest, Hungary
Thank you very much, appreciate all your quick communication we will definitely be recommending you to our friends :) Thanks so much , trust that our experience with yourself and VenturePet was wonderful, we could tell that you were thinking of our Nelly throughout her trip and kept us informed. We really appreciated it :-)
With many thanks, Dom and Ivana

January 31, 2013
SPIKE small spitz to Paris, France
Hi Lisa, Spike is at home now, everything's fine. Thank you for all.
Kind regards FS

December 19, 2012
WILLIS & ASH cats to Copenhagen, Denmark
Hi Lisa, My cats arrived safe and well.  They only took a little time to adjust to the time difference and start eating again. Surprisingly they have adapted really well to our 2 labradors though?! :o) Thanks again for your services.
Have a Merry Christmas and safe New Years.
Kind regards,
Stacey & Carole

November 21, 2012
PADDY soft coated wheaten terrier to Paris, France
Hi Lisa, I am happy he had a chance to run around before the big trip and I can’t wait to see him on skype. The house seems empty without him.....Thank you for everything.
Kind regards, Maryline

November 4, 2012
CHAI mini poodle to Brussels, Belgium Hi Lisa, Chai arrived safe and well today (3 Nov) in Brussels and is with us now in our new home.

October 18, 2012
SAMMIE huntaway cross to Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Hi Lisa, we have arrived safely at home in the Netherlands and already have had a long walk with Sammie. She did not appear to have side-effects of the travel at all. Thanks very much for all the up-dates. Very much appreciated!
Kind regards,
Petra Meinsma

September 14, 2012
MONTY cat to Amsterdam, The Netherlands Hi Lisa, Monty has arrived at their apartment, is in good condition considering what he has been through and is investigating his new home. Thanks for all your efforts. What a relief!!!

August 23, 2012
MEX labrador to Paris, France
Hi, I think we had Mex by about 10.30 as we did not get to the airport until then.
At this end everything went quite smoothly we only had to produce the documents you told us (needed to be my passport). Local handling fee was @$70 euros. Mex was so happy to see us and is happy in her new home, the neighbourhood cats have been put on notice J
Thanks for your help Anton

July 28, 2012
EMILY cat to Frankfurt, Germany
Hey Lisa, Thank you for your good work and greetings to your driver who picked-up Emily. We are back in germany. Emily is fine and survived the flight very well :-) she is now a real travel cat. thank you for everything.
regards Michael

May 10, 2012

JELLYBEAN border collie to Vienna, Austria

Hi Lisa, Ben has just gotten back from the airport with Jellybean. Everything worked out fine with picking her up and she is in fine form and is happy to see us. It was just €30 to pay at the airport, so that was fine. Thank you all very much for taking such good care of her on the long journey.

Thanks again and best regards,
Rosalie and Ben

March 14, 2012

SID & DIEGO cats to Frankfurt, Germany

Hi Lisa, Sid & Diego have finally arrived! :) both seem happy to see me overall. They are of course not so excited to be inside now but they have to get used to it. Lots of running around at the airport but I ‘only’ paid 128 Euro for them at the Import-Vet. No customs fee as they are "persona effects" plus 2 x 35 Euro for the ‘lounge’. All good. Thanks so much for everything.

Kind regards

February 29, 2012

MATISSE miniature poodle to Nice, France

Just to let you know that I got home fine with Matisse. It went well at Nice airport - no problems at all. He was very pleased to see me - as I was to see him! Only had to pay 150 Euros at Nice, which was awesome. I am very happy to have him here with me. He is now asleep on my bed!  Thanks so much for arranging everything. It all went extremely well. I really did appreciate getting all the updates during the trip. It really gave me peace of mind. You run a really great business.
All the very best.

Kind regards,

November 25, 2011

BLUE husky cross collie to Brussels, Belgium

Hi Lisa, We have just come home from picking up Blue. She was very happy to see us and a little overexcited. Despite the flight arriving at 6 pm, it took an hour and half for Blue to be delivered to the warehouse and another half an hour to do all to formalities (including going to two different customs offices). We finally left the airport after 8 pm and had over an hour's drive to Liege.) She was very happy to get 'home' and investigate all of the rooms etc. Our new kitten was less happy!  Thanks for all of your help.
Best regards,

July 6, 2011

MILO cat to Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Dear all, Milo arrived in AMS in good condition and we already delivered him in Neede.
Everything went well.

