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20 April 2017
BELLE cat to Bahrain
Kia ora Lisa, Belle is apparently very happy to have arrived and be with Kim, and was quickly up and around checking out his new apartment.  Thank you very much for all the effort in getting him there.  The communication and updates have been great and very reassuring throughout. Much appreciated.

7 December 2016
KUMARA cat to Bahrain, Kingdom of Bahrain
The Eagle has landed Lisa....Kumara ('Kums) is here at home in Awali with me now and is in fine fettle....looks in really good shape....far better than I normally look after 2 days in cattle class......just a huge thanks to you and your hardworking and professional team....Bruce Lee included (always loved his movies!).....for your great work in getting our boy here safely and in one piece....awesome....Maasalama (good-bye and God go with you)
Kums and Chris

4 October 2016
NUGGET pomeranian cross to Bahrain
Morning Lisa, I wanted to personally thank you for your updates they have made me feel comfortable about his safety and relax a lot since I miss him so much but your updates have been making me smile so thank you again for your patience, time and awesome effort  ….nugget arrived safely yesterday we are the happiest ever he was spoilt by my family, just cut some watermelon to cool him off then might take him to the beach.. A few pics and thank yous from nuggy :) 
Thank you again Lisa you have been amazing 
Kindest regards 

3 October 2016
KIWI cat to Dubai, UAE
Hi Lisa, They are more than happy! I want to extend my thanks for your services on behalf of myself and the Ambassador (and very importantly, I appreciate your step by step updates and assistance). I will be sure to recommend you to anyone I know that is wanting to have pets sent overseas.
Kind regards,

4 February 2016
GINGER cat to Doha, Qatar
Hi there, Ginger has arrived safely. He seems happy and content just now. The owner will be picking him up from us on the 6th Feb
Thank you so much.
Kindest Regards

19 September 2015
HARLEY golden retriever, ELLA & MAC cats to Dubai, UAE
Hi Team, everyone is back together and we are all very happy. Thanks everyone for being amazing and getting all our furry friends here 
They are all settling in nicely to the new villa,

27 March 2015
KASPER cat  to Tel Aviv, Israel
Hi Lisa.  Again thanks for all your help.  Yes he is home. Happy.  In his tunnel or playing on the iPad.  He has lost weight and had a little snuffles. But all ok by the vet who said it was the dryness of the airline air for soooo long and the long journey. He is happy to be at home.
All the best

19 March 2015
LOU - kelpie to Dubai, UAE
Hi Lisa. Pick up Lou safe and well yesterday from Dubai. A very tired puppy dog. Very happy to see me. He had a good nights rest. He should have as he took up the whole bed. Have attached a photo for you called. Seriously you guys can't sleep in my bed. It's way to cramped. The look on his face says it all. And another one called. So tired. Bad jet lag. This international travel is exhausting. Will be in touch later on again. Just wanted to let you all know that he arrived all fit and well. And to share a couple of photos. Thanks for everything again. I can't thank you enough. 
Kind regards. 
Matt Otter and Lou. 

25 February 2015
MILO cat to Dubai, UAE
Milo is home and is out exploring the house not gone upstairs yet! Thank you very much so good to have him home!
Kind regards 

21 December 2014
DOMINIC 17 year old siamese cat to Dubai, UAE
Dear Lisa, All is well and Dom has settled into his home in Dubai quickly. I just want to say what a fantastic service you all did, and he seemed very chilled on arrival, not stressed at all. Thanks again !!
Margot Peacock

September 15, 2014
COCO labradoodle to Dubai, UAE
thank you Lisa. She seems to be ok and didn't appear too upset when she arrived after the long journey. 
I am getting her a haircut so she will be a bit more comfortable. Thank you for help.
Regards Katrina 

September 12, 2014
GERRY & ZING greyhounds to Dubai, UAE
Dear Lisa,  I can't thank you enough for your excellent care and handling throughout this very long saga of a transportation (we began this all in January!) the boys are finally here ...all went well this end with offloading from the plane and clearance etc
Both are totally relaxed...and are enjoying their new beds positioned right beneath the aircon vent for the time being :)
I really cannot thank you enough and will of course strongly recommend venture pet to any potential future pet travellers. You guys rock!
With genuine heartfelt thanks!
Clare Matt Zing and Gerry xx

August 9, 2013
GEEGEE cat to Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam
Dear Lisa, I just want to let you know our Geegee has arrived in our house in Brunei. He is wondering around the new house, doesn't look too stressed or exhausted, rather looks happy and relieved to see us all.  I cannot thank you more for all the help and care you have given to our beloved family. I will proudly recommend Venture Pet team whoever wants to travel with their beloved pets. 


December 6, 2012
SCARLETT wheaten terrier to Dubai, UAE
Hi Lisa, We were very pleased to see Scarlett.  She was extremely relieved to be out of the crate! – 28 hours plus time zones and change of planes is a long time to be in a crate. She went to the vet the day after she arrived, who said Scarlett was in pretty good shape, all things considered.  Bath time as soon as she’d been to the vet J We’re just watching for any signs of dehydration, but all seems ok.  It’s a good time of year to bring an animal in as the temperatures are in the mid to high 20s, so manageable.  Thanks for all your coordination to get her to the UAE. 
it’s nice to have our whole family together again – feels like she was never away.
Kind regards

October 31, 2012
JOJO & SUGAR bichons to Abu Dhabi, UAE
Hi Lisa, Sugar & Jojo arrived well.. Sugar is so excited and bounding around the exercise area with amazing energy. Being a boy, Jojo's marking territory of course! We're just settling Jojo & Sugar into their enclosure and giving them some dinner now. Great working with you.
Many thanks,


October 18, 2012
CARAMEL chihuahua to Istanbul, Turkey
Hi Lisa , Me and caramel finally together,  I did every single paper by myself it took 12 hours to do it it's so terrible here :) I have got 97 paper work only to bring him in :)) I spend only 400 Turkish money. when he sees me he was soo happy... Thank for everything... Take care.


