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27 May 2017
JAKI mini dachshund to Charlotte, NC, USA
Dear Lisa, I now have photographic proof that little Jaki has arrived safely and happily in Charlotte. Thanks to you both for your friendly, conscientious, and professional management of his travel.
All best wishes,

25 May 2017
LEIA Japanese spitz to Vancouver, BC, Canada
Hi, Thanks you for all the updates! We were so happy to see Leia this afternoon and she seems to have taken the flight in her stride. Really appreciate your service - very organised and caring - we knew Leia was in good hands. Thanks! 

17 May 2017
TAIYO cat to Vancouver, Canada
Thank you Lisa, and thanks so much for the photos and new crate! That is so kind of you. Your help through all of this has been invaluable :)

15 March 2017
MINI dogue du bordeaux & MAVERICK golden retriever to Los Angeles, CA, USA
Hi Lisa, Mini and Maverick have safely arrived! They didn't even have any accidents in their crates. It's amazing, we took them out of their crates and within a couple of minutes everything was back to normal. We are absolutely thrilled to be together again!
Thank you

1 March 2017
NUGGET cat to Seattle, WA, USA
Hi Lisa, We're so happy Nugget has safely arrived thanks to your help! We are all so excited to see her. You really provide first class service thank you.
All the best
Kris Bryan Sammy and Jessie Casey 

17 February 2017
HIWA black russian terrier pup to Honolulu, Hawaii
Hi Lisa, Thank you very much for your assistance in helping to bring our fur baby to us. We love him. We finally made it through Customs and the Ag Inspection Departments at the airport.  Fairly easy, but so slow.  He was very hungry when he brought him home and he ate almost all of his ¾ cup of Orijen large breed puppy food and drank a lot of water.  He’s so cute and so affectionate and even knows how to fetch…. I’m sure he’ll adjust quickly.

14 February 2017
ZAC bearded collie & PIPPA border collie cross to Vancouver, BC, Canada
thanks for getting us on so quickly. They both arrived safely and happy! 
Thanks, Heather
11 February 2017
BAILEY beagle pup to Honolulu, Hawaii
Aloha!! We just arrived in Maui!!! We are in love!! He is very tired!!  Thanks for helping us get our boy!!! 
Patrik and Stacey      

2 February 2017
CALI bearded collie cross to Vancouver, BC, Canada
Hi Lisa! Cali made it safe and sound. I didn't find the people at Swiss port very lovely (that's not your fault!) but thank you so much for your help with arranging our transport. She's trying to get used to these colder temperatures and all the squirrels :)  Thanks so much once again for your service we are so happy to have her 
Jenn and Matt 

13 December 2016
GIGI shih tzu cross to San Francisco, CA, USA
Hi Lisa, thanks for all your updates, we have arrived in San Fran ourself. Finally managed to pick up Gigi she seemed very happy to see us. Thank you :)  

29 October 2016
BOONIE cat to Denver, CO, USA
Hi Lisa, We picked Boonie up from Denver airport this afternoon. She is settling in the apartment as I type. She is quite vocal as you can see in the photos. Thank you
Stephen and Angela

DEXTER pet rat to San Francisco, CA, USA
Thank you we arrived safely in SF and Dexter is settling in nicely it seems. Thank you for your help. Things went much as you described at SFO –. Dexter is fine, we are fine. Thanks again! Hopefully we’ll never need these services again but I would definitely recommend you to anybody who does.

1 October 2016
BELLY cat to Houston, TX, USA
Hi Lisa, belly has adjusted well to her new home. Thanks again for your help. 

11 September 2016
GARCON cat to Montreal, QC, Canada
Lisa, Garçon is finally home. He seems to be doing pretty well. Enjoying this particular window, spotting squirrels and butterflies, taking in all the smells. Very curious about the new house, tracking smells he knows and getting closer and closer to us slowly. He is already in his Zen Master mood, quiet and in peace. Lisa thank you so much for all Infos you've shared along his journey. It was precious, we felt like being with him.
Rose and Louna

7 September 2016
MACTAVISH labrador to Denver, CO, USA
Hi Lisa, Just a quick note to thank you again for the great service. McTavish has settled in well and thriving.
Kindest Regards
Robbin & Kyle

31 August 2016
MAC west highland white terrier to Boston. MA, USA
Hi Lisa Mac arrived safely in Boston. Thanks so much for organising his trip. Nicole will send a pic of him soon
Kind regards

19 August 2016
GANDALF cat to Halifax, NS, Canada
He is there!!!!! Thank you so much for all your work and letting me know every step of Gandalf 's journey. It made all the difference. All the best to you and your team.
From Ariane & Todd

19 August 2016
GEORGIE - labrador to San Francisco, CA, USA
Hi Lisa, We were so happy to see her and she did great!!
Thanks again for everything. 

18 August 2016
MINKY mini dachshund to Houston, TX, USA
Dear Lisa...   Minky and the rest of us made it safely to Houston.  Now we are in Washington, DC. Everything went smoothly during her pick-up in Houston.  Air General was right there at plane side to collect her upon arrival.  I saw them safely remove her from the plane and whisk her away in a van.  When we went to get her, she was in an air conditioned office with tons of water in her cup.  She was happy and well adjusted.  No issues other than being a little tired.  We all are; long flight and a serious time change. Thanks again for all of your help and making everything very easy.  You are a Godsend!
Best wishes

2 August 2016
OTIS bearded dragon & DEXTER blue tongued skink to Los Angeles, CA, USA
Hi Lisa, Dexter and Otis made it to California, they are all good. My friend will be taking care of them tonight and we will get them tomorrow.
Thanks again for all your help to take them home. All the best to you are your family.
Maria, Dirk, Kevin, Kail, Dexter and Otis.

18 June 2016,
CASH staffordshire bull terrier to Houston, TX, USA
Hi Lisa, Matt has picked up Cash.  Apparently he was very relaxed and pleased to see his Dad :) Thanks again for all your help.
Kind regards

16 June 2016
STANLEY welsh springer spaniel to Vancouver, BC, Canada
Hi Lisa, We have all arrived safely in Vancouver and Stanley is settling in very well :) Thanks again for all your help. 
Kind regards 

3 June 2016
GEORGE & ISABELLA cats to Los Angeles, CA, USA
Hi Lisa, we are settled into our hotel in LA now, everything went very smoothly at the airport...and they both seem great, they have enjoyed nosing around the room here, having a pee in their litter box and now they have both settled down for a rest. I can't believe we have them here with us! Thank you for everything...
Sincerely, Brianne and James, George and Isabella

4 June 2016
BEATRICE labrador cross to Detroit, MI, USA
Melissa has got Beatrice and they're staying at a pet friendly motel tonight in Detroit before the drive to Traverse City.

27 May 2016
MR BEAR pomeranian to San Francisco, CA, USA
He made it fine Lisa it's the next leg long wait here at San Francisco before going into a small flight bag before we arrive at our new home. gave him a little food to tied him over but mainly water.  Been for a long walk and toilet. I will be pleased to get this over for him and for me long hauls are very tiring. Thanks for all help and Margaret was so good with him at Auckland Airport.
Sincerely Janice

23 May 2016
BAILEY ridgeback cross & ALDO cat to Portland, OR, USA
Hi!!! the beasties arrived absolutely fine.  I slept like the dead when I arrived and then my same brother took me to collect them.  The greetings from both brought tears to my eyes.  Thank you again for a fantastic service.  

21 May 2016
NANOUK cat to Bagotville, QC, Canada
Hi Lisa, Nanouk has arrived at Bagotville and is now settling well at Anne-Marie and Claude's. She was very calm even at the airport so I think her journey went very well and as smoothly as can be. Many thanks for organising it!
Kindest regards 

19 May 2016
BARNEY golden retriever to Vancouver, BC, Canada
Hi Lisa, Thanks for all your help. Barney has arrived to his new home safe and sound.
Jethro & Davina

13 May 2016
PEPPER blue heeler cross to Boston, MA, USA
Hi Lisa, we're all so happy! Will send a few pics in a separate email :) Thanks so much again for take big such great care of her - she did good!

29 April 2016
SOPHIA labrador to Portland, OR, USA
Aloha Lisa. Thank you so much for the pic and updates, they have been a great help in this process! Sophia is so stoked to have you guys dealing with her travel. Thank you again! 
Love and Aloha 
Keith and Brittany

28 January 2016
NACHO springer spaniel/poodle to Los Angeles, CA, USA
Thank you Venture Pet for the constant communication about my dog in the traveling process. I was put at ease knowing that Nacho was with the airline and everything went smooth. Such an easy experience. Thank you!