Best regards,
Monique Schellinger            
Live Animals Logistics     

May 29, 2011

PITA cross dog to Frankfurt, Germany

Hi Lisa,
All good and well. Was a lot to organise in Frankfurt.


May 27, 2011

MOONIN & BODHI cats to Stuttgart, Germany

Hi Lisa
Bodhi & Moonin are safe and sound in Stuttgart. :) Thanks to the new technology I was able to Skype with them just a few minutes ago and they look GREAT! they are bright eyed & bushy tailed and they are exploring their new home at the moment. :)
Thank you again and again for your great knowledge, lovely service and unbeatable understanding of worried Pet owner. ;)

Kindest regards

May 4, 2011

MAX beagle to Madrid, Spain

Hi Lisa, Max arrived safely and was incredibly happy to see us! As were we to see him!
He's settled in nicely and after a couple of days of being a bit lethargic he is back to his old playful self :)
All went well at the airport and the handling fees were not very high. Customs was a bit of a hassle (which we expected :)) but he was cleared a few hours after arriving. 
Thanks so much for getting him to us safely!
Hope all is well back in windy Welly,


April 18, 2011

SOOTY cat to Geneva, Switzerland

Hi Lisa, she is here!  Currently having a good old explore around a couple of her new rooms.  She was pretty unhappy at the cargo depot but now she is home she seems to be better now she has some distractions.  Certainly had worked up a bit of an appetite on the journey I think!  Hopefully she settles in fine after her very long trip. 
Thank you so much for your help with getting her here


February 19, 2011

GIGI cat to Geneva, Switzerland

Hello, thank you very much for everything. Gigi is here with me now in very good health and very happy. She is currently exploring and smelling every corner of the house. I appreciate all your efforts in getting Gigi across to Europe successfully.

Best regards,
Cristian Gomez

February 10, 2011

ZEBE cat to Gothenburg, Sweden

Hi Lisa, We've just collected Zebe from the airport and have her home now :)
She's already smooched all the corners, had a feed and is giving us lots of cuddles and purring like crazy!!!
Thanks for all your help Lisa, now our little family is back together again!!

Best regards,
Polly, Mikael and Zebe!

December 23, 2010

GIORGINA cat to Rome, Italy

Hi Lisa,
we have arrived and Giorgina is doing just fine. Thank you very much for everything. Basically picking her up proved quite a challenge: I had to move between dislocated offices to collect stamps, documents and make payments. A lot of hassle could have been prevented if the local shipping company (BOC, was that the name of this company?) would have taken care of the vet payment. They should have known the cost and the procedure. Had this been payed in advance (55 Euro) I would have saved having to go back to the post office at the terminal (3km away from the cargo area), pay there and go back with the receipt before the vet would have a look at the cat. Because of this the whole procedure took us 3 hours before we could leave the airport with tired children. The total cost was luckily not as high as you warned me against. The payments were:
Vet:5 Euro, BOC: 20 Euro, Customs:3 Euro
So thanks again, and we will surely recommend you if anyone needs to know.

Best regards,

November 18, 2010

DAFFY & GOBBOLLINO cat to Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Hoi Lisa,
All arrived safe and sound! Daffy still very talkative on the drive over but remembers the house well and is sleeping deep. He seems very happy to be 'home' again. Gobbolino still not so sure but after speaking with mom over skype came out from under the couch and started to explore the room.
Thank you again for everything you have done for us. I have done this trip with cats twice before and none have been as friendly and professional as with your company. I really appreciate your looking after my family where i can't!
Met veel dank,

October 23, 2010

KIKA Yorkshire terrier to Warsaw, Poland

Hi Lisa!
Thanks a lot for everything. Kika is very good and she looked like she wasn't bothered with the trip at all. 
Once again thank you for taking care of us and I wish you all the best 

Best Regards 

September 23, 2010

BOB & JACK Labrador & cat to Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Hi Lisa
Bob and Jack have been released and I was able to pick them 12pm. They were both pretty relaxed. Jack was his normal happy self and Bob was a bit overwhelmed by everything happening around them. The ladies @ Schiphol airport were lovely and very helpful. The boys were happy to be out of their cages and I guess will get used to their new home soon.
They both love their new Dutch life. And I so enjoy having them around again. There was no charge at Schipol airport. I also did not have to sign anything and they were just handed over to me with the customs documents. I got a query from a friend of a friend the other day requesting information regarding shipping a labrador to the Netherlands and I did recommend Venture Pet because of the good service, information and pricing.
Thank you so much for your excellent care and communication, that was much appreciated.

