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Testimonials - South America

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9 January 2016
YOGI bouvier des flandres to Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hi Lisa, Yogi arrived safe and sound around 7:30 local time, he was pretty excited to see us but managed to contain himself just long enough to get inside before urinating on the floor, luckily he did it on the tiles :) He seems to be settling in fine and is busy making sure every little corner of the house is safe for us. Thanks for all your help.

5 November 2014
MR ILLFORD III cat to Santiago, Chile
Thank you Lisa! and for the photo....  Really appreciate your kind words.
Thank you for everything. 

December 24, 2013
BELLA cat to Santiago, Chile
Hi Lisa, It took a long time at the airport, but we got Bella eventually and she has settled in just fine – much better than we expected, actually!  We’re just trying to track down some food for her – we managed to get her dry food, but didn’t realise it would be so hard to get the right kind of wet food.  No doubt we’ll find some eventually!
Thanks very much for all your help,

August 26, 2011

ZEUS rottweiler to Sao Paulo, Brazil

Hi Lisa, Zeus arrived yesterday, looking very happy and healthy. The paper work was very tedious and time consuming, but it was all good after all. It took me about 3 hours to complete the process and to get him out.
I just want to say thank you so much for all your help with this process. Without you, none of this would have been possible.
We are now settled at a place called Penha. It’s a beautiful beach on the south east coast of Brazil.Zeus went to the pet shop yesterday for a nice bath, but he managed to get himself all dirty again after a few hours later playing on the beach, which is great. I hope all is well.
Take care and chat soon

November 8, 2010

MEL cat to Sao Paulo, Brazil

Hi Lisa,
Mel is feeling great; she’s really cheerful and adapting quickly to her new home. Only problem is that I’ve got four dogs and we still haven’t introduced them properly. Every time Mel looks at my dogs she doesn’t get too happy at all, but that’s normal, soon they will all be fine and friends.
Mel arrived in Sao Paulo close to midnight and we only left the airport at 3am. Considering that it was a public holiday in Brazil and late night, we were actually quite lucky to get out of the airport with her on the same day. My dad had a guy in ABSA who helped us quite a bit. Due to Mel´s late arrival, he had to talk to Customs and MAF and hold them to clear Mel. They are supposed to be 24/7, in case any kind of live cargo arrives. But they leave around 10pm and you have to tell them before if you have something arriving late, so they wait for you.
When Mel arrived in GRU, ABSA guy was already close to the plane with te MAF vet, he was holding all the information and papers of Mel, they got the originals in the box, the vet took a look at her to make sure she was fine, signed documents and she was cleared. Then, me and ABSA guy had to go to Customs and I was interviewed by Customs Inspector. He asked me why I was bringing her over, if I bought her in NZ, why I was coming home, etc. They want to know if you are not bringing animals to sell. As Mel is only my pet, ‘for personal use’ I didn’t have to pay anything. Otherwise I would have to pay taxes.
After that I just had to pay a small amount (I think it was around 12 reais, sort of nz $10) for Infraero, Brazilian airports administrations and then I was able to get her from the Cargo warehouse. Took us 3 hours for that! And it was sort of quick.
I know we had to pay ABSA as well, I believe it wasn’t too expensive. They were really helpful and I think if they weren’t helping us we would have to wait for the next day to get her.
Thank you so much for everything! You guys were great as well!


June 16, 2009
HEIDI border collie cross to Santiago, Chile
Hi Lisa
Many, many thanks (and woof from Heidi) - you guys did a great job. By the
time all the paperwork was done and we'd had lunch (the workers here stop
for lunch every day), Heidi was ready for pick up.
She is sticking pretty close - surprise! - but has explored the house and
the extensive grounds and met the resident Lab. So far so good. Pretty
sure she'll like it here and the staff think she's pretty neat, too.

Thanks again - and we may see you in four years when we come back!

Derek & Rosie

December 24,  2008
BABY cat to Santiago, Chile
Dear Lisa and Bruce
Just a quick note from Santiago to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Special thanks for dealing with Baby's trip so well.  She sends her regards too.

All the best and kind regards

David and Cecilia Luxton
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