26 January 2016
CHICO labrador to Houston, TX, USA
Lisa, Thank you for the follow up, Chico did great on his travel and the process in Houston was painless. The company that had Chico brought him into the office and took care of him. Customs was 2 kilometres away and took about ten minutes. Thank you for all of you help it was a pleasure to use your service.
Kind Regards,

23 January 2016
BERT toy poodle cross to Hamilton, Bermuda
Hi Lisa, Bert's arrival went so smoothly, all down to your organisation! When I chatted to my friend who sent her lab through LA she couldn't believe the difference in service we had received. Thank you so much for all of your help with ensuring Bert made it here safe and sound and for the updates along the way, they really went a long way to easing our anxiety over his trip! He appears to have hit the ground running and apart from being a bit tired he is totally himself!  Thanks again so very much! I've added a pic of Bert and my friends lab Scotch hanging out in Bermuda. Bit of a size difference!
Have a great weekend.
Many thanks,

16 January 2016
MAUDE wheaten terrier to New York, NY, USA
Again thank you for all your help and information along the way (even if I missed reading some !). It made the whole process so much easier to have you guide us. We'll see you again on the way back.
Ka kite ano

20 December 2015
QUINCY corgi to Raleigh, NC, USA
Hi Lisa, I just wanted you to know that Quincy arrived at RDU pretty much as scheduled.  He was quickly in good spirits and is adjusting well to living in a new house. Thank you for your help.
Kind regards,

12 December 2015
GEORGE & MAYA weimaraners & GUIDO cat to Calgary, AB, Canada
Hi Lisa, Thank you so much for everything with getting Maya, George & Guido from Wellington to Calgary. They all arrived safely and in good shape:) I was pleasantly surprised by how good they seem. Thanks for everything. We'll highly recommend you to anyone we know moving pets from NZ. We have friends that will be moving two dogs from Palmy to the eastern US in early 2016, so I'll let them know how pleased we were.

5 September 2015
EMBER golden retriever to Baltimore, USA
Hi Lisa, Ember and I made it safely to Baltimore. Thank you all so much for taking care of my girl, she was in good shape when I picked her up and has settled in. 
Thank you!

24 August 2015
KIKI collie to Ottawa, ON, Canada
Dear Bruno, Karen, Lisa & your teams, I wanted to email to say a big thank you to you and your teams for getting Kiki safely and unscathed from New Zealand to Ottawa. I know all pet owners will say this, but she is our most precious cargo and we were very worried about her. I felt I wanted to email to say how impressed we were not only with your care of her, but your communication with us, which made a huge difference to the experience. As you can see from her picture she is looking well (and making herself at home I might add) and is learning about her new environment as I am!!  I am sure the service goes way beyond 3 people, and I hope you will feedback to your colleagues how we feel. Thanks again
David, Michelle & Kiki (woof)

7 August 2015
PHIPSI great dane to Los Angeles, CA, USA
Thank you for everything. Phi psi arrived well and in good spirits and is with us now. Much appreciated! 

27 July 2015
MOLLY Australia Shepherd to Ottawa, ON, Canada
Hi Lisa, Molly has made it safely to Ottawa.  A bit stressed (as would be expected) but very happy and healthy.  A big thank you to yourself and Margaret for all your help (as well as everyone else who has helped behind the scenes)! Appreciate everything and I will be sure to recommend VenturePet in the future!
Chris & Clare & Molly

25 July 2015
MAKO shiba inu to Palm Beach, FL, USA
Lisa, Thanks for helping us coordinate Mako's move. He is safe and sound at home, sleeping. He was very happy to see me, and is just getting back to normal now. :)

6 July 2015
JACK & GINGER cats to Ottawa, ON, Canada
Hello, I collected them from Ottawa airport last night. They are absolutely find, eating, drinking and using the litter tray. They are exploring their new home and already looking longingly at the garden. They will be in for at least 3 weeks so not going out just yet.
Thank you so much for making this so easy. Moving countries is very stressful and you certainly alleviated some of the stress.

1 July 2015
PATO Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever to Portland, ME, USA
Pato just arrived home in Maine. Thanks to everyone for their great service.
Bill Charwat

1 July 2015
PATCH cat to Gainesville FL, USA
Dear Lisa, She's settling in really well (she's already had her first encounter with a squirrel! Let's just say the squirrel won....). She's been given extra vaccinations since she arrived in Gainesville (Florida must have different diseases!), so she's all protected .Here's a photo of her on her new cat tree; my husband bought her this tree before he even bought himself cutlery! He also said that she was quite relaxed when he picked her up from the airport, so thank you (and JetPets) for making this trip as painless as possible for Patch. I really appreciate all your patient emails, back and forth and back and forth! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to any of my friends if they need to move their pets in the future :) Thanks again,

27 June 2015
SAGE & FELIX cats to Kelowna, BC, Canada
Hi Lisa, I wanted to let you know that both Felix and Sage are doing very well.  They arrived tired though surprisingly calm, and they're settling in well to their new surroundings.  Though with daytime temperatures over 30 C, they are both incredibly hot!  Hopefully they lost their winter coats ASAP... Once again, thank you for all of your help.

26 June 2015
TAYNA & KISKA cats to Baltimore, USA
Great news!  I hope they are okay and not too scared.  Thanks again for your help.  You've made the entire process very manageable and relatively stress free for us 😀
Kind regards,

11 June 2015
RASCAL boxer cross to Vancouver, BC, Canada
She arrived A-OK; 2 major craps & 3 Ps later she's starting to settle. Drinking lots of H2O & had dinner. She's still dopey but interested in the surrounds.Took 2 hr to clear her & then we hit rush hr traffic.

4 June 2015
MICHEL cat to Vancovuer, BC, Canada
Hello Lisa, We picked up Michel today and he is doing fine! Already settled on to the bed and had a good feed. Thanks again for all your help and let us know if there is anything else we need to do.

3 June 2015
LAYLA chinchilla persia & SAM maremma cross labrador to Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Hi Lisa, Thanks so much for the update. It was lovely to meet you and thanks for being so on to it.
Take much care and have a great night.

22 May 2015
TWISTER cat to San Francisco, CA, USA
Hi Lisa and huge thanks to you and VenturePet for getting Twister to San Fran.  As you can see, he is settling is perfectly well into his new home, including making friends with the dog.
Thanks again Mark and Liz and Twister

13 May 2015
LOULOU, SWEETIE, TILLY, SAMMY griffon pups to Honolulu, Hawaii
It is midnight in Hawaii and all is well.  The puppies act as if they travel every day from New Zealand to Hawaii.  They are lively and very happy.  Thank you, Lisa.
Best regards,

12 May 2015
LUCY labrador to Halifax, NS, Canada
Hi Lisa, We picked Lucy up last night. She's looking great, and was very happy to see us. Thanks so much for the great professional service. We really appreciate the care you took with her and with keeping us informed.  Here she is in her new kitchen:
Sue Kerr

3 May 2015
BROWNING ridgeback cross & MARMALADE cat to Washington DC, USA
It is all good. Thank you for your help in getting them home.

22 April 2015
griffon pups to Honolulu, Hawaii
Thanks, Lisa....for everything.

11 April 2015
TUPAK & LILA cats to San Francisco, CA, USA
Hi Lisa, My kids arrived safe and sound. We bought them a cat tree already so hopefully they will forgive us the hassle haha. It's been a pleasure to be dealing with you. I knew what was going on at every stage of the journey and seeing the pictures of them calmed me down a bit. I will recommend your services to my friends for sure. Have a great weekend and thank you once again.

31 March 2015
SQUIRRELL cat to Los Angeles, CA, USA
Hi Lisa, Squirrell arrived safely in LAX and he is settling into his new living environment: o) I am happy with Pet Venture services from NZ to LAX. I appreciate your emails and updates also. Thank you very much for doing that. It was a nice personal touch and it helped make me feel at ease. I will make him a large cat sanctuary that he can go in and out of from the house, so he’s not cooped up inside when we go out. We have a back yard and I let him out daily. Once I get him vaccinated for rabies, he will be able to wander around the neighbourhood. I have already seen 3 other cats roaming the hood. 

4 March 2015
BRUNO Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to Vancouver, Canada
Hi Lisa,  Bruno is doing well and the people at the kennel have already fallen in love with him. We look forward to being reunited with Bruno next week!
Thanks again for all of your help!

23 February 2015
NOVA cat to Seattle, WA, USA
Hi Lisa, Nova arrived in Seattle without any problems and Shelley says she's doing great.
Thanks for your help in getting Nova over to Shelley.

13 February 2015
MERLIN - white swiss shepherd to Honolulu, Hawaii
Thanks for the update and the very nice picture :-) He looks all happy! Merlin has safely arrived in Hawaii and is in his new home now J

9 January 2015
MISS & PALLONIO cats to Vancouver, BC, Canada
Thanks for everythings. Cats are well and we're getting settled here.

9 January 2015
MEL Australian Shepherd & HEIDI labrador to San Francisco, CA, USA
All went very smoothly... No messes in the kennels which was amazing!! Mel was a star ... We drove to Seattle afterwards which took 2 days. It is wonderful to be united with them as they are very dear to us. Thank you again for a job well done. Jane

24 December 2014
AMANI labrador to Los Angeles, CA, USA
Lisa, Amani arrived in great shape!!! Thanks very much. Mercury Cargo is a bit of a disaster, but that is Air NZ's issue, not yours.  They are slow as molasses and generally a bunch of lazies, but we (and Amani) survived.
Thanks again, and best for the holidays.
George and family.