Bob & Jack

October 13, 2010

LUNE DE MIEL cat to Paris, France

Hi, we are at an hotel waiting peacefully for a train tomorrow... if the strike is finished!
We certainly settle completely later in 4 months, I'll rent a flat not far from a beach, with a garden, and I'll search a house to buy...

Kind regards
AMS and Honeymoon

October 6, 2010

JACK cat to Palmerston North

Thanks heaps. Awesome service. All went great. Have a fantastic week

All the best
ANDERSON'S Veterinary Hospitals
Palmerston North

August 18, 2010

COSMO cat to Tallinn, Estonia

Hi Lisa
Cosmo is safe and sound. A little tired but getting used to her new home.
It's great to have her here and that she's fine after such a long journey.
Things went fairly quick at the airport. She was ready for pick up one hour after arrival and once I had a
signature from the Estonian customs which was easy.
Thanks a lot.

Kind regards,

July 24, 2010

CASS & JAZZ cats to Split, Croatia

Hello Lisa,
Cass and jazz finally arrived Friday afternoon at 3-30pm and after an hour of more customs formalities we finally arrived home to Postira at 7-30pm.
They were both in good condition a little nervous and disorientated. Staying at the cat lounge was a bonus, However they are now settled and recognised us and the furniture so felt at home immediately.
As I type Jazz is lying beside the computer quite relaxed.
Thank you for all your help.

Kind regards,

David Mahon

June 30, 2010
ABBY jack russell cross to Prague, Czech Republic
Hello Abby,
I have successfully collected at Prague airport but it was so easy.
in Prague, I paid 3000 CZK, it is about $ 200 NZ dollars.
thanks and have a nice day

June 17, 2010
SASHI springer spaniel to Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Just a quick note to say Sashi arrived safe and sound in Schiphol this morning. I picked her up 2 hours ago, and she was a bit scared - first time on escalators in a train station - but she is fed and watered and now having a rest.
Thank you so much for all your help in getting her here, the service was amazing, and so easy, very assuring for a pet owner.
Thank you!
Nina Hi Lisa, I would like to thank you and your company too for the excellent service you have given us. It was great to be informed at every step of what was happening and we could in this way follow her trip around half the world. If only she could talk! Sashi arrived safe and well, but tired, according to Nina. Now she has got to get used to so many new things, Nina said she didn't like the escalator at the train station and had to be carried on that scary contraption!
It certainly felt like you gave us the personal touch and reassured us about what was happening. This reflects in all your work and that is why I chose your business in the first place.
Many thanks and our warmest appreciation
Mech White

June 10, 2010
ROSIE golden retriever to Berlin, Germany
Dear Lisa,
Have you ever seen the biggest grin on a dog and a woman in tears at the same time!
Rosie has arrived - all safe and sound and no signs of jet lag as yet. She has jumped out of her cage and looks like she has been here for ever - even chased the neighbours cat over the back fence! She is wondering what the caw caws of the crows are and can't wait to explore tomorrow. I will take her to the vet I found tomorrow- just to check if there are any other vaccinations she requires.
She was delivered her here about 6pm, and she hasn't stopped grinning and wagging her tail since! She is fully alert and happy- eaten and drunken Ok,  but I think is starting to get sleepy now - it is only 46 hours since she left- AMAZING!
She looks fantastic - Thanks so Lisa and wish you were here to see her SO happy,-if you ever need any references call us cause we feel you  did a fantastic job- let alone all the set backs along the way!.
Kind regards,

Many thanks Lisa - you've done a great job for us and Rosie (under, as you said, somewhat unusual circumstances).  Feel free to give us as a reference to anyone considering using Venturepet.
Peter Rider

29 April 2010 6:00 p.m.
LU cat to Paris, France
Thanks guys, its all good!! Lu is a very happy cat! Thanks for all your help. I appreciate it.


March 20, 2010
2 kittens to Helsinki, Finland
Hi Lisa
All Your papers were perfectly OK. Happily everything went OK even it took the time.
Cats are OK, Thank You for the nice work with our chats.

