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28 May 2017
TEDDY & LIZZIE cats to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Yet another thank you so very much for the great service you gave to us and Teddy & Lizzie last week. We loved your extra touch of sending us the photos of them after we'd dropped them off- as you'd know it's a very stressful time for fur baby parents. Whilst the ordeal has been extremely traumatic for them, they are gradually adjusting, and I think the novelty of having stairs to play on will remain for some time.
Thanks once more
Claire, Phil, Teddy & Lizzie

18 May 2017
JESSIE whippet cross to London, UK
Thanks so much for everything Lisa. You have been wonderful. Both arrived safely and Jess is getting loads of cuddles.
Thanks very much for taking great care of Jessie and for sorting out all the details for her journey. Dawn and Jessie arrived safe and well and are now settling into their new surroundings in Newmarket UK (near Cambridge). Take care.
Kind regards

17 May 2017
SOOTY cat to Manchester, UK
Hi Lisa, it was great to see Sooty and all went well through custom's.  He has made himself at home and get's on with Debb's cat Poppy so that's great. So thank's for all your help and will recommend you for Pet Travel. Thank's again

7 May 2017
SCOOBY & SCRAPPY cats to Glasgow, Scotland
Hi Lisa, We have them here now. Looking great and all is well. I can't believe how smoothly everything went. They are having a good noisy around there new home now. The girl in Glasgow was great also. Very helpful and friendly.  Thanks again for all your help and the fantastic service. Second to none Enjoy your weekend 
Kind Regard

3 May 2017
ELLIE labrador cross to London, UK
Hi Lisa, we are all safe and we'll.  Ellie is settling in nicely! Will send some photos soon! Thanks again for all your help
George and Laura 

29 April 2017
MR DARCY mini schnauzer to London, UK
dear Lisa, thank you for your concern. He has bounced back to his old self this morning. But we all suffered with jet lag yesterday.
kind regards
Judy mad Mr Darcy.

13 April 2017
LOLA cocker spaniel to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Lola has arrived and we have picked up her up after facing the crazy traffic on the M25. She was much calmer than we were. she has settled in well and many thanks for organising her transportation to the UK. 

9 March 2017
ARNIE & BUTTON cats to London, UK
Thanks Lisa, Arnie and button doing well, seem to be settling now after their big adventure. Heathrow arc really good, bit of a wait to clear but Thanks once again.

29 January 2017
IZZIE cocker spaniel to Manchester, UK
Hi Lisa , Izzie arrived safe and sound and was in great condition . Can't thank you enough for everything !!
Andy Jex

17 December 2016
SAMMY cat, SASSY springer spaniel, SUKI bichon to London, UK
Hi Lisa, All furry friends are happy and well!  Thank you so much for your help and also thank you to the lovely lady who took the dogs to the flight. They loved her! 

1 October 2016
SAM bichon to London, UK
Dear Lisa, Sam has arrived and Rose tells me he is remarkably well!  Isn't that fantastic?  I am so pleased. One thing off my worry list. 
Thanks for all your help with this. 

11 September 2016
TIGER & PEPPER cats to London, UK
Hello, all is good, Tiger and Pepper are home and seem to have come through the journey well. Thank you for all your help in making this possible.

28 August 2016
ARCHIE bearded collie, RUBY labrador cross, POPEYE, WETA AND BOBCAT cats to London, UK
Hi, We're back on the grid up north in Scotland and all is going well.
Thanks for all your help!
Martin and Casey

24 August 2016
NELSON & MOLLY cats to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Just to let you know that Molly & Nelson had a good flight, no problems at all. They were very quiet when I picked them up but friendly. They are spending one night in my flat here, and have become quite boisterous and are busy trying to escape, which is rather difficult as it's 30C here and I want to open the windows ! Off to local cattery tomorrow, then finally to our new house in early Sept.
Thanks for all your help. VenturePet run a great service, many many thanks from Ali, me and Nelson & Molly !

13 August 2016
BERTIE & OLIVE jack russell terriers to London, UK
Hi Lisa, The fur babies have arrived safe and sound. They are in great shape and seem none the worse for their big adventure. Pick up went just as described and the folk at Heathrow ARC were lovely. It was such a relief to see them again after 53 days; we had quite an emotional family reunion. Thank you for everything. It was really stress free and probably the one thing in this move that I was most worried about. The advice and instruction from you was just great and made all the difference. Thanks once again for the terrific service. 

3 August 2016
BELLA mastiff to London, UK
Thanks Lisa, We are looking forward to collecting Bella this evening! We are living on our canal boat, so shel will have to get used to that. I'll send you a photo! Thanks for all your help.

23 July 2016
BISCUIT West highland white terrier & ARCHER bichon cross to London, UK
Hi Lisa, all arrived safely thank you. The boys were very pleased to see us they are now sad but we let them sleep on the bed as a treat last night. Thanks for your updates. 
Thanks Jo 

21 July 2016
TUI poodle cross to Dublin, Ireland
Hi Lisa, Just letting you know that Tui arrived safe and well in Dublin and is now getting to know her new home. We are so delighted to see her! She was a bit wary when her travel cage was first opened but quickly realised who I was and was very excited to see us all. She had a good run around at Lissenhall and demolished her scrambled eggs before the drive home. So absolutely fine, shows no ill effects from her great journey. Thank you all for your help and care in getting her safely here.

6 July 2016
REX Australian terrier to London, UK
Hi Lisa, We all arrived very tired but very happy when Rex arrived at 8pm last night.  Thank you so very much for everything.
Many thanks

6 July 2016
PINTO poodle cross to London, UK
Thank you everyone for getting Pinto here in such great shape. He was cleared to come out by 5pm. He was walking calmly out of the centre until I said his name when he became a madly bouncing yoyo! Haven't managed a photo with him staying still yet! In the car for another 90 minutes and very happy.