12 December 2014
HUFF catahoula leopard dog to Ottawa, ON, Canada
Hi Everyone, Just wanted to let you know that we have Huff back in our custody safe and sound. She looks great and was so happy to see us when we arrived she nearly knocked her crate ore wagging her entire body inside the crate! She has arrive in perfect condition and I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks for a low stress and easy transition from Wellington to Auckland to Vancouver to Ottawa! Thanks for ensuring such a high quality service and care of the pets you help on their journeys.
Many thanks
Heather, Trent and Huff

11 December 2014
HUFF catahoula leopard dog to Ottawa, ON, Canada
Hi Lisa, Thank you so much for all of your help, professionalism, and updates, they have made travelling with Huff seem really easy and stress free.
Many thanks

22 November 2014
JACK & LITTLE cats to San Francisco, CA. USA
Hi Lisa, Jack and Little are settled in, having had a nibble, drink, and visit to litter box.
All well!
Thanks, Patricia

October 2, 2014
ROWAN Scottish deerhound to Washington DC, USA
Hi Lisa, Rowan arrived safe and sound on Tuesday night.  She was a bit jet lagged for a few days, but is her usual self, appetite is back, and all is well.  Thanks SOOOOO much for all the help with her safe transport.  It was good to know my baby was in such safe hands.  All the best to you,

September 20, 2014
ABBEY dachshund cross to Vancouver, BC, Canada
Abbey got here safe and sound and seemed to cope just fine with her long day.  Thank you for all your help in getting her back to Canada safe and sound.  
Raynelle, Kristen

September 5, 2014
COSITA - poodle cross to San Francisco, CA, USA
Hi Lisa, Cosita arrived safe and sound yesterday. Thanks

August 28, 2014
ZARA rottweiler to Los Angeles, CA, USA
Hi lisa, thank you very much for everything. Zara arrived happy to see us. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me whenever.

August 19, 2014
PONGO labrador cross to Cleveland, OH, USA
Pongo arrived safe and all is great! He is so accustomed to the surroundings already! Thank you for everything.  He came through with flying colours and happy as can be. Thanks!

August 17, 2014
MILO mini dachshund & SIMBA cat to Vancouver, BC, Canada
Hi Lisa, all good and just getting settled.  Flight doesn't seem to have bothered them much at all.  We've had a great day out in vancouver with milo and simba has been charming the cleaners at the hotel.
Thanks for all your help

August 12, 2014
SASHA, BENNY, MISS KITTY cats, JACK cavoodle, POKY terrier cross to Edmonton, AB, Canada
Hi Lisa, Pets were quite in good condition when they arrived, Poky was very depressed when I saw him at first in the cage but the second he saw me, the life was back into him very quickly.  I want to sincerely thank you and Bruce for your excellent service.

July 12, 2014
BELLA & BARTOK papillons to Seattle, WA, USA
Thanks, Lisa. Home in the US! Thanks for all your help and especially the updates from their journey!

July 12, 2014
OZZIE & ASLAN cats to Los Angeles, CA, USA
Hello Lisa, Picked up Ozzie and Aslan from Qantas Freight this morning.  We’ve found our lodging for the night, so they are settling in. Thank you for getting them to us safe and sound.  It's so good to have them back with us!

June 26, 2014
BEETROOT & RINGO cat to Edmonton, AB, Canada
Hi Lisa, they are at their destination. seems all went smoothly until Edmonton when the officer apparently didnt know what he was doing! thanks for all your help in getting my cats safely shifted.
take care, erin

June 23, 2014
PUP border collie & BILL cat to Austin, TX, USA
Hello Lisa, We picked up bill and pup last night around 9:30 and they were great!  Very happy to see us and pretty tired too! Thank you both for your wonderful care of them :) In appreciation


June 19, 2014
ANNE & FRANK cats to Toronto, ON, Canada
Cats arrived safely and seem pretty relaxed and happy. Thanks for the great service, Lisa!

June 17, 2014
CHLOE border collie to Seattle, WA, USA
Hi Lisa, We so appreciate your care of Chloe. She made the trip without a hitch. Hope all is well in Wellington

June 6, 2014
CAYRO & CHYNA cats to Hallifax, NS, Canada
Hi Lisa, The cats made it through it all and they seem fine.  A bit skittish at first but are almost back to normal already which is pretty amazing considering they just travelled for well over 40 hours.
Thanks so much for all your help with this.  It made our life so much easier knowing they were well looked after and everything was taken care of. Kindest regards
Michael and Claudia

June 4, 2014
KIWI pug cross griffon to Honolulu, Hawaii
Aloha Venture Pet: I wanted to write to express my appreciation for the exceptional care you gave to shipping my puppy from New Zealand to Hawaii.  I highly recommend your company.  Your company went out of the way sending photos of her every stop on the way.  She showed up happy and healthy.  What more could I have asked for.
Your company went beyond and above my expectations!
Cheri Becker

May 30, 2014
REECE weimaraner pup to Tampa FL, USA
Hi, Reese is loving it here and was very happy to see me.

May 23, 2014
TAIKA cat to Los Angeles, CA, USA
Hi Lisa, I wanted to write and say thank you for your help. Taika arrived safely.  He's a little cautious, which is understandable, but healthy and happy.  We appreciate everything.
Liana Fleming

May 7, 2014
SASKIA labrador cross to Missoula. MT, USA
Hi Lisa, Thanks for the good communication throughout Saskia's journey (loved the photos!). The delayed flight into Spokane was quite an inconvenience, but I definitely appreciated the very good communication from Jetpets with both me and my mother (who was the main point of contact since I was also flying!) throughout the day. Saskia had a fine adventure and is happily settling in to her new home. It's all very new and exciting including a new friend (my sister's dog) and new creatures (squirrels!) to chase around. Many thanks for the peace of mind knowing she was safe and well cared for throughout her trip.
Lana Cohen

April 30, 2014
STELLA labrador to Boston, MA, USA
Thanks for all your help Lisa :-)

April 29, 2014
DOT springer spaniel to Los Angeles, CA, USA
Thanks so much to everyone at VenturePet.  Dottie arrived safe and sound in LA.  The adventure on our end was a little frustrating, but ultimately perfect when Dottie lopped out of her crate, whimpered, wagged and peed. Those folks at cargo are amazingly robotic.  Fortunately, the guys in the warehouse were great, as were the tons of truck drivers awaiting shipments.  They were all kind enough to let us hop the line so we could get Dot into the open air.  
Thank you again for all your great help. Take care,

April 25, 2014
NORMA JEAN catahoula cross to Raleigh, NC, USA
She is very happy and already caught a possum! Thanks again for getting her safely to the US!

April 25, 2014
PUFFIN pug cross griffon to Honolulu, Hawaii
Many thanks to you both for making this happen for us.  We totally appreciate all you have done. Big hug to you both!

April 23, 2014
MILA tonkinese to Los Angeles, CA, USA
Dear Lisa, So happy to see Mila at LAX. She was pretty happy to see us too! It only took us an hour to pick her up- so a swift process! We are currently doing the 11 hour drive to Utah with her! (She enjoyed seeing Vegas on the way!) Thank you so much for all your help- we couldn't have done it without you! Many many thanks!
Sophie and Logan

April 12, 2014
ZIBI cat to Seattle, WA, USA
Thank you Lisa and the VenturePet Team!  
Kind regards

April 3, 2014
HAZEL cat to San Francisco, CA, USA
Lisa, Just wanted to let you know, everyone is settling in. Hazel is having a blast getting to know her new kitty family (two large boys - Harry and Indy). Thanks for all your help. 
Teresa Lilleboe

February 28, 2014
SUNNY labradoodle to Houston, TX, USA
Hi Lisa, We got Sunny!  He weathered the trip just fine.  Thank you so much!  What a wonderful experience.  You all were extremely helpful at this nerve-wracking time while he was travelling.  Thank you!!!
Angie Toler

February 15, 2014
DUCKY japanese spitz to Cincinnati, OH, USA
Hi Lisa! Ducky arrived safely to Cincinnati yesterday morning.  Everyone was cooing over her when I picked her up from cargo!  She's having a lot of fun meeting my family dogs and playing in the snow for the first time!  She is her happy and healthy self, not at all phased by her big trip. I wanted to thank you and everyone involved for taking such good care of her.  It really put me at ease to know that she was in good hands.  Thank you for all you do!  It's so great to have my pup here with me.

February 11, 2014
CHUCKY poodle cross to Los Angeles, CA, USA
Hi Lisa, just a note to say that chucky arrived safe and sound to lax, and has now settled back home in oklahoma and is doing fine, thank you for taking all the hassle and stress out of flying for chucky and if the need be to fly him again i will sure use you guys again. Thank you so much
Tracey White

January 30, 2014
MACY shepherd cross to Houston, TX, USA
Hello Lisa, Just wanted to let you know that our baby made it safe and sound and didn't even seem that stressed.  Thank you for helping get her to us safe and sound and for tolerating my over-protective, constant, borderline nagging. You, my dear, are worth every penny.  thanks for all your help
All the best,
Amanda, Kristin and Macy

January 30, 2014
GUS labrador to Toronto, ON, Canada
Hi Lisa, Thank you he means a lot to us, it is a worry having him travel at his age but we couldn't be without him. Just to let you know Gus got here safely, thank you so much for everything.

January 27, 2014
MILO white swiss shepherd to Honolulu, Hawaii
Hi Lisa, Thank you, He arrived safely and has settled in quickly.
We miss him dearly :-(

January 23, 2014
SELAH cat to New York, NY, USA
Hi Lisa - Selah arrived and is looking good. Thanks so much for your help!

January 22, 2014
NOAH - fox terrier to Wilmington, NC, USA
Hi Lisa, Noah here safe and sound and happy to be with his family thanks so much for keeping us updated and taking such good care of him. Thanks

January 16, 2014
CASH - shepherd cross to Los Angeles, CA, USA
Lisa, I cannot thank you enough for all your help and especially for the updates on cash's progress.  thanks again,
Katie and Casey

January 13, 2014
BELLA labrador & MAX bichon to Dallas, TX, USA
Hi Lisa, The dogs arrived safe and well tonight. They went toilet, ate, drank and played and now are fast asleep on their new beds. Thank you muchly for looking after them so well :-)

January 10, 2014
Lisa, Dusky, Orca & Polly all arrived safe and sound this evening.  The kids are having a wonderful time playing and cuddling. Thank you.