Ann-Charlotte & Kai

December 14, 2009
LEO golden retriever to Madrid, Spain
Hi Lisa,
Thank you for thinking of him to the extent that you called Heathrow :) We've been thinking of him the whole time too. I'm really glad to hear he didn't suffer any ill effects from the flights and I'm quite sure he's enjoying his "spa day" in London before jetsetting into Madrid !
I'll be in touch when we've picked him up. I really appreciate the care you've gone to with Leo…
We finally got Leo at about 5pm on Friday - his flight was delayed and then we had a number of hoops to jump through for Customs. He was terrified poor chap but he had just come off a forklift.... He was overjoyed to see us and once we got down to the coast has slowly become his old self, so no long term damage :) We’ve been very pleased with everything you’ve done, thank you. It´s so good to have him back with us.
Leo is relaxing as I write this in his new bed having put his trip entirely behind him. His ear is repaired and he's back to his old self. He has discovered a new game - bunny chasing on the marsh near our house and leaps like a gazelle through the bush to keep up with them. He's a very happy dog :)
Thank you for everything. We'd have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone if you need it, which I doubt you do....  He's also ready for his next stop, hopefully France next year, with his new EU passport !
All the best and have a great new year

Kind regards Cheryl & family

December 7, 2009
LISA & NEPOMUK to Frankfurt, Germany
Hi Lisa,
Just a quick email to say thank you - both cats have arrived in Germany mid of last week and are settling in very well.
So once again thanks for an excellent service - I will recommend you guys.


November 6, 2009
PUMBBAH, XENA & ROMEO Japanese chin X, Sydney silky X, Shih-Tzu X to Marseilles, France
Hi Lisa
Big thank you!!
A note from our French agents:
Debbie, I congratulate you on your choice for the pet carrier, I really have no complaints whatsoever and am very happy with her follow-up.  The dogs were crazy happy to get out of the cages, I was there to witness their joy at being with Nadene and the baby again.

Thank you so much for everything

Best Regards

September 4, 2009
KITTEN to Frankfurt, Germany
Hi Lisa,
The kitten is with us at home now. Everything was absolutely perfect. The kitten was clean as was the travelling box. She wasn't hungry or thirsty, just wanted to get out of the box IMMEDIATELY, what is quite understandable. She wasn't distraught, but confident and trustful. Of course here are a lot of things she has to learn, but she is very affectionate and fits in without any problems.
Thank you very much. I am so happy, that everything went so well and the kitten was obviously fine during its long journey.

Thanks again.

August 8, 2009
NOTHING cat to Zurich, Switzerland
She's here and we've safely driven home from Zurich and she's pretty happy.
I think it was incredibly hot for her in the car with her winter coat
because she was hyperventilating and panting like a dog, so I let her out
of the cage and she sat on top of it and behaved herself on the way home.
She's now exploring her new home after happily lying down on the cold
bathroom tiles for a little while, has eaten and had water and seems
completely fine.
So thank you VERY MUCH for all your work on this project!  I'm very happy
that she's finally here..


August 3, 2009
PICCOLO (Pickles) cat to Wrexham, Wales
A very big thank you to all of you for looking after Pickles so well.  He arrived a week ago Friday in very good condition and has settled in so well.  On the Saturday, he was out and about on his own, now sees other cats off “his” property and goes under the fence to the golf course which is just next door.  He just loves it.
Again, a very big thank you to all of you for all your assistance.
Catherine – could you please pass the above on to the driver who brought him up from London.  He was excellent to deal with and phoned on the Saturday to make sure everything was okay.  Very much appreciated.


June 29, 2009
NALA, LUCA, TASJA, SIFER, TOTTI, MISKA, TJASSER 4 german shepherds & 3 cats to Copenhagen, Denmark
Hi Bruce and Lisa,
Thank you so much for all the help from you when my cat went missing, Its really nice to deal with people like you in a situation like that. I'm very pleased about the way you have handled it and I feel that my beloved animals are in good hands with you.
Thanks again, it mean the world to me.
I will let you know when we are all safe and sound back home.
…..Just want to let you know that all my babies arrived safe and sound. It was a big reunion at the airport and I was very pleased to see how happy they all were.
They have all settled in, in their new home and no one would be able to tell that they have been travelling half way around the world.
Thank you so much for all the help all the way, also with Tjasser :-)