1 July 2016
LEWA English pointer to London, UK
Lewa arrived safely and she is doing great! I can't believe she is here!! The pickup was very smooth, we didn't have to wait at all. She was ready when we arrived. I forgot to pick up her blankets etc from the crate but she is here!!! Thanks for everything!
Katie and Lewa

21 June 2016
PIP & KILI cats to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Thanks for arranging Pip and Kili’s transfer to the UK. They arrived safely although a bit jet lagged I think as they seem to want to eat at very strange times!   They have settled very well and seem none the worse for their long journey. Hope you like the photos!
Kind regards,
Jan & Brian.

5 June 2016
ROCKY & DOUGLAS jack russell terriers to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Picked them up today. Two very tired dogs. Must be what we look like with jetlag. All went well they are in good spirits. 
Thanks for the messages. 
Rick & Bidi

4 June 2016
ELVIS staffy cross to Manchester, UK
Hi Lisa, Finally we have got organised over in the UK and want to thank you for making the move to the UK so easy. Elvis was really happy to see us when we collected him from Manchester. He didn’t seem fazed by the long journey at all and was really happy to play in the garden at my parent’s house. I have attached a picture of Elvis in the garden the day he arrived and another of him having a tummy rub by my dad. 
We really appreciated the update of Elvis’s travel and was something we hadn’t expected and so it was a lovely surprise to be informed of his whereabouts. The photo you sent us of Elvis getting ready for his flight made the kids really happy especially as we were on the same plane and the kids could imagine and make up stories of what he was up to. We will absolutely be recommending Venture Pets to people we know transporting pets overseas. We were very impressed by the service we received. Once again thanks
Caz and family

4 June 2016
RHETT labrador cross to London, UK
Thanks for the photos Lisa and for taking good care of him. Hopefully that's plenty of water for him :-) thanks for giving him all the containers for water.  We are all now reunited in London! Rhett seems to have travelled well, we just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to you guys for everything you did. The support you gave us through the whole experience was fantastic and we would happily recommend you to anyone who wants to use your services. Hope you are managing to keep wrapped up warm down by the sea in Wellington.
Best regards,
Katie, Graeme and Luke McCrae

4 June 2016
FLO labrador cross to London, UK
Collected Flo in record time and she’s actually very sprightly.  Thank you for all your help. 
Best wishes
Alex & Simon 

26 May 2016
MILLIE cat to Glasgow, Scotland
Hello Lisa, Millie arrived yesterday safe and well. She seemed quite curious about what was going on when we picked her up which was a good sign! She's settling in well at her new house and has a nice new radiator bed to use. She doesn't even seem to mind the dog too much. Thank you for all your help in getting Millie to Scotland. We found you very helpful, knowledgeable and efficient through the whole process.
Here's Millie enjoying her new carpet. Thanks again,
Kirsten and Cameron

26 May 2016
BINDI border terrier to Manchester, UK
Hello Lisa, thanks for all the updates along the way.....I just rang Ita this morning from our mobile in the campervan and she has bindi.  She said she soon settled down and is happy now.  Can't believe bindi is there already...we are in Nelson and just heading to the Abel Tasman park.....such a beautiful country we are leaving behind.....so, a million thanks to you for making it so easy and carefree to send bindi.......Lila, our 3 year old is crying every now and then saying she wants bindi.....they have a special bond so it will be a lovely moment to reunite them.
All best wishes,
Helen x

22 May 2016
ARCHIE (labrador & MIAH lurcher to London, UK
Heh Lisa, Good morning. Archie and Miah arrived this morning and are looking great and glad to be home.  Thank you for everything.
Geordie Chisholm 

20 May 2016
MIKA & KIMI cats to Manchester, UK
Hi Lisa, Kimi & Mika have arrived safe & sound in the UK. My parents have collected them & they are exploring their new home and having lots of cuddles. Thank you again for all your help & the updates, it was really appreciated. 
Kind regards

19 May 2016
LOTTIE labradoodle to London, UK
Hi Lisa, thanks, Lottie arrived in top condition no mess in the crate and looked as if. She had come from just round the corner!
Warwick Young.

18 May 2016
ROCCO curly coated retriever to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Thank you so much for all the updates. Rocco and I are on our way home. He is completely normal and you wouldn't think anything had happened! It's been really nice for me to have you handle this. Shifting Rocco has been the least stressful part of this whole adventure!
Thanks again 

7 May 2016
LUNA & LUTHER cats to London, UK
Hi Lisa, They arrived this evening and seemed well and happy. Luther is being super smoochy and Luna is exploring every corner of my mums house. Thank you so much for everything.
Kind regards, Sharon 

5 May 2016
CASSIE labrador to Dublin, Ireland
Hi Lisa, Cassie is now safely in Ireland. She has been super lively, sniffed at the chickens and made herself at home on the couch. Thank you again for all your help with getting her there safely and happily. Thanks again for all your help. So much appreciated. 