December 23, 2014
AMBER labrador & SCRATCHY cat to Vancouver, Canada
Hi Lisa, all went well.  Amber is happy and settled, Scratchy taking a bit longer.
Thanks for your help

December 18, 2013
GRAY cat to Los Angeles/Boise, ID, USA
Hi Lisa:  everything went fine. Gray has had a difficult few days—the plane trip, then a day and a half in a car driving from LA to Boise, ID. But now he is finally settled at my Mom’s house. We just arrived here a few minutes ago, in fact. He’s eating, drinking, and purring like normal. Thanks for all of your help.
Best, VM

November 14, 2013
FERN huntaway cross to Toronto, ON, Canada
Hi Lisa, Just wanted to let you know that fern is doing very well! she looked a bit worried when we picked her up but she soon got over it. It cost us $55 at customs and $31 for the release fee. Thank you so much for the wonderful service and full updates, I really appreciate it, it really helped put my mind at rest. Hopefully, Gus will be following soon, his ear is recovering well so it's just a matter of time now. I'll contact you as soon as I know when he can fly to make arrangements.
Thanks again

November 6, 2013
RUSTY american cocker spaniel to San Francisco, CA, USA
Hi Lisa, RUSTY HAS ARRIVED IN CALIFORNIA!. Rusty was a bit "pacey" last night and wanted to see everyone all together, so there was a lot of patrolling and checking where we both were.  I think that, understandably, she's a bit clingy at the moment.  However she is a bit better today - just a bit tired and adjusting to the heat.  California in November seems quite a bit hotter than NZ :)  So she's sleeping on the cool tiles in the lounge as I write this. Thank you both for helping get her over to California for us. She's discovered the squirrels in the apartment complex and they obviously need a bit of barking at, so I think Rusty is already settling in well.   So, once again, thanks for your help and support - it's really appreciated.
Warm regards
Liz & Jason

November 5, 2013
CLAW cat to San Francisco, CA, USA
Hi Lisa, We received Claw just fine. She is a bit shy at the moment, but well. Thanks for all your help!

November 4, 2013
ZACH cat to Seattle, WA, USA
you've been great! he doesn't like being cooped up in a motel room, but he purrs when I pet him.  We'll find a home soon!
thank you, from both of us, for your TLC 
Sarz Maxwell MD FASAM

October 24, 2013
JENNY mini dachshund, IZZY jack russell terrier, HAMISH cat to Dallas, TX, USA
Hi Lisa, The animals arrived in Dallas and have been picked up.  Thank you and thank you to Lynn as well for your help!
Teresa Fath

October 11, 2013
ZEST samoyed to Phoenix, AZ, USA
Zest is in his new home in Arizona. He is doing just great and loves his new cousin that was waiting at the door for him to arrive. Great times began. Thank you for all the care and love that you gave Zest and Bridget and to me in LA. You all are a class act, and are the BEST!!
Jack Hofmann

September 27, 2013
ZEBEDEE airedale cross huntaway & RUBY cat to Los Angeles, CA, USA
Hi Lisa, Just to confirm that Zeb and Ruby have arrived - they're both fine!!! Hopefully they will both settle in quickly.
Thank you so much for everything. You have been amazing throughout.

September 25, 2013
GRETA bernese mountain dog to Los Angeles, CA, USA
Hi Lisa. Thank you for the update and all your help with her travel. Greta arrived in good spirits and she's relaxing and resting up. Thanks again for all your help!
Matt & Jen

September 24, 2013
DA VINCI samoyed & YODA tibetan spaniel to Spokane. WA, USA
Hello Lisa, thank you so much! Also, thank you for taking great care of the boys and for the gorgeous photographs. That meant so much to us! My mom really appreciated them, too :)
Thank you!

6 September, 2013
GINGER poodle cross to Washington DC, USA
Hi Lisa, Ginger is home with us! She is very confused about where we are, but really happy to be reunited - she could not stop jumping as she realised that we were at the cargo to pick her up. :-)
Thank you (everyone!) for making her travels safe and comfortable. We appreciate your timely updates, pictures and professionalism, and are happy to recommend VenturePet to everyone.
All the best!
Kind Regards,

September 4, 2013
DAKOTA west highland white terrier to Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Hi Lisa, I just wanted to thank VenturePet and your LAX counterparts for the wonderful care our 'Westie' Dakota received on her trip from Wellington to Utah via Los Angeles and Sydney. We were mightily impressed with the service, in particular the updates of where she was at on each leg of the journey and the lovely personal comments by staff and associates regarding her wellbeing.  I would not hesitate to recommend VenturePet to anyone who is thinking about moving countries and is worried about finding someone to care for their pet throughout the process.  You folk could not have made it easier for us or for Dakota who arrived in better condition than us.  She did not suffer Please feel free to use my comments if it helps promote the wonderful service you offer in arranging long distant travel for pets.
Kindest regards
Janet Hollow

August 17, 2013
CROMARTY, MASH & MOLLY cats to San Francisco, CA, USA
Hi Lisa, We have ours cats, they looked a bit nervy, but saw me & started shouting, so all good there! Excellent to see them!  just spent nearly 2 hours collecting the cats, heaps of driving hear & there, endless bloody paperwork, mind-numbing American bureaucracy. You folks have been awesome! I remember collecting our 2 boys from Wellington airport in 2007 & it was vastly different indeed. I think the sheer scale of America is part of it. Thanks for all your help & time,

August 18, 2013
Hello Lisa, Thank you very much for your help.  Nerri arrived safe and sound and we are back home in Ohio.
Best Regards,
Michael Gill

August 8, 2013
FRANK cat to Chicago, IL, USA
Hi Lisa, I just got a text from Eric that all went smoothly at pickup and he and Frank are waiting on board their flight to Chicago (apparently there has been a slight delay because Obama's helicopter has just come into land at LAX). I will check in again once they are home, but so far everything has gone exactly as planned! Thanks again for all your help in getting Frank to LA.
Cheers, Mika

July 11, 2013
LUCY cat to Omaha, Nebraska, USA Hi Lisa, Lucy arrived safe and well. I just wanted to say we have been very impressed by the care, professionalism and ability of Venture Pet s. Thank you very much for a job well done.
Roger Barlow

July 1, 2013
LUCY pug to Los Angeles, CA, USA
Thank you so much for taking care of her and seeing her onto her flight. 
Thanks Again, Todd & Jess

May 21, 2013
JINX & JASPA cats to Chicago, IL, USA Lisa, Thank you for everything - cats arrived nicely in Chicago (been busy settling in).  All went well and they both seem to be adjusting.  They are very curious about their new surroundings and will now be in-door cats except when we take them out on a leash with harness.

May 19, 2013
SUNDAE cat to San Francisco, CA. USA
Hi Lisa, A quick note to say that Sundae and Scott have arrived safe and well in San Francisco.  Apparently she was super smoochy when she got out of the cage, and only hid under the bed in the apartment for a little while.  Since then she has been sitting on the couch watching the birds- guess she will soon learn that she is now a big city-indoors cat for the next wee while! Thanks for all your super work and communication with the move- really appreciated :)

May 19, 2013
Thanks Lisa, I am so impressed with your company. You are thorough and keep everyone informed with all the information required and genuinely care about people's pets and care for them as their family would care for them. I would gladly recommend your company.
Kind regards
Leslie Graybill

May 2, 2013
RODNEY to Calgary, AB, Canada
Hi Lisa, We just wanted to let you know that Rodney arrived safe and sound and on time into Calgary today! We were so happy to see him, and he was very happy to see us! He is doing very well all things considering, very curious about his new home :) Thank you so much for taking such good care of him and ensuring that his trip went smoothly, we are very happy with how things went.
All the best
Kristen and Dean

April 29, 2013
RODNEY cat to Calgary, AB, Canada
I am extremely happy to hear that he was well behaved for the MAF exam etc. I am also VERY surprised, he is always as difficult as can be imagined when he gets handled at the vets, you'll have to tell us your secret so we can let his new vet know J Thank you for taking good care of him and we really appreciate the updates.
Kristen and Dean 

April 11, 2013
JACK cat to Toronto, ON, Canada
Hi Lisa, We picked up Jack tonight,   I was so happy to see him.  Thank you so much for getting him here. :-)
Thanks for all your help.  