Best regards

June 16, 2009
ANGUS staffordshire bull terrier to Frankfurt, Germany
Hi Lisa
Thanks for your email!  We're all safe and well in Austria and Angus is loving his new home!  Frankfurt was surprisingly easy after all!
Thanks to you for all of your help!
Kind regards

April 2, 2009
MURPHY border collie to Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Hi Lisa and Bruce
Just to let you know Muphy arrived safe and sound.  He was fine once he realised he hadn't been abandoned and he had a reallllllly long pee on the grass in the cargo yard.  He was VERY happy to be out to the cage, it fitted fine in the car too.  So thanks for sending his over safely, he had plenty of water.  It cost 80euro in customs charges.  I got all his documents back no problem.  They are really into their paperwork - we had to get papers and take them over to customs and then bring them back and show our passports again and then they brought him out on a forklift.  We were the only ones allowed into the cargo premisis, Ruurds brother and wife had to get out of the car and wait it the cold - the dutchman there said 'this is not a supermarket'' and they could not come in.   We stopped at a big reserve just out of amsterdam and went for a long walk with murphy so he really enjoyed that.  Muphy is fine, we have just been out and walked around the village this morning. 

Thanks for everything. 

Rachel, Ruurd and Murphy :)

March 10, 2009
HEMMINGWAY cat to Athens, Greece
Dear Lisa and Bruce,
Hemi arrived in great shape - a bit tired, thirsty, but otherwise fine. The customs process at the airport was truly byzantine - at least 15 officials had to sign half a dozen forms in three airport buildings...I was able to take Hemi away at 11am after a 4-hour paperwork maze...yikes. The Greeks do love their bureaucracy...It cost 57 euros to get him out (not bad when you think about it).

Thanks again for everything!


March 8, 2009
YODA chihuahua to Oslo, Norway
Hi Lisa,
thanks for everything. Yoda is safely in Oslo with me - hooray. He is not too impressed with all the white fluffy snow stuff though!!
There were a few problems with the pick up unfortunately but mostly sorted I think. The main thing still outstanding is the original rabies vacc did not arrive with him - only a photocopy, and I think I need the original if we want to head back to NZ at some stage. We have checked with customs here and Freight feeders and they didn't seem to know anything about it so if you are able to follow this up please. Thanks.
Also to let you know I had a particularly grumpy phone call (from customs I think) so when we were heading to the airport saying that we had filled in the wrong type of form for his arrival, and had also not notified the vet in advance of his arrival. Plus they didn't realise that he was coming through KL and were initially a bit dubious but seemed to work through it. Apparently I was responsible for these but as I didn't actually fill in the form, and didn't know I was suppose to notify the vet, I didn't really know anything about it. Also, they tried to get us to pay GST on his arrival but we managed to convince them not to since we weren't going to sell him or breed from him etc. Anyway - not really any major issues but thought I'd let you know for future reference if you're sending more dogs this way to be aware of. The main thing for me is he arrived safely and seems to be settling in so thank you for all you have done.


March 5, 2009
LEA cat to Frankfurt, Germany
Dear Bruce and Lisa,
Lea arrived safely yesterday and after a day of exploring the house yesterday she did eat some food this morning and she was looking happy rolling at her back and was purring. I think she is looking great. Thanks for all your help in getting her over here.


February 25, 2009
SCARLETT & TOBY cats to Inverness, Scotland
Hi Lisa,
For your info we saw the cats yesterday and they looked really good - so many thanks for all your organising....
Westwood Cattery are most impressed with all the e-mails keeping them in the picture.


Doug Kerr

February 11, 2009
JACK cat to Copenhagen, Denmark
Hi Lisa/Bruce,
Jack arrived safe and sound. You would never really know he was such a long flight at all. This morning he had his first outside adventure in the snow, and is rather pissed that there is no garden just for him - understandable as I feel slightly the same! Jack's eaten, napped, gone for lots of cuddles, and has taken it all in his stride, you'd never know that he was on a 30 hour flight with only water.
Thank you so much for the great care you took of him, and for making this move a great time for both us and Jack.
The paperwork wasn't that bad really, it was all to make sure he got into our new home safe and sound.

Again, thanks so much for all your hard work.
Jeremiah and David

February 11, 2009
MANA labrador cross  to Paris, France
Hello Lisa & Bruce
Just a quick note to let you know that Mana has arrived safely in France we picked her up at Paris although we had an hours worth of paperwork to do!!! She is in good health and has adapted to life in France very easily.
On a personal note I wanted to thank you for your professional service, it is so nice to deal with a company that follows through to the end and is so pleasant to deal with. I feel that we left Mana in very safe and caring hands.
Once again thanks for all your effort and please feel free to use this email as a recommendation to any future customers.