1 May 2016
HANK cat to London, UK
Hi Lisa. Thanks so much for all of your updates, from Hank's collection from the vets and then over his flights. It made us feel better, knowing what was happening. We've had him at home for about an hour now and he's settling in fine. Very very affectionate, exploring new surrounds, eating and drinking a lot....he seems totally fine. Thanks for making the process so easy and smooth. 
Nic & Dan 

30 April 2016
MILLAU chihuahua to London, UK
Hi Lisa, All is great. Millau is in good spirits and very happy to see us. Just waiting on his pet passport now. 
Many thanks

30 April 2016
JESSIE shih tzu to Manchester, UK
It’s been a pleasure working with you too and absolutely wonderful you are! you must be a saint with all the questions and worries ive had over past 6 months! you are just so patient understanding re assuring and fantastic service we have had from you! thanks a million lisa :)
Thanks a billion

28 April 2016
PABU rabbit to London, UK
Hi Lisa, I just wanted to say thank you very much for everything! Pabu arrived safe and sound. It was so lovely to see him again!!
Kind regards,

28 April 2016
HANK cat to London, UK
Thanks Lisa, We are very excited. Just got into the flat yesterday and hoping Hank will like it.
Thanks for all your help :)
Dan & Nic

26 March 2016
BUNBURY  cat to Londo, UK
Hi Lisa, Bunbury is now relaxed and settled. Thank you so very much for all your fantastic work. I am 100% happy with everything you have done though, so again, thank you.
Kind regards

12 March 2016
HAGRID & TAILER cats to London, UK
Hi Lisa, I've only just managed to get into my hotmail account so sorry for the late reply.  both of them are really good and settling in well; you and the team have obviously done a good job as I wouldn't have guessed that they'd been anywhere. Thanks for looking after my babies so well; I am so proud of them, they've really grown in confidence =^..^= Min
Thanks Lisa; they are so impressive, doing much better than me!
Thanks again for the excellent service; I will be recommending you to everyone and using you for my next big trip!

27 February 2016
SOOTY cockatiel bird to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Sooty seemed rather non-plussed when I picked her up a wee whole ago. I score VenturePet 10/10
Cheers just now :)

21 February 2016
BOSTON pekinese cross to London, UK
Good morning. Boston has arrived in London all safe and sound. A very happy reunion, although he is one very very tired boy! 
Thank you for all your help and patience along the way. Much appreciated,
Danelle & Boston 

8 February 2016
PRINCESS cat to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Just wanted to let you know that Princess has settled in really well, she was quite frightened when I collected her from the airport but that was to be expected. It only took her a couple of days to adjust. Thank you for making the process really easy and for sending me updates on her journey it was brilliant! 
Many thanks

2 February 2016
REARDEN fox terrier to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Rearden arrived safe and well last week, and after a couple days of not talking to me is now back to his bubbly self!
Thank you so much for your help and getting him here in one piece!

1 February 2016
TEG labrador to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Just a note to say Teg arrived well, enjoying her new home and her extended family. Thanks again for all your support and guidance to get her to the UK. Greatly appreciated. Thanks again.
Warm regards
Kerry Cooper

26 January 2016
FLO pomeranian & WOMBLE shih tzu cross to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Just letting you know that Flo and Womble are settling in to their new home in London and are enjoying lots of muddy walks! Thanks so much for your great service and reassurance along the way.
All the best

21 January 2016
ALBERT beagle to London, UK
My sister has just rung them and he's stuffing his face and wagging his tail so I'd say that's normal beagle behaviour. Thanks ever such a lot for making the whole thing as stress free as possible.
Many kind regards

7 January 2016
TY labrador to London, UK
Morning Lisa, ty now with Heather all safe and sound.  Thank you so very much for everything, really appreciate it.  Your company is by far better than who we used to come out here.  Thank you 😊 
Kelly 😊 

24 December 2015
BELLE, REX yorkshire terriers, STAMPY & LEO cats to Manchester, UK
Hi Lisa, They all made it safe and sound. Thank you for all your help and updates 😄

22 December 2015
BEANS cat to London, UK
Thanks for that Lisa, you've been fantastic. Have a great Christmas and once again thank you 
Kelly 😊 🐱

17 December 2015
LENNY dachshund to London, UK
Hi Lisa, he has arrived today. And quite happy thankyou. So pleased to have him here. He is going to be meeting my sisters brown dachshund Roly later on. Wishing you a very happy christmas.
Thanks, lenny loved the hugs:)

15 December 2015
SCAMP & MOLLY jack russell terriers to Wales, UK
Hi Lisa, Just to let you know that Molly and Scamp are now settled in to their new life back in Wales. Thanks for all your help.
Tony Boobyer

15 December 2015
LEO & MIA cat to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Richard and I cannot thank you enough for all you have done. I will send you some photos when they have settled. I'm sure to cry when I see my fur babies again.  You have been fantastic and it's been a pleasure to deal with you. I'll send you photos soon. Take care and thank you for letting me know that the cats are on their way.
Warmest wishes
Karan and Richard xx

11 December 2015
ALL BLACK & PENELOPE to Glasgow, Scotland
Hi Lisa, Cats have arrived safe and well. All Black is loving on everyone and is currently asleep on my bed. Penelope is still working it all out but I'm sure by tomorrow she will be fine. Thank you again for getting them to us. Our house finally feels like a home xxx.
Shelley, Jason, Ethan, Brooke, Blake and our fur babies.

31 October 2015
SHELLY toy poodle to London, UK
Hi Lisa, thank you for the updates. Shelly & I arrived save an sound. Your service was excellent, I’ll recommend your company to anyone wanting to move their pests. Thanks a million
Kind regards 

2 October 2015
MARMITE cat to Manchester, UK
Dear Lisa, Just got back from Manchester with Marmite. He is now at our local cattery and very happy to be out of his crate. He was quite vocal in the car! (My parents' house is not suitable for cats.) Thank you for your care and attention. We really appreciate it as he is very special to us.
Amanda Booth

30 September 2015
JEMIMA cat to London, UK
Here you are everyone.  Arrived and very happy to see us.  And we her.  A very purry girl and very smoochy.  Thank you all for getting her here.  