March 19, 2013
MARLEY cat to Philadelphia, PA, USA
Hi Lisa, Marley arrived safe and sound.  Thanks so much for all the help.
All the best, Michael

March 4, 2013
RUPERT lhasa apso to Seattle, WA, USA
Hi Lisa, Rupert is now in Seattle safe and sound with us, he is fine has taken a couple of days to settle in but I have bought him a new bed and trying out the dog treats here to find his favourite one. I wanted to say a very big thank you to you and your LA team for being so fantastic in keeping me informed along the way. It meant so much to me as I was really anxious with Rupert travelling. It was lovely to feel like Rupert was being looked after, right down to you giving him his eyedrops – thank you! You made a very stressful time much easier for me.
Kind regards Donna

February 28, 2013
KIWIFRUIT cat to San Francisco, CA, USA
You guys have been wonderful.  I would totally recommend you to anyone else in NZ who needs to do international pet exporting.  =) Thanks again! Jenn

February 15, 2013
GENEVIEVE cat to Detroit, MI, USA
Hi, Genevieve arrived safe and sound. Was so happy to see us. Been talking to me non stop. Settled in fine. Purring, eating and even played with the new toys. Many thanks Lisa for handling her travel.
Janice Roth

February 14, 2013
BUSTER jack russell terrir pup to New York, NY, USA
Hi, we just got home!!  He is in perfect condition and a very happy boy to be out of that cage!  It took us quite a while at customs plus his flight was about half hour late.  But he is eating his dinner right now and my female Jack Russel (Roxy) is sniffing him out.  She is 9 years old so I am thinking she'll take on a motherly role for him (she had 2 puppies once). 
Kindest regards,

February 3, 2013
TANE jack russell terrier to Washington DC, USA
Hi Lisa, we picked Tane up yesterday and he is fine.  Many tks.
Jim Gleeson

February 2, 2013
SASHA chihuahua cross to San Francisco, CA, USA
Hi Lisa, All is well and Sasha made the journey all right. :) Thank you for your help and piece of mind. Kat and Francis and Sasha

January 13, 2013
MIA & RALPH cats to Vancouver
Hi there Lisa, We arrived here at home in Calgary after 8 hours of driving today and after some food, water and the litter tray.... they are both out to it.  The drive from Vancouver to Calgary is about 1,000 kms one way.  We drove straight through to my Dad's place just out of Vancouver and it took us about 12 hours on Thursday.  We went through the Rocky Mountains and there was a bit of a winter storm the day we went through. Thanks again Lisa. You have been super fantastic all the way through this extremely daunting process and I would highly recommend you to anyone who needs to ship their precious pets overseas - thanks so very much for everything :) Thanks again to you for getting my babies safely to me. :)
Best regards,
Deirdre (& Mia & Ralph)

December 6, 2012
TUI & PAUA bengal cats to Seattle, WA, USA Hi Lisa, all went well and the two of them are already happily making themselves at home!
Thanks for a very smooth and worry free experience, you guys were GREAT!

November 22, 2012
IZRAEL toy poodle to Los Angeles, CA, USA
Lisa, Thanks so much for everything! Have made it home safe and sound with our baby Izrael:) He is a bit tired but in very good spirits! 
Kevin, Aruna & Izaack

November 21, 2012
FLORCENICA huntaway cross to Ottawa, ON, Canada
Hi Lisa, We all got to Ottawa safe and sound. Florencia was all happy and it seems that the journey was a piece of cake for her.  Thank you for your assistance. Regards,

November 13, 2012
CALI cat to Vancouver, Canada
thank you, Lisa! She's doing great.  We're onto part 2 of our trip tomorrow, hopefully she crosses the country ok!
All the best! Glenn

September 8, 2012
PIP fox terrier to Louisville, KY, USA
Hi lisa, I got back about a week ago  and Pip was here - happy, clean and adjusted.  Jeremy had been walking him, washing him and his bedding, getting him used to his new food/water bowls, the deer and squirrels outside, setting him up with the vet, etc.  But he's doing great (sleeping at my feet as I write this at 2pm, actually). Thanks so much for your help getting him here - you guys run a great operation!
Kind Regards,

September 8, 2012
TIGER cat to Ottawa, ON, Canada
Hi Lisa, Thank you for everything, Tiger is quite happy in his new country. He is sleeping between his two "brothers" at the moment.
Cheers Casey

September 7, 2012
SNUFFLES to Halifax, NS, Canada
Hi Lisa, she is now searching through every room of her new home!  She was very tired and subdued when we got her but she has since perked up and is doing well.  Unfortunately, Air Canada cargo left her paperwork in Toronto and customs here did not want to clear her with the paperwork.  We got it sorted after a bit of a delay.
Thanks so much for taking care of our Snuffles and all the updates too.
Sharon & Dale

September2, 2012
PRINCESS labrador to Detroit, MI, USA
Hello Lisa, We have just collected princess and she is in great form.

August 23, 2012
TAMMY, CIARA, YUPI, LANA yorkshire terriers to San Francisco, CA, USA
Hi Lisa, Thanks for your highly professional handling of my dogs' travel arrangements.  We knew they were in good and loving hands. All went well and we were happily reunited with our beloved pups.  They're driving us crazy right now in a four ring circus sort of way, but we're not complaining.  It makes for a good and happy environment. 
Thanks very much for the pictures.  My daughter really enjoyed them and it helped to alleviate some of her concerns.   
Cheers, Peter

August 21, 2012
INDY jack russell terrier to Norfolk, VA, USA
Hi Lisa, Thank you for the update on Indy. As you saw when I dropped him off he is very dear to me. I look forward to hearing updates from you on his journey. Thank you for all your help in getting him to my wife in the US.
All the best Paul Robbins

August 15, 2012
PATRICK shih tzu, JACK silky terrier, LUCY, BRIE, KIKIKIWI cat to Los Angeles, CA, USA
You and your company are SO GREAT. We could not have done this without you and your family. THANKS  a million, million times. We arrived and all is great. We are now in a hotel room (yes we had to sneak a few in...don't think any hotel wants 5 animals). But, we are doing well. All are lying down and relaxing...except for Patrick who is wandering around looking for food. thanks again so much. We get to our house in Mississippi on 19 August and then close on our new house in NY on 27 august. PS Will try to send pics, but can't send via cell and may not have all the wires I need on the road from LA to Mississippi and then onto New York! And, we will be back in New Zealand. We leave with heavy hearts. Thanks again!!!!!!!
thanks again!!
Angeleque & Steve

August 7, 2012
BELLE mini dachshund to San Francisco, CA, USA
Thank you for all your help!  We look forward to seeing her soon!  She is the sweetest and loves cuddles.  I'm sure you figured that out! We got to San Fran safe and sound and Belle is cuddled up with us in our hotel now.  Thanks for everything! Erin

July 19, 2012
KEIRA alaskan malamute, MOLLY & SALEM cats to Los Angeles, CA, USA
Hi Lisa, I just wanted to let you know that Keira, Molly and Salem arrived safely in Los Angeles this morning, and are now getting use to their new surroundings. Keira was so excited to see Mili and the girls, whereas the cats, being cats, were a little apprehensive. Entirely understandable after what they'd been through but once Mili got them home, they started to explore.It wasn't too long before they ended up asleep. Possibly suffering from jetlag plus the sudden change of climate. No doubt, they'll bounce back in the next day or 2. Anyway I want to thank you and Bruce for the wonderful service and taking such great care of our pets. I would definitely recommend your service to anyone moving with pets.
Many thanks and kind regards

June 29, 2012
MILOU bichon frise to Los Angeles, CA, USA
We are just about to board and can't wait to c him. Thanksfor all your help.
Kind regards

June 22, 2012
PUNKIN cat to Los Angeles, CA, USA
Hi Lisa, Punky arrived safe+sound at LAX and I picked her up on Tuesday. Everything went smoothly, U.S customs was a bit fussy as is to be expected. The U.S government does not have a sense of humor; I do believe it was surgically removed. Anyway, Punky is fine and happy to be home. Thanks so much for all your help and updates!
John and Jill

February 28, 2013
KIWIFRUIT cat to San Francisco, CA, USA
Hi Lisa, You guys have been wonderful.  I would totally recommend you to anyone else in NZ who needs to do international pet exporting.  =)
Thanks again!

May25, 2012
BUFFY & BILLY fox terrier cross & jack russell cross to San Francisco, CA, USA
We are finally here and getting a nap!  Thank you for caring for my girls. I am so glad they got to travel together! 
all is well.  The girls are fine, no issues.  It is as if we are just in a different town.....it is coming into summer here so playing in the baby pool today.  They lovin life!! Again, thank you for everything. 
All the best Mo, Buffy and Billy

March 28, 2012

CLEO cat to Dallas, USA

Hi Lisa, Just thought I'd drop you a line to say that Cleo made it to Texas just fine. She pretty much hid out under the furniture for the first day and night, but has come out to socialize a bit today. So things are looking up!  Thanks again for all of your help in arranging her transportation.  I only wish you did transport from the US to Italy!!

Thanks again for all of your help

March 15, 2012

CHOMP-CHOMP cat to Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Hi Lisa, she is doing alright, was a bit stressed but I think she has settled now. Have a good weekend ahead. Thanks again for your help.


January 10, 2012

PEQUE cat to Los Angeles, CA. USA

Hi Lisa, I just wanted to thank you for your help with Peque's travel and to let you know that he's doing well (a bit jet lagged the first day, but other than that everything was ok). Now let's see how he (and us!) adapt to the Californian life!


December 23, 2011

REX labrador cross to San Francisco, CA. USA

Hi Lisa,  Rex arrived safely and has settled in well, thanks so much for everything!  He took a little while to recover but was very happy to see me.  I'll make sure to pass your company info on to the other US vet students that I know will be sending pets home next year,

Happy Holidays,

October 21, 2011

JEMIMA tibetan spaniel to Halifax, NS, Canada

Hi Lisa, Grant arrived home with her 15 minutes ago and she is fine! Very licky and wagging her tail lots and lots! Thanks Lisa for another great delivery!

Maree Streeter

September 27, 2011

BELLA labrador to Baltimore. MD, USA

Hi Lisa,
All went well and she is doing great.  Thank you for all your assistance.  We will recommend you to all at the Embassy.  

Thanks again,

September 20, 2011

MIA & SCHATZIE cats to Richmond, VA, USA

Thanks everyone for this difficult transition!  It took a couple of days but they are adjusting very well, they haven't seemed to want to go outside and are sleeping alot.  Shatze still thinks she's tiny and comes up on Nancees lap to have her tummy rubbed but doesn't quite fit anymore.  Mia adjusted the fastest, sleeping under the covers on our bed.
So thanks to all of you they are doing quite well. 