Many thanks

November 20, 2008
TILLY cat to Edinburgh, Scotland
Hi Lisa,
Tilly has arrived safe and sound and very happy to be back with me:-)  Everything went as smoothly as clockwork.  Thanks for all your work in making this happy reunion possible.

Very many thanks,

November 8, 2008
TEDDY & PIPPIN jack russell terriers to Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Hello Lisa,
Teddy and Pippin are home and everything went so well.  We will send a photo in the next few days.  Thank you to you and Bruce for a smooth transfer and all the help with Malaysian Airlines.  I wander if Teddy and Pippin will have jetlag?

All the best
SMID Family (Karl,Kirsten,Imogen,Phoenix, Teddy and Pippin)

July 28, 2008
SAMMY cat to Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Hi Lisa,

We are sitting with Sammy in the sun in the backyard so it all went reasonably well.  thank you really!
You have gone out of your way to get him on to that plane up.
So once again "heel hartelijk bedankt!"


July 11, 2008
DAKOTA kitten to Warsaw, Poland
Dakota is with us now, she is lovely girl in excellent condition!!!
Thank you so much for your help. Warm greetings


July 6, 2008
GANA Labrador to Paris, France
Hi,  Gana arrived in France without any trouble. He's settling in really well.
Thank you for everything.


June 23, 2008
LUCKY border collie to Oslo, Norway
Hi Lisa
just want to let you know that we are all happy up here in Norway. Lucky is in good spirit, a bit tired but happy.  thanks for friendly and good service:) all the waiting is forgotten now.  have a good one in paradise 

all the best from Jan, Hilde and Lucky:)

June 13, 2008
AMALFI  King Charles Cavalier to Edinburgh, Scotland
Hi Lisa, Thanks for the email.
Amalfi has arrived safely and in good condition.  Many thanks for your work in getting her to Edinburgh safely.  She was delighted to see us and has settled in well.  We have a private 12 acre park within 50 metres of the house - so she has a great playground and she already loves it.
Best wishes


February 7, 2008
BINGO border collie to Warsaw, Poland
Hi Lisa, have arrived safely in Warsaw and then drove 350 km to Krakow with a couple stops. Bingo customs took over 3 hrs as a woman who supposed to stamp papers was busy with other inspection. This was quite annoying as I saw & spoke to Bingo but couldn't take him out of the cage. He was initially a bit confused and didn't recognise me for 30 - 40 sec & then huge joy & said - take me home (whatever home meant). He was hungry & tired but happy. Found him clean and pretty shiny.  Bingo got used to the new place by now and enjoys walks in the neighbouring forest. He has already met new mates & runs around the property (the house is located about 15-20 km from the city centre) as the weather is quite good (-2 C min up to + 8 C max) for winter & no rain to speak of.
Once more thank you so much for looking after Bingo and being so helpful and informative.

All the best

Bingo & Julian

February 2, 2008
NOODY cat to Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Hi Lisa, Noody arrived safe and sound this morning in Amsterdam and is now at home.
He doesn't and didn't look stressed or upset at all and is now happily investigating his new home.
Thanks very much for taking good care of him. I will definitely recommend VenturePet to others.



December 01, 2006
PUKKA & HAKA dogs to Madrid, Spain
...made it safe and sound to Madrid. We then drove them on a long and crazy 5 hour journey to Barcelona.  They were so happy to see us and looked in really good shape considering what they had been through.
Thanks you so much for delivering our little loved ones to us half way across the world. We truly appreciate it.


Sept 1, 2006
HECTOR bouvier dog to Ankara, Turkey
Dear Lisa
I would like to say how grateful we are for the excellent work you did to get Hector safely to Turkey.  He was certainly pleased to see us at the airport in Ankara, but had obviously had a good flight. We will have no hesitation in recommending your pet travel services in future to our colleagues.
Thanks again, and kind regards,


August 07, 2006
MATISSE, mini poodle to Paris, France
Dear Venture Pet,
Thanks so much for arranging the travel to France for my Poodle, Matisse. It all went really well and when I picked him up in Paris, he was very happy and not at all jet-lagged!
Thanks again.
Kind regards,


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