24 September 2015
EVA spoodle to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Thank you so much for looking after Eva. She arrived safe and sound and all is well x
Best wishes,
Nicola Haines Ramsay

23 September 2015
GEORGIA labrador to Manchester, UK
Good afternoon Lisa, just wanted to thank you for taking extra special care of Georgia for us. The flight especially with our one year old for 36 hours was horrendous to say the least bit knowing Georgia was safe was one less worry. The turnaround time in Manchester was hassle free and Georgia is loving her new home here in the UK. Thank you once again for your outstanding service and I will be more than happy to highly recommend/endorse yourself and your company. Thanks again Lisa
Kindest regards
Stephen and Casey

17 September 2015
MOLLY labrador to London, UK
Hi Lisa, thanks everything went very smoothly and we are all settling into life back in the UK - really appreciate all of your assistance.

13 September 2015
BOOSTER, HARLEY, ZIGGY cats to Glasgow, Scotland
Hi Lisa, Cats now safely back in Glasgow. Still being kept inside. From a few photos I’ve seen it looks like they are itching to get out and explore the surrounding fields. Thanks for making the moving process straight forward. I’d have no problem in highly recommending venture pets in the future.
Mike Allison

21 August 2015
MARLEY bullmastiff cross & SPENCER labrador cross to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Just a few pics & a link to our re-union recorded by my son. Your service was outstanding, arranging the dogs to move to the UK was the easiest process, your ongoing communication & reassurance when they were on the flights made me feel at ease especially being oversees. Thank you so much, highly recommend VenturePet!
Thanks again

20 August 2015
RUFUS cavalier King charles spaniel to London, UK
Hi Lisa!!! Thank you so much for the info and updates! My kids were so happy to see Rufus' picture this morning!:))) we are looking forward to seeing him and my husband tomorrow evening in London! You are doing such a great job and I totally appreciate it! Thank you Saniya

8 August 2015
DEEDEE Jack Russell terrier to London, UK
Hi Lisa, We have been reunited with Deedee this afternoon. She seemed very unfazed by her 4-leg 40-hour journey, just very thirsty and keen to go to the loo! Here is a pic of her in the car on the way home. Thanks for all your help!

5 August 2015
JESSIE & SAMSON cats to Manchester, UK
hey Lisa, just a quick note to say a very big thank you Samson and jess arrived safe and sound and finding their feet in their new home can’t thank you enough for the updates and all your time they seem to have fared quite well being as it was such a long journey
kind regards Tina

5 August 2015
SONNY cavalier KC spaniel, TABITHA & DIESEL cats to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Just letting you know all the animals arrived safely - they seemed pretty relaxed but were very happy to see us. Phew- glad it's over!
Thanks so much for the excellent care.
Kind regards

29 July 2015
WAYNE staffordshire bull terrier to London, UK
Hi Lisa, We collected Wayne this evening from London Heathrow.  He was in great shape and very pleased to see us. The receiving staff were extremely friendly and very caring and informed. 
Wayne is presently spending his first night in London a very happy chappy. Thank you for your great service and working around our numerous changing requirements. We would recommend VenturePet unreservedly to anyone wishing to relocate their pet. Thank you also for the updates on his flight status. I was actually able to watch the Quantas 9 flight come in to land from my bedroom window in Putney as it's on the flight path :)
Very best wishes to you,
Steve Wren and family.

25 July 2015
CASSIE labrador to Glasgow, Scotland
Hi Lisa, Cassie has settled in fine, arrived safe and sound, thanks for her safe journey

17 July 2015
GANDOLF & LEXI cats to Manchester, UK
Great thanks again, Lisa we really appreciate everything we will get a picture over asap

21 June 2015
GUINNESS 19 year old cat to London, UK
Awesome, thank you Lisa! Guinness arrived safe and sound.
Many thanks!

12 June 2015
ARTY huntaway cross, TEDDY dachshund, CRYSTAL & TORA cats to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Arty, Teddy, Crystal and Tora arrived in fine fetish!  All very well indeed, took a couple of days for the girls to settle properly and they preferred the top of the wardrobe for their recovery but were back to business as usual, in fact Tora has gone walk about at the farm we are staying at!!  Arty and Teddy totally hit the ground running, they were delighted to see us (and we them) and they have settled into life here in the U.K really well.  I cannot tell you how pleased we were with your updates and photos and the care that everyone gave them (it was really lovely to see the photos of the morning before they left!)  Thank you so much!!
Kind Regards
Melanie Winfield

10 June 2015
THOR German Shepherd to Shetland Isles, UK
Hey Lisa, picked him up fine, was pretty quick through customs! Had to pay an extra £85 as an after hours fee but apart from that everything was as set out. Thor is doing well, very clingy. I slept on the kitchen floor with him last night haha :). In Aberdeen today heading back to the Shetlands tonight on the ferry. Thanks for all of your help getting him here! 
Kind regards
Lori Jay

2 June 2015
BILLY, MOPSY, FLOPSY & FIFI cats to London, UK
Hi Lisa, It wasn't really a problem because despite the delayed arrival, they processed things quite quickly. Glad to say they all appear healthy and as happy as could be expected under the circumstances. Thanks for everything.
Rob & Nashima

4 May 2015
ZIGGY beagel & SPONGEBOB cat to Isle of Man, UK
hi Lisa, Picked up Ziggy and Spongebob on from Heathrow JCS. Despite my worries, they were absolutely fine, as you said they would be. Travelled up to Liverpool as the ferry we were booked on was cancelled and had a good sailing across to the Isle of Man. We are now with the grandparents temporarily and they are settled in well. Sponge is a bit shell-shocked by all the change but when he gets outside he will be better. Thank you so much for all your help! I wondered whether it was the right thing to do to take them, and it certainly has been. I appreciate the excellent service, communication and help. You were recommended to us by several moving companies and I heartily endorse the recommendation.
All the best,
Sharon, David, Sian and Matthew Lewin
Spongebob and Ziggy