August 12, 2011

PUP hungarian vizsla to Honolulu, Hawaii

Pup arrived safely and all is well. Thank you both for such a good job.  He is truly a fine dog. 


July 23, 2011

DAN & KAYLA boxer & chow cross to Los Angeles, CA. USA

Thank you Lisa for all your help, you and Venture Pet have been wonderful to work with. We came over with about 20 other people and 7 of them have dogs, I will be very happy to recommend they use you upon return.

See you in a week

July 22, 2011

OLIVE & PEPPER rottweiler & cat to Vancouver, BC, Canada

Hi Lisa, We are finally back in Edmonton with Olive and Pepper and they arrived very well and happy to see us. They seemed not to have a bother in the world when we picked them up from the airport so thank you so so much for caring for them so well and making sure they were in good hands when you passed them on.  And sorry it took so long to finally organise everything we needed to get them here and thanks for putting up with us over the last six months :)
If ever we need to travel with them again (though i hope this was the last time), you will be the first to know.

Thank you so much again!
Steph, Olive and pepper

June 29, 2011

FRANKIE dachshund to Los Angeles, CA, USA

Hi Lisa, Thank you!  I really do appreciate your help and the wonderful service that you provide.  
Frankie did well.  He was very happy to see me.  The process at LA was not too difficult with the good instructions I received.  At the Cargo, they also handed me a map to get to Customs.  It was very nice for the cab driver to have. I hired a cab to get back and forth and asked him to wait at each point.  It was only a USD $55 cab ride. Very inexpensive compared to NZ cab airport rides.  Customs is not normally busy in the morning so it was quick.   Thank you so much for your great service.  

To Whom it may concern
My name is Erin Smith.  I recently moved from New Zealand to the USA.  Venture Pet was my choice for a pet shipper for getting my dachshund Frankie back home with me.  I am so pleased with their service and I highly recommend them to anyone who is making a move with pets.  They are very attentive and take very good care of the pets that are entrusted to their care.  Normally this is a smooth procedure, however, my situation got quite a bit more complex when I found out that my Quantas flight from Auckland to Los Angeles had been cancelled.  This occurred after our flight up from Wellington.  At that point every plan changed and I was concerned about what would be happening to my dog.  It was not until after a long wait in line and a rebooked flight for 3 days later that I was able to contact Venture Pet.  They had already picked up Frankie and he was in their care.  Once they learned what hotel I was being booked into, Venture Pet met me there with my dog.  Again, something occurred that I could not control, this was not a pet friendly hotel.  To Venture Pet this was not a problem.  Their Auckland staff personally took care of Frankie in her home.  After meeting Margaret just once, I knew that this was the best possible scenario.  Margaret also made sure to call me each day to let me know how Frankie was doing.  He was in great hands.  After the 3 days and another flight cancellation, I was able to get Quantas to book me into a "pet friendly" hotel where I was able to keep Frankie.  We could not have been better taken care of.   Their personal service and personal touch was incredible.  We were in constant communication and I was fully informed about Frankie and that his flight would definitely match mine.  They made a difficult situation - an 8 day delay in total - so much easier. 

Thank you very much Venture Pet!    
Erin Smith   

June 29, 2011

HUTCH bullmastiff cross to Ottawa, ON, Canada

Hi Lisa. He arrived safetly and seems very happy.
Thank you for all your help.

June 28, 2011

SEAN FRENCH cat to Los Angeles, CA, USA

Hi Lisa,  We just got home with Sean French. He has eaten and explored his new home.
We've put him in the bedroom to have a nap - he looks sleepy but happy to be not traveling.
Thanks again for all your help and looking after him during such extraordinary circumstances.

Best to you all,

June 19, 2011

VALENTINO cat to Atlanta, GA, USA

Hi Everyone! We just picked up Valentino from the airport and he is now safe and sound in his new home with us. 
He does seem fine- he has the same little meow that we remember and he is just lovely and bright-eyed.
Thanks everyone for all of your hard work in making this happen for us and for Valentino! 

xx Sarah

June 15, 2011

BRIAN cairn terrier to Toronto, Canada

Oh Lisa! that photo was the best!!!!
We can't wait! my eight year old is totally beside herself..... we have a whole pile of treats standing by for the little man.
They are dog MAD here in Toronto.!!!!!!! Will send pics - but have seen dogs in back packs , in buggies, their own booster seats in cars....and they had Woofstock here - the bigge doggy event in America.
.....I want Brian to keep his manliness......
It was a very touching reunion - and all at cargo became involved, we had a long wait while an earnest customs official did his best to complicate the paperwork!


June 14, 2011

GRACIE & ELLA blue heeler cross & beardie cross Wellington to Toronto, ON, Canada

Hi Lisa -  Ella and Gracie arrived ok in Toronto. They seemed a bit tired and confused but otherwise fine and they settled down ok once we got them home and out of the cages. They are now discovering the multitude of strange and unusual creatures of Canada (such as chipmunks, squirrels and raccoons) and it is all very exciting for them.

Thanks for all your help.

June10, 2011

MURPHY & TROY labrador cross & cat to Los Angeles, CA, USA

Hi Lisa,  Just letting you know I picked up the boys the other day and they are doing great.  The process at LAX took about an hour but was pretty straight forward.  The Qantas cargo terminal didn't open until 8 so there was some waiting around for that.  Other than that it was a very easy process.  Troy and Murphy both seemed a bit shaken and tired at first but they were back to their normal selves after a couple hours.  Thanks for all your help.  I will definitely be recommending your services.



June 9, 2011

PIPPA australian terrier to Orlando, FL, USA

Hello, Just a note to say that Pippa arrived in Orlando this morning and she is having a long snooze on the back porch!
Thanks for all of your help, and for looking after her. We are so happy to see her again!


June 3, 2011

BUSTER & MISSY cats to Edmonton, Canada

Well, they made it!  Safe and Sound!
We arrived at the airport cargo on time and as it would happen so did the plane.  We had to wait until they were transported over with the Agriculture Report then we had to go to customs in the main terminal to wait for the 'official' stamp from them and then it was back to the cargo for uplifting of Buster and Missy.
So we got them loaded into our truck, back seat of course.  Still nothing from either of them.  Got them inside and we opened the cage doors.  Well, talking about the Buster Dodge, he was off out of the cage and ready to explore, which he did with great vigour.  They were both very friendly, which surprised us a little, as not seeing them or talking to them for 6 months we were a little worried how they would react.  We are happy to say, they reacted just fine.  This morning as you can see by the photos, things are back to 'normal' almost.  We thank you all so very much for making sure our family is reunited and happy again 

Warmest Regards 
Kath and Berni

June 2, 2011

SIRIUS, BAXTER, FELICITY labrador, huntaway cross & cat to Chicago, IL, USA

Hi Lisa,
I am not sure if I had emailed since we arrived, the dogs and cat arrived just fine. 
Thanks for all that you and your team of helpers did:)

Dianna and family

May 19, 2011
BELLA cat to Boston, MA, USA
Hi all, I just wanted to thank you for getting Bella to us in great condition.
While the trip was long, she came through in great spirits.  We love having her with us again, and she's settling into the new house quite well.


May 15, 2011

CLEO & MAYA cats to San Francisco, CA, USA

Hi Lisa,
Cleo and Maya arrived in San Francisco in great shape. Thanks for looking after them.


May 2, 2011

ZAC & ONYX cocker spaniel & cat to Indianapolis, IN, USA

Hi Lisa, Just a note to let you know that Zac and Onyx arrived safely.  Zac bounced out of his crate as if nothing had happened, though Onyx was a bit distressed by the journey, and has not quite settled down yet.  He takes a few steps outside but is fazed by the different bird sounds and surroundings. I'm sure he will settle soon. 
Thanks so much for all your hard work.

Frances Nelson

April 15, 2011

TAZ & CHILI border collies to Los Angeles, CA, USA

Lisa, Thank you for your careful shipping of our two border collies, we appreciate your attention to detail and dedication to their comfort and well being.

March 31, 2011

ROCKY & SEVERUS cats to New York, USA

Thanks, Lisa - boys are now with us in beautiful condition and happy to be with us.  The operation took 4 hours return trip - Lufthansa Cargo phoned to ensure we'd be there by 5pm so we left at 4pm and through horrendous traffic got there by 5pm to be told that the plane wouldn't arrive for another 45 minutes and we had to wait.  The paperwork from the plane didn't come through until well after 6pm and then it was a 15 minute drive to Customs, the rigmarole there, and 15 minutes back to wait for an attendant to process the payment and to take David's photo so they'd give the cats to the right person!  Then on to the pick-up place (where they weren't in the least interested in checking D's photo) and the 45 minute drive back to Manhattan to arrive home just after 8pm.  There was another woman from New Jersey picking up a cat which had come from Rotorua - she was lucky in that the person she talked to by phone at Lufthansa Cargo told her not to come to the airport until at least 6pm because she shouldn't turn up until at least 45 minutes after the plane had landed what was quoted for the car service because of the (I've gone into this much details so that you can pass on our experience to other clients in the future.)  The boys aren't interested in eating yet but are drinking gallons of water.  I suspect they don't like the food I've given them as they're very fussy, but if they feel hungry, they'll eat!

Thank you again for doing a wonderful job of looking after our boys.