March 12, 2012

MAYA, ZULU keeshonds & AZTEC, INCA chinchillas to Doha, Qatar

Hi Lisa, We have just been re-united as a family! Thankyou so much for all you did for us. The dogs have arrived in excellent health after a very long journey and they are now sleeping quietly by our feet while Nick and I have a celebratory drink!
The chinchillas are now bouncing about their new cage - it's as if they have never been on a plane. Their cage has a few chew marks, but the wire held up well. Congratulations at keeping a very chewy pair on chinchillas in their cage for 24 hours!
Thankyou for all your emails during the animals' travel - made Nick and I feel so much better.
Maya and Zulu have settled in to the house and have enjoyed their first walk on the beach! If anyone else is moving to Qatar from NZ, you are welcome to put them in touch with me to help answer any questions they might have about doggies living here.

Thanks again
Kathy, Nick, Maya, Zulu, Aztec and Inca

March 3, 2012

NED & NESSIE to Tel Aviv, Israel

Dear Lisa, We had to wait around 2 hours at the Airport.  They had to wait for the Vet, then Customs, but we now have two very happy cats at home with us.your updates were just outstanding, and took away a lot of worry for us.
It snowed heavily in Jerusalem today; the first time in many years and this morning the roads were closed.  We nearly never made it, but work put on a 4x4 for us.

Thanks again for all your help.
Steve and Karen

January 18, 2012

TANGO cat to Dubai, U.A.E

Hi Lisa, Everything was ok, we arrived very tired, but we managed to get tango from customs and now he is in a pet hotel in Abu Dhabi Thank you for the change of the cage.

My best regards

September 5, 2011

DIESEL rottweiler cross labrador to Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Hi Lisa, DKC phoned early and kept us informed about delivery times and he arrived at home at 11 am-ish. He was a bundle of energy and bounded out of the cage. He's been great ever since. Both of us are feeling the heat a bit but we will acclimatize. DKC returned all the docs and put them in a lovely folder with heaps of info about owning a pet in Dubai. They registered him for us so we don't have to worry about that. We will definitely be using them (and you) in the future!
Thanks so much Lisa, you were amazing, I loved the description of him being a big mushy black lab!!!!

We are so grateful to VenturePet for the amazing job Lisa and the team did of transporting our beloved Diesel to Dubai. I cannot thank them enough. Lisa was very patient with me organising all his vaccinations making sure I didn't stress.
Right from when he was picked up he was cared for so well, Lisa even emailed photos of him throughout the journey. It was so reassuring to know he was in good hands. He is a very large dog but his crate was just the right size for him and the water was firmly secured so he could always have a drink if he needed one. When he arrived he was a bundle of energy, noone would have known he had been on a long flight.
For anyone thinking of moving animals anywhere in the world I don't think there is any other company who could match VenturePets professionalism and genuine caring for our pets. I would recommend them to everyone.

Take care
Glenda, Bernie & Diesel King

19 January 2010
JONAH Labrador to Doha, Qatar
Hi Lisa just to let you know that Jonah arrived safely and is now over his jet lag.
We have found a lovely piece of Peninsula for him to swim in which is like NZ.

Thanks again for your help.
Nikki and family.

October 22, 2009
TIGGER, GARFIELD & BANDIT cats to Dohar, Qatar
Hi, The cats arrived yesterday morning and were surprisingly good after such a long flight.  They are looking great and seem quite relaxed already - Garfield assumed his usual spot on the sofa with feet in the air last night!   Daniel is enjoying following them around too.
Thanks for taking such good care of them for us.  Attached are a couple of pics.
Tracy and Darren x

October 21, 2008
TIKI ocicat to Dubai, UAE
Hi Lisa
Tiki is great - racing around the apartment and we take her for walks outside in the garden on a harness so she can acclimatise.  And so we don't lose her!  The locals haven't seen anything like it. 
And she likes her cage and goes back in it to drink water so she has travelled well. Thanks so much for allaying my fears! 
Venture Pet was excellent.  They were recommended to us by two international removal companies which shows their reputation.  The easiest part of our move overseas was transporting the cat!  Lisa allayed my fears and answered all my questions.  She let me know everything we had to do and emailed through the invoice, receipt, MAF certificate etc.  Lisa kept everyone in the loop, including my husband in Dubai and the company collecting our cat at the other end of her journey.  I was very anxious about sending our cat to Dubai but she travelled well and is full of beans.  Thank you Venture Pet!

September 12, 2008
MIA Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to Bahrain
Hello Lisa,
Mia is home. She traveled well and looks very well taken care of. She is enjoying the reunion and my family is thrilled to have her back. THANK YOU! And I am already recommending you to everyone I know...

Thank you for making it happen.


June 20, 2008
D'ARCY & GEORGE Yorkshire terriers to Dubai, UAE
Hi Lisa,
Just to let you know that we have just arrived home from collecting the boys in Dubai.  They are in really good shape, a little shell-shocked but everyone is pleased to see each other.
Thank you so much for everything, you have been absolutely awesome.
Take care and all the best for the future.
Kind regards,

Danielle, Tim, D'Arcy and George Henry.
XX (from George)

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