27 April 2015
RILEY cat to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Riley did very well on his flight and has been settling very well in the UK.  He is an indoor cat but we took him for a walk (harness and lead) to meet a couple of our neighbours today and he did well with that.  He has been enjoying his new views and the variety of birds that come to the garden, wood pigeons appear to be his favourite right now but he gets a little bit freaked out when they fly.  We had a low flying buzzard come to the garden this morning but Riley being Riley missed that, and he also missed the two muntjac deer that came to the garden a few nights ago.  Hopefully he'll get another chance soon. Thank you once again for walking us through getting Riley to the other side of the world.  He still has a few things to get used to but we think he's a lot happier than he was.  Once we get the camera sorted we'll send you a new pic of him.
Kind regards
Andrew and Alex

23 April 2015
MAIKI cat to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Maiki is now, finally, in her new home in South Wales - we got here at about 9pm so there was a lot of waiting around this afternoon....
She looks great - she certainly wasn't happy in the cage though by the time I picked her up so she travelled home on the front seat of the car - she was very well behaved! I've so far got just the one blurry photo of her as she was tucking into her food - she is now curled up under the bed so I'll take some more photos later. Many thanks again for all you have done for the 3 of us (Bex, Maiki & me) to make this process as seamless as possible - you possess that perfect mix of kindness and professionalism. I would have no hesitation in using your services again and in recommending you to anyone.
With very best regards

12 April 2015
RILEY cat to London, UK
Hi Lisa, I just wanted to say thank you very much for all your hard work.  You've been fantastic in accommodating us and giving us all the information we need and keeping us up to date with everything, even when we kept changing our minds.  I know my wife is rather anxious about our little Riley going on a plane but you have helped so much with your quick responses and professionalism that I know she's a lot calmer than she could be about it. Thanks Lisa
Kind regards

1 April 2015
MURPHY cat, JONESIE & CHARLIE cocker spaniels to Dublin, Ireland
Moving house wears you out and can be a stressful enough experience just moving within the same country. But throw in a move half way around the world from NZ to Ireland with our two dogs and cat, and the stress levels can go through the roof! Our furry friends are extremely important to us, so it's fair to say that we didn't want to settle for just any animal transport company to get them from NZ to Ireland - we wanted the best. After lots of research, we decided to go with VenturePet. Straight off we knew we'd chosen the right people to look after Charlie, Jonesie and Murphy. Lisa was fantastic at reassuring us, and quickly dispelled any fears we had about how the pets would cope during the long journey. Every step of the process, from vet visits to MPI export and Irish import requirements, was clearly explained.
VenturePet collected the furbies on the morning of their flight and kept us updated on their progress across the world. They even sent us a photo of them all patiently waiting to 'board' their flight at Wellington airport! We definitely felt that they were getting the royal treatment.
Would we recommend VenturePet? You bet we would!!! In fact we would have no hesitation in recommending Lisa and everyone at VenturePet to whoever asks. Thank you Lisa for taking such good care of our furbies!
Dee Millar & Leighton Jones
Charlie, Jonesie (our Cocker Spaniels) & Murphy (our Cat)

29 March 2015
SPOLLIE border collie cross to Manchester, UK
I just want to say Thank you for The Support with the short notice, your patience and your reassurance.... You are wonderful.
Spollie could not be in better hands. :-)  Spollie arrived at Manchester an hour delayed but very excited and anxious..... 
Thank you for making this a great experience, I would not hesitate to recommend Venture pets..., you were amazing Lisa :-D
Kindest Regards
Corinne Dix

19 March 2015
DIEGO chihuahua & APOLLO mainecoon cat to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Thank you so much for all you did for Apollo and Diego and for the way you kept me informed through it all I recommend you 150 0/0 your team are the best. We ate all safe at home and getting used to the cold weather lol. Again thank you
Alison Apollo and Deigo

16 March 2015
BENTLEY & EMILY cats to London, UK
Hello Lisa, thank you so much for the emails of Emily and Bentley's travels, they have arrived safely and have settled in well to the UK.
Thank you so much for all your help, and would certainly recommend your service to anyone.
Again many thanks
Alan and Greg

12 March 2015
SMEAGOL cat to Edinburgh, Scotland
Hi Lisa, Thanks for the updates. Smeagol has arrived safe and sound in Edinburgh. He immediately wanted to go outside - he's a confident soul! It's going to be fun getting him used to being a house cat!
Thanks again.

10 March 2015
BARNABY labrador to London, UK
Hi Lisa, What a lovely photo :) We think he's wonderful, but we're biased. Sounds like he's having a lovely time. I can't thank you enough for putting my mind at rest xx
Kind regards,
Nikki Brown

2 March 2015
BRUNO Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to Vancouver, Canada
Hi Lisa, sorry for the late reply I was away last week. Bruno is doing well and the people at the kennel have already fallen in love with him. We look forward to being reunited with Bruno next week!
Thanks again for all of your help!

1 March 2015
BETTY Tibetan spaniel cross to Manchester, UK
Hi Lisa thanks for your concern, it was all pretty stressful for me, Its been 3 days now and she is already more like her old self, thankyou very much for all you did with liaising with all the different airports. REALLY APPRECIATE IT, Thanks again Pauline and betty xx

26 February 2015
TIMBOB & TESSIE TIGER cats to London, UK
Hi all, I've had my lovely kitties back with me for a week now; they've settled well, and so I wanted to write to you all to thank you for the part you played in their safe arrival in the UK. I was concerned that they would not recognise me and/or be extremely distressed, but they did, and they weren't! It was clear they had been really well cared for during January and during their trip. Both were in good spirits and had been bathed and groomed before they were handed over to me - and the chap who did so told me that they had enjoyed the attention and been responsive to pets by the staff in the Animal Reception Centre. Now they have settled in, they are starting to look outdoors and get keen to chase some new smells (and undoubtedly some new critters) there. Here's Tessie on the bedroom window sill watching a squirrel for the first time, Thank you all again - you made a very stressful time for me much, much easier, and I will happily place glowing reviews wherever they are most visible! Tim Bob is tucked under my arm as I write this and he just mewed, so he must agree.
Jo Jenks