March 29, 2011

CALI poodle cross to Toronto, ON, Canada

Hi Lisa, Cali did arrive a few hours earlier so that was great – he was a little dazed when I picked him up but back to his energetic self within a couple of hours. Everything went very smoothly, so thanks again for doing such a great job!


March 28, 2011

BAILEY & JASPER cats to Orlando, FL, USA

Thank you so much Lisa - They have arrived safely. Took some time, but they are starting to settle in fairly well.
Jasper normally grazes so that's actually good. And Bailey - well let's just say he has a hearty appetite.

Best regards,

February 19, 2011

MAGGIE MAY cat to Boston, MA, USA

Hi Lisa, Maggie May has arrived safe and sound.  I'm completely stunned - she has explored the whole house, played with things and is totally relaxed.  It's like nothing ever happened!  This would be amazing if we had just moved house within Wellington, let alone all the way to Boston.
I'm not sure if you ever have people emailing you asking for advice, but if any cat-owners ever need reassurance about sending their cat on a flight, I'd be happy to provide it.
Thanks so much to you and Bruce for taking such good care of Maggie.  It was worth every penny!  


November 23, 2010

SAM Labrador to Charleston, SC, USA

Thanks so much, Lisa.  I just checked Sam in with United and he looked great.  He was a little mad at me at first, but it didn't take long for his tail to start wagging when I let him out of the crate. :)

Thanks again.

November 18, 2010

PENGUIN cat to Toronto, BC, Canada

Hi Lisa,
Penguin has arrived safely and is settling in well. He looks great -- very purry and happy. He seems to have taken the whole journey in stride...he's a pretty chilled out boy. I was very happy that he remembered me..
Thanks for making sure his journey was as comfortable as possible. Look forward to his first encounter with snow :)

Cheers, Jay & Penguin

November 10, 2010

NATASCHA Siberian kitten to Honolulu, Hawaii

Hello Lisa,
Thank you for taking such good care of Natascha.  She has arrived safely and is doing well. For the second time, you have done an outstanding job of transporting my new pet.

Thanks, Nancy Hagy

November 2, 2010

BODHI sydney silkie to Ottawa, ON, Canada

Hi Lisa
Thanks so much! He has settled in amazingly well.


October 31, 2010

SEBASTIAN & VIOLA cats to Washington, VA, USA

Thank you so much! They arrived happy and safe yesterday, and I was so surprised and delighted.
They are settled all in and seem to be American cats already!


October 29, 2010

HONEY golden retriever to Seattle, WA, USA

Hi Lisa
We just picked Honey up and are at home now.  She is looking as lovely as ever! Kids will be very happy to see her after school.
Thanks for all the care and organising!


October 21, 2010

MARSHMALLOW cat to Calgary, ON, Canada

Marshmallow arrived safely. A little subdued but glad to see us. Busy exploring his new home right now. 
Thank you for your excellent support getting him to Canada. The process went incredibly smoothly and airport pickup was very fast 


September 16, 2010

MAISEY & WEEMAN foxy cross & cavalier king charles cross to New York, NY, USA

A great reunion, On our way home

Thanks again

September 15, 2010

PATSY French bulldog to Honolulu, HI, USA

Hi Lisa,
Patsy arrived safe and sound last night.  I picked her up this morning and she's settling in just fine.  What a cutie!

Thanks so much.

August 17, 2010

OMAR & MIGHTY MITE griffon & terrier cross to Los Angeles, CA, USA

Dogs in safe and sound and happy!  Both have the longest tongues of all time from the heat here which they are not used to!
Thank you so much for all of your help getting our dogs to the US. We're relieved to have them home!
Thank you so much for the upgrade!  Omar thanks you too.
It was a pleasure working with you and Venture Pet!

All my best,

August 11, 2010

PEANUT Hungarian vizla to Honolulu, HI, USA

Hi Lisa
Peanut arrived safely and was a bit cautious at first.  After his bath, he was rejuvenated and became quite comfortable with his new home. Snickers is slowly adjusting to the new pup with a few jabs and growls to put him in his place.  
Thank you again.....

August 11, 2010

ZIP dwarf lop eared rabbit to Los Angeles, CA, USA

Hi Lisa
Picked up Zip with no problems, he is his usual entertainin self.  Thanks to all who made this easy for us and successful.


July 9, 2010

FLASH welsh springer spaniel to Calgary, AB, Canada

Hi Lisa
She arrived in tip top condition wagging her tail. Thanks so much for the great care you took of her.
She seems very unfussed by the whole experience and slept all night.
She's off exploring the city today with my husband - it's about 24degrees here.


July 6, 2010
EDDIE & DEXTER wheaten terrier & jack russell terrier to Vancouver, BC, Canada
We miss them a lot and will be so glad to see them again. Thanks very much for all your help.


June 30, 2010
PI & PARIS cats to Memphis, TN, USA
Hi Lisa
Paris and Pi have arrived safe and sound! in Memphis- we are home and they are happy and exploring their new house-
Thanks so much for looking out for them along the journey.

All the best!

June 25, 2010
RHILEY maltese to Portland, OR, USA
Thanks for all your help Lisa.  Rhiley is safe and happy in America now with a big yard and other pups to play with.  You guys have been great.  Thanks again! :)


June 24, 2010
OLLIE cat to Vancouver
And he’s safely here!
Despite him being a total drama queen, complete with hyperventilating, on the drive from the airport to my apartment, once he got here in less than an hour he’d had some food and water and was stretched out having a wee lie down....
Thank you so much for getting him safely to me, he’s really in much better shape than I expected so I’m very happy :)


June 15, 2010
BEZOAR & JUNKO chihuahua crosses to Los Angeles, CA, USA
Lisa, thanks to you the boys are safe! All went well the following day.  Took longer than we expected to go through the American procedure, but that's US customs for you.
The dogs have been traveling across California.  Every night in a different place. Can't wait for us to find a place and settle!! They overall have been doing well, but slept non-stop the first 24 hours of arrival.  I can totally relate!

Thanks again,
Sae jae

June 3, 2010
ELLA cat to Dallas, TX, USA
Just waking up in Dallas and Ella is doing great! Thanks again for everything! I appreciate all of your professionalism & will recommend your company to my friends.

Jennifer Gros

May 10, 2010
GRIZZ, CALINE & NUAGE labrador & 2 cats to Anchorage, AK, USA
Hi you two, I just want to say thanks for everything and if you need a testimonial for other clients let me know.  We all arrived safely in Alaska and Alaska Airlines give you a little card before you take off for each animal that says – ‘relax I'm on board’.  Nice touch.  They were out before i got to baggage claim.
Any way safe travels for all other fluffies


March 31, 2010
SCOUT & KOHA Labrador & cat to Raleigh, USA
Thanks Lisa, Glad to hear Scout and Koha arrived in US in good shape!  The whole family was very relieved to hear it.
I am sorry for taking so long to write.  It has been a crazy week, but we are making headway.  Scout and Koha arrived with no problems and their cages were totally clean!  They both looked stiff and a little dazed at first, but were absolutely back to their normal selves by evening.  I was really impressed, considering how far they had come.  They are both well settled now and are getting lots of love and attention.  Thank you for all you effort and coordination.  We could not have done this without you.

Kind Regards,


March 22, 2010
BONZO labrador cross to Calgary, AB, Canada

Just brought him home 3 minutes ago. No dramas at Calgary at all. I had to pay a total of 81 $Canadian extra for the bonded warehouse and customs clearance.
Bonzo is quite well, very thirsty and hungry. I had taken some bread with me and gave him a full tankard of water. He is also a bit tired, nothing that a good nights sleep won't set right.
Thanks for all the smooth process Lisa, much appreciate your services. Highly recommed to anyone.
His leash was still with the cage which was good. I have brought back the cage home with me.


February 16, 2010
KUMA  japanese akita to Los Angeles, CA, USA
Hi Bruce and Lisa Just to let you know - Kuma arrived safe and sound in LA.  To quote my brother-in-law ‘Kuma seemed unaffected by his journey. Peed like a horse outside of Qantas’

Thanks again for the great service - we are all relieved he is now in LA safe and sound.

February 9, 2010
ALLY & TOBY  labrador & german shepherd cross to Baltimore, MD, USA
Thanks Lisa,
We just got home from the airport, the dogs seem tired but are both very happy to see us. Both dogs look to be in good shape and they don't even smell (the rental car company will appreciate I'm sure). We think you run a well organised professional team. We also appreciate the extra work involved by your LA agent with the snow delays, thanks for taking the time to check what was happening on Friday and for babysitting them over the weekend. Hope you are all ready for the reverse trip in two years.

Dwain and Lisa

January 15, 2010
CHARLIE english cocker spaniel to Vancouver, BC, Canada
Hi Lisa and Bruce.
Would just like to say thanks. Charlie arrived safe and sound yesterday and is settling in well. Thanks again.

December 24, 2009
SKY, FRODO & BILBO husky cross & cats to Denver, USA
All were received and survived the drive down.  Sky still seems a little mad at us for putting him through that but otherwise all is okay.  I am checking from a café as we do not yet have internet at home so have to just write this bit... Cheers

December 20, 2009
CABBAGE, FRIDAY, POLLY & NIZMO fox terrier, dalmatian &  cats to Charlotte, NC, USA
Hi Lisa!
We're in the USA now and have had a happy reunion with the fur family!
They're all well and happy and look great!
You guys were awesome and took all the stress out of it all for us. Thanks so much for all the updates along the way, really was a load off my mind.
Cabbage and Friday have now made friends with our USA dog, and Miss Cabbage has stamped her authority over all (once again, shes such a bully!).
Thanks SO MUCH for everything - my best friend will be moving to usa in 2010 and shipping his cat over with ya'll, so I look forward to corresponding again with you!
Have a fantastic Christmas and New Years,

November 23, 2009
LUCY & JAKE cat & Labrador, Rhode Island, USA
Hi Lisa,
Everything went smoothly!  Neither Jake nor Lucy soiled their crates on any of the flights so at least they were relatively comfortable!  We are slowly getting settled here on the east coast.  Introducing Jake and Lucy to their four cat brothers has been interesting!
Many thanks for your help.