15 February 2015
ROSY collie cross whippet to London, UK
Hello Lisa, Just to say thank you so much once again - Rosy arrived in one piece and just a bit tired - much better than I was I have to say!
We are all very grateful and would recommend your wonderful service.
Many thanks

11 February 2015
JASPER cat to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Thank you so much for taking care of Jasper and for your lovely emails! I was so happy to see the picture of him last night :-) I'll let you know once he's been collected by my mum - fingers crossed he's not too stressed! Thanks again,

5 February 2015
CHARLY cat to Glasgow, Scotland
Hi Lisa, We safely arrived this morning UK time, Charly has done ever so well and is currently tucked under my arm having a snooze! We can not thank you enough for all you have done for us, we really appreciate the extra mile you go :-) Will happily write up a review for the website after the jet lag has abandoned us!
Many thanks,
Sarah, Simon and Charly x

5 February 2015
OZZY German shepherd to London, UK
Hi Lisa,just to a quick note to thank you for all your assistance for transporting Ozzy on his epic journey from NZ to the UK, it was a great help for us with the updates at different stages of his journey, thank you all ,please find pics as he has finally settled down & gotten over his jet lag.
Regards steve ,karen & Ozzy

4 February 2015
IGGY & RIPLEY cats to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Both Iggy and Ripley arrived well, a little shell shocked but good. 
They are just settling in now and wondering where all the familiar items have gone!
Thanks for your help.
Best regards,

29 January 2015
EDDIE & MILO cats to London, UK
Hi Lisa, all went well xx Eddie and Milo are doing well and were very pleased to see us. Many thanks for your help xx
Kind regards 
Chrissy and Rick, Eddie and Milo xxxx

26 January 2015
TILLY cat to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Tilly arrived safely and is apparently happy trotting around the house. Hopefully she will get a thicker coat to cope with the UK winter.
Thanks for all your help.
Kind Regards

14 January 2015
LILLY cat, DEXTER Jack russell terrier, TILLY greyhound cross to Glasgow, Scotland
Hi Lisa, we're at the collection place now and can hear Dexter barking from behind the door!
A thousand thanks for everything, your service has been outstanding.

19 December 2014
SAFFIE cat to Manchester, UK
Hi Lisa, Saffie arrived safe an sound at Manchester. We are in our rental flat and she is perfectly happy to be with us again.
Thanks again to you and all the team who got her here.

18 December 2014
MURPHYcat, JONESIE & CHARLIE cocker spaniels to Dublin, Ireland
Hi Lisa, Just a quick note to let you know Murphy, Charlie and Jonesie arrived safely today. Dogs were quite stressed when we collected them from Lissenhall and very soiled from their pee - presume that's usual? Cat was the same but very moochy! They are starting to settle down now so hopefully will be getting back to normal by tomorrow.
Thank you so much for helping to get them here safely :)
Dee & Leighton

13 December 2014
INCA cat to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Inca has arrived, a bit jaded and sorry for himself but in one piece. He certainly didn’t appreciate the 2hr drive when he thought seeing me meant he was free. Wonder how he will get on with my parents dog…eek.
Thank you for all your help. Just got to shake the newspaper smell now!!!
Thanks again.

27 November 2014
FLUFFY tenterfield terrier & LUCY chihuahua cross to London, UK
Lovely thanks Lisa, All went very well. The dogs have forgiven us..... Just....... And we are all fine.
Thanks for your help and great service. Margaret was very sweet. 
Thanks again

16 November 2014
RASTA labrador to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Thank you for all your updates en route to Heathrow. Rasta and I home and well, he appears to love sliding thro the mud and racing thro ditches!, I loved our walk just now with the soft light and autumn colours and fallen leaves to kick through. Got 3 seats to myself from Du Bai to London so arrived fresh as a daisy!! Bit turbulent but Rasta seemed un phased and I was able to check that he was ok with ground staff at every stop off! Good boy didn't mess the crate either except for a bit of piddle!! He was ready for pick up 4hours post landing. The animal reception area was quite easy to find too,we just followed signs to. Cargo and then spotted the centre. Anyway, thank you so much for making it such a stressfree process. You do a fabulous job.
All the best,
Kara and Rasta

31 October 2014
GEORGIA labrador to Dublin, Ireland
Hi Lisa, Georgia has arrived safe and sound. So lovely to have her with me again. Thank you to you, and everyone else along the way, who have been instrumental in getting her through her long journey safely and comfortably. 
Kind Regards

16 October 2014
DIGBY bichon to Aberdeen, Scotland
Hi Lisa, Just a quick email to let you know that Digby arrived in Glasgow happy and healthy and in good spirits! He is at home with my Mum in Aberdeen now eating a big bowl of roast chicken! Thank you so much for all your help and updates. Your service was fantastic, a smooth and efficient relocation of a much loved family pet. We will recommend you to anyone we know making a similar move.
Thanks again, Karen :-)

September 18, 2014
JASMINE cat to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Safe and well and only 15 mins late landing at LHR. Thanks so much for all of your help 
Ken & Helen Phillips

September 18, 2014
STAMFORD spoodle to London, UK
Thanks Lisa for absolutely everything you have done. My son messaged me to say he had his head out of the window with his ears flappy, was still excited but much calmer. Should be home now and possibly asleep. But again thank you for everything, all the re-assurance and for having him overnight.
Kind regards

September 16, 2014
NIBSY cat to Edinburgh, Scotland
Thought you might like to know how Nibsy is getting on after his big trip up to Edinburgh. He arrived mid afternoon on Friday and was fairly happy straight away and even interested in food. We let him outside while we were around over the weekend and he was fine. He did a bit of exploring and then wandered back to see us. He certainly seems to know who we are and is being quite affectionate - must be the jet lag! It therefore seems that the transfer has been a resounding success, so thank you all again for your help.

August 29, 2014
SASHA mini poodle to London, UK
Arrived fine. A little bit shell shocked but in good condition. We have learnt that dogs suffer from jet lag too.

August 13, 2014
DENZEL shih tzu to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Denzel is playing happily at my father in laws. He seems to be his cheery self so that's great.
Thanks for all your help

August 11, 2014
BUSTER & HARLEY poodles & BOBBY cat to Manchester, UK
Hi Lisa, Many thanks. All settling down nicely. Have a great day.
Tracy & Mark

August 11, 2014
BLACKBERRY cat to London, UK
Hi Lisa, thanks, Blackberry arrived safe and well and amazingly relaxed after such a long, unusual experience! And she has taken to her new home in Bristol like a duck to water. I think England is her spiritual home! Thanks so much for organising her journey and for the splendid care your team provided.
Best regards

July 12, 2014
MANUKA & SQUIGGLES cats to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Manuka and Squiggles have finally joined us in Cornwall!! So great to see them and both are doing well. I was able leave heathrow by 1:30pm and they coped well with the extended journey to Cornwall, albeit some vocalising by Manuka most of the way! Thank you so much!

June 3, 2014
JAZZ mini poodle to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful care of Jaz! He’s settled in fine and is doing great! 
Christina, Damon and Jaz :-)

May 17, 2014
LOKI lurcher to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Loki is home in one piece and fast asleep on my bed. Thank you so much for looking after him and sending updates to keep us calm!

May 17, 2014
HUDSON labrador to London, UK
Hi Lisa, We collected Hudson Friday afternoon UK time as scheduled.  He seems to have taken everything in his stride was chasing his ball around the park an hour after arriving.  He is now home relaxing. Thanks for the excellent service you and the team provided.  Thanks

Pete, Leeanne & Hudson 

May 15, 2014
BARNEY golden retriever to London, UK
Thank you. The flight didn't arrive until 10am and we were able to get him at 2pm . He was very happy to see me and get in the car. Hungry and thirsty but ok. He is sticking close to me. We have rented a cottage in Dorset in the country. It is lovely to have barney here so thanks very much for your care and thoughtful ness. It was great to have the updates as I was anxious about him.

May 15, 2014
OSCAR & JACK to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Thank you so very much for everything.  After 30 hours flying and 12 hours worth of stopovers we arrived safe and sound albeit very wary and tired.  Oscar was his usual stroppy self with the Animal Welfare people. ha ha ha  but Jack had plenty of hugs for them. I can't thank you enough for looking after my fur babies (and me).
Denise, Jack and Oscar

May 11, 2014
BENJI beagle to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Just a quick email to let you know that Benji has arrived safely and we picked him up yesterday. He seems to have travelled really well and is bouncing around and looking like his normal self! Thank you very much for your help and service.
Kind regards,

April 17, 2014
STANLEY & OLIVER cats to Glasgow, Scotland
Hi Lisa, They're here!!! The boys have now eaten - Oli just about took my hand off when I gave himsome of the treats I'd taken to the airport!!   They were both clean and very 'purry'.   I think after a few days they'll feel 'at home' but Oli is being very vocal in between snoozes. A million thanks again,

April 3, 2014
BUCKFAST & TALISKER fox terrier crosses to Glasgow, Scotland
Hi Lisa, They are happy and comfy in Scotland. My sister said they were jumping like coiled springs when they saw her, so cute. Thanks for your great work!

March 20, 2014
JASMINE cavoodle to London, UK
Hi Lisa, We've finally made it home to Cornwall, after a very long drive from London, where we had a couple of days to recover. Jasmine has 15 miles of endless beaches to run along and enjoying her new life! I just wanted to say thank you so much to yourself and Bruce for being wonderful, keeping me calm (and in return so was Jazz). It's been faultless from start to finish, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you at every turn. Thank you so very very much
Natasha and Jasmine 

March 13, 2014
MISTY shetland sheepdog to London, UK
Thank you so much Lisa, we have missed her so much.  We cannot wait to collect her.
Kindest regards
Sue and Nigel

March 12, 2014
MAX  border collie cross to London, UK
Hello Lisa, Thanks so much for keeping is updated, with all your e-mails and information. I cannot wait to see my Max!

February 28, 2014
GOLDIE ridgeback cross to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Goldie made it back fine.  Thanks ever south for all your help.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone!

February 18, 2014
YOGI, MILLIE & GARY straffordshire cross, mastiff cross & cat to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Millie, Yogi & Gary have all arrived safely and well. They all pretty much almost popped when they saw us. 
Thank you all so much for the care and reassurance that you gave our animals and to us.
Cheers Paul, Jackie, Millie, Yogi & Gary

February 13, 2014
BORIS Sydney silkie to London, UK
What wonderful service you provide.. When i go to the uk next can i go with you guys??? Unaccompanied children don’t get this level of service. Thanks best regards

December 20, 2013
NEO Australian kelpie & BEAN shih tzu to Heathrow, UK
Just wanted to let you know that Neo and Bean arrived safely yesterday. Great having the whole family back together as Andrea arrived today as well. Thank you again.