20 November 2009
STELLA cat to Vancouver, BC, Canada
Hello Bruce and Lisa,
Stella is happy and healthy :) Thank you for getting her here safely.  I will definitely recommend Venture Pet.
Thank you again
Kind Regards

November 11, 2009
KULA & NEKO labrador cross & cat to Honolulu, Hawaii
Hi Lisa,
Kula and Neko made it Honolulu and then to the BigIsland safely and are happy to be back home. Kula was a bit heavier then I expected to be a baggae item in Oahu for her interisland flight but they got her sorted and put into cargo. Thank you so much for helping us get our animals home. We much appreciated your services and we will definently be recommending you to anyone in need. Thanks again!


November 10, 2009
MONTY Yorkshire terrier to London, UK
Hello Lisa,
Many thanks to you both for your enthusiasm and help in getting our Monty on his epic journey back to the UK. Thankfully Monty arrived ok after his epic journey. He has settled well in Kingskerwell, which we are visiting daily. So glad to see our Monty, many thanks for making his journey happen for us...
Many thanks,
Andy Finch & family.

October 29, 2009
KODI fox terrier to London, UK
Hi guys,
Thanks so much for the updates on Kodi.
We are BUGGERED but are now set up in a hotel just down the road from the airport (a doggy friendly one). We see all the planes coming in so will look out for Kodi's tomorrow.
You have been awesome to Kodi (and us) and for that we can never thank you enough. As I said before you have gone above and beyond what we expected.
We'll be in touch again tomorrow once we have picked her up….
Picked up Kodi just after lunch today... she arrived safe and sound after her very long flights!!!
Think she might have a bit of jet lag and is unsure where we are etc BUT all in all she's great!!!
Just thought I'd send a few pics that we have taken today.

Hugs to you and your family,

Carmen, Sandra and Kodi

October 27, 2009
TINTIN & JASPER wire haired fox terrier & cat to Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Hi Lisa
I would like to thank you very much for taking good care of my "kids" and getting them to us in one piece. They are a little jet lagged I think? but TinTin and Jasper are both okay and in good spirit. No problems at customs due to all the correct paperwork.
Thank you once again and I will recommend you to anyone!

Kind Regards
Theo, TinTin and Jasper

October 22, 2009
Hi Lisa,
the cats are here and all are happy. Thank you for your help



September 7, 2009
MAYA cat to Los Angeles, CA, USA
Dear Lisa and Bruce,
Just a quick note to let you know that Maya arrived safe and as sound as she ever is. It took about 3 hrs of back and forth to free her from the red tape but everyone was very nice. By the way its now a $US35 fee and they really want cash. No problem for me but might be for others.
She bounced back pretty quickly. Not eating much as yet but it is a lot warmer than she is used to. She is enjoying her treats and is drinking.
She is ready for the next adventure.

Thanks for your help.


August 28, 2009
COZMO pet rabbit to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Hi, Cozmo has arrived, safe and sound.

Kind regards,
Amy Porter
Prairie Rose Boarding Kennels Ltd

July 8, 2009 LUSHKA staffy cross to Montreal, Canada
Hi Lisa.
Sorry, hadn't got around to emailing you yet, she arrived safe and sound. She seems very unphased by the whole  ordeal.

Thanks guys, for all your efforts


June 12, 2009
ANGEL cat to Los Angeles, USA
Hi Bruce and Lisa,
Just to let you know that Angel arrived in one piece to a very delighted parents.  Natalie just loved the bright pink travelling container.
Thank you for arranging and sending such a kind lady to pick her up.

Anne Gilbert

June 2, 2009
JET & SILVER cocker spaniels to Toronto, Canada
Hi Lisa
I picked up Silver and Jet and they were very happy to see me (and I was very happy to see them), and they appeared to suffer no after effects from the flight.  The actual process to pick them up went smoothly and once I got them we went outside to a grassed verge and I gave them breakfast – which they promptly ate.  It’s great to have them back.  Thank you for all your help with the immigration arrangements and the rabies vaccination and testing.



May 1, 2009
ISABELLA cat to Portland, USA
hi Lisa,
thanks heaps! we did get her just fine and she has spent much of the day hiding under the desk. she is now hiding other the duvet since we just made a bed up for me in the same room at my friends house.
she seems to be recovering amazingly well.

thanks again,


April 17, 2009
BUCK labrador to Vancouver, Canada
Hi Lisa,
Buck is here safe and full of energy. Thanks for your help.


December 15, 2008
CHAMP hunterway to Washington DC, USA
Dear Lisa,
Champ arrived on time (in fact, a wee bit early) at Dulles Airport and was very happy to see Jon and meet the rest of his extended family.  He is settling in very well and enjoying a lot of attention.  Thanks very much for looking after him with such care.



November 12, 2008
RUBY german shorthaired pointer to San Francisco, USA
Hi Lisa and Bruce
Ruby arrived safe and sound. A big thank you to VenturePet for your help and efficiency. Everyone who was involved in the handling of Ruby at SFO were clearly "dog people", and they treated Ruby like a princess, albeit a caged one!
She is thoroughly enjoying Minneapolis, has survived her rabies shots, and has her hunting mode fully activated when we go walking in the grasses around the lakes. She has already caught - and eaten - a mouse and a vole! She is very proud of that achievement.
I'm lucky to have such a  happy dog.


August 22, 2008
KOBI & DOC – labradoodle & springer spaniel to Calgary, Canada
Hi Lisa,
The boys are safe and happy in their new home and it was a great relief to have them with us again!
Thank you so much for all your help and we were very impressed with the service and will be happy to recommend your guys to our friends.

Louise and Nathan

May 25, 2008
MOZART cat to San Francisco, USA
Hi Lisa,
Mozart arrived safely in the US and he was pleased to see the family again, as we were to see him.  I heard him
meowing in the distance before we saw him.  He was full of energy - hard to imagine after such a long flight - I wish I travelled as well.  He was off the plane and at the hangar in about 20 minutes - I think I will travel 'cargo' class
next time!  The collection at the airport went very smoothly and thank you for the very clear instructions in this
regard.  The collection fee was in fact $35. 
He is home now and having a much needed nap after putting up with the excitement of the kids and each wanting to play with him and show him the cat toys they had waiting for him.
Many thanks for your very efficient service in reuniting a much loved member of the family.
Once again, thank you for an outstanding service.

Kind regards,

March 18, 2008
CHARLIE dog to Portland, Oregon, USA
Hi Lisa!
Charlie arrived in good spirits and is now trying to adjust to the
cooler Portland weather.
Thank you so much for you help!

Sarah Bills

March 11, 2008
SMOOCH cat to Calgary, Canada
Hi Lisa, Smooch arrived here safely, thank you, and is settling down.  He seems to have weathered his journey well, better than us, in fact!!!  His grandparents are showering him with attention, which he is lapping up.  Just in case you have any other animals come this way, I'll tell you what happened once we were in Canada.  When we went to pick him up in Calgary we were sent to Canada Customs for processing of the forms about a 10 minute drive away from the cargo hanger.  Once there we were told that a Customs officer had to sight Smooch before the form could be processed...so we waited for about 30 minutes before we paid $31.50 and had the form stamped.  We then went back to the Air Canada cargo hanger and paid another fee, about $36.00, to Air Canada.  So after about an hour and a half we finally got Smooch.  I thought you might like to know the process so you can forewarn others in the future.
Thanks again,

Katherine, Corrick, and Smooch.

March 7, 2008
SASHA cat to San Francisco, USA
Hi Lisa,
Sasha is here with us now, and nicely recovered.  We had a fast pickup at SFO, very easy.  She immediately set to exploring our new rental home, was a bit loud throughout this, and then when we returned from errands she seemed happy and fine as usual.   She even seems still fond of her cage -- later in the evening when we began to clean it, we had a hard time keeping her out of it!?  We think she might have to sleep in it tonight, to keep the comfort of the habit.
Thanks so much for your help.  We're much relieved that Sasha is happy, healthy, and forgiving!


July 31, 2007
3 red pandas to Knoxville Zoo, TN, USA
Hi Lisa
They arrived safely and last we heard were settling in well.
Thanks for all of your help with this.
Best wishes


August 26, 2006
CHUCKIE Dog to New York, USA
Hi Everyone at VenturePet, Chuckie has made it safely and happily to JFK where I picked him up in absolutely mint condition.  He was clean, fed and watered.
Your service is highly recommendable.
Thanks again,

The Iles family and Chuckie (woof)

August 06, 2006
SEBASTIAN labrador dog to Los Angeles, USA
Hi Lisa,
A quick email to say that Sebastian's trip to Los Angeles went off
without a hitch.  Sebastian travelled amazingly well.  From his
perspective, it must have been just a big, fun adventure.  He was very
content and relaxed when we picked him up at the Qantas cargo office. 

Thanks very much to you and everyone at Venture Pet.


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