December 14, 2014
PHOEBE cat to London, UK
Hi Lisa! Thank you for getting Phoebe to me! Really impressed by your professional friendly service!
Phoebe is in excellent condition and has made herself at home already! Have a great Christmas and New Year and many thanks once again,

December 5, 2013
BOO griffon to Wales, UK
HI Lisa. Boo arrived at our home address at about 18.00 on the 3rd, all fit well and raring to go, she is now finding her feet in our gang of griffons that includes her half sister Katie. thanks again for all the assistance.
best regards

November 22, 2013
ZAK german shepherd to Glasgow, Scotland

Hi Lisa, Just a quick email to say that Zak our German Shepherd arrived safely. He was a very happy puppy to see Bruce when he picked him up on the Saturday and has settled in well here in Scotland. Thank you so much for all your help, I would highly recommend your company to anyone looking at transporting their pet :)

November 1, 2013
SUNNY cavoodle to London, UK
Dear Lisa, I really appreciate all your clear information and communication, we have picked up Sunny and all went very smoothly. Thank you again for your great service and help.
All the best and warm regards

November 1, 2013
HONEY labrador to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Just to let you know Honey has arrived safe & sound & is enjoying having kids to go begging after food once again, typical Lab style! Many Thanks for all your updates 

Natasha & Honey

October 24, 2013
EGG & ROCKY fox terriers to London, UK
Hi lisa, Once again I would like to thank you for all venture-pet has done for them and us up to now. 
Kim and dug 

August 27, 2013
ARTHUR newfoundland, HENRY golden retriever, SABA cat to London, UK
Thank you for all your help, it was so less stressful than in the UK and I think that was partly due to your calm and professional approach. We have all settled in and would like to say a very big thank you to you for all your help. It was a great help to us knowing that you were dealing with the animals in such a professional manner. And the emails you sent showed that you really did put in the extra effort to look after us all. I think you were actually better informed than we were!  Thanks so much again for all your help, you did a fantastic job! 
Best wishes
Emma Thoenissen

August 27, 2013
PIP fox terrier cross to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Pip arrived safe and well on Thursday. She seemed relatively unscathed but was a bit restless for the first couple of days, which isn't surprising considering the journey she's had! She's back to her old self now however following some long walks on the beach! Thank you so much for taking such great care of her before she left, and making the whole process so simple for Ryan and I.
Kate and Ryan

August 9, 2013
MONKEY british blue to London, UK
thank you so much for all of your help. Monkey was great and seemed very relaxed when I picked him up at the airport location. I truly appreciate all of your help!
Kind Regards,

July 8, 2013
HEIDI & RANGI shih tzu crosses to London, UK
HI .. I am so pleased with the service. Rangi and Heidi arrived nice and calm and are now settling in lovely.   A huge thank you for all your help Lisa..  Oh and its really hot here , :) ..
Christine , Rangi and Heidi .!!  

July 6, 2013
MILLIE cat to London, UK
Hi Lisa. M arrived safely today. Thanks for everything. 


July 4, 2013
GEORGE staffordshire bull terrier to London, UK
Lisa, Just to let you know we now have our gorgeous boy. Thanks for your great hassle free service.
Kind Regards

Paul and Lisa Dunne 

June 22, 2013
ZIGGY sphynx & IZZY himalayan to London, UK
Hello Lisa, Picked up Izzy & Zigg from Heathrow yesterday afternoon.It was a very simple and easy process at that end....very pleased to see them. They've been with us now for almost a day and seem oblivious to what has happened..very relaxed already. Thanks so much for everything...very happy customers!!

Sharon Melody

May 12, 2013
TILLY & POPPY cats to London, UK
Hi Lisa,  we all arrived safely and the cats are well, thank you, and back into their normal routine (it's as if they never left!).   Thank you for arranging everything regarding Tilly and Poppy.
Kind regards
Angela, Phil, Tilly and Poppy x

May 4, 2013
Mexican red knee tarantulas from Bristol Zoo UK to WLG Zoo
Good afternoon everyone. The tarantulas all arrived safely this afternoon and are now in their new enclosures. Thanks for all of your help with this
Simon Eyre
Collections Development Manager | Wellington Zoo Trust

April 22, 2013
SASA - cairn terrier cross to London, UK
Dear Lisa, Thank you very much, what outstanding care and service you provide - well done and much appreciated. Thank you for your great service.  Sasa arrived safe and well at Heathrow and now enjoying her new garden in Brighton fit and well.
kind regards
Trish and family
Hi Lisa, Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Very touched and grateful for your message and photograph. What a great service you both provide. Again a BIG Thank you
Patsy and Tony White - Grandparents of Sasa

March 15, 2013
TIPEX shih tzu cross to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Tippex landed fine and we picked him up no problem. He is liking having his family back together.
Many Thanks


March 11, 2013
INDY cat to London, UK
Hi Lisa, We just wanted you to know Indy arrived safe and well in London. Thank you so much for all your help and for keeping us informed of her progress. We were really worried how she would fare on the flight over from Christchurch to Wellington, so we really appreciated the photo you took of her that you e-mailed to us. Knowing she coped with that ok put us at ease for the rest of her journey.
Once again, many thanks,


February 26, 2013
TUI cat to London, UK
Hi Lisa,
We have picked Tui up and she's doing well.
Thank you for the news about Tui and a big thank you for all your work on her behalf.  Thanks also to all VenturePet staff. Your updates have kept us from worries. Have a great day!

Paul and Tara

February 7, 2013
SMUDGE cat to London, UK
Hi Lisa
Just to let you know that "Lord"  Smudge arrived safe and sound, he seem to have taken it all in his stride. Thanks for your kind attention.    
Best wishes


January 22, 2013
MILLY wheaten terrier to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Milly arrived at Mum's safe and sound wagging her tail, and was there to greet us when we arrived.  Milly is LOVING England (probably more than the rest of the

family as we had all forgotten just how cold and miserable the Winter is here!) she loves smelling all the foxes and badgers and has developed a pheasant chasing obsession, now we have about 6 inches of snow and she loves playing in the snow and rolls and rolls in it so I had to give her a hot bath to get rid of all the ice and snow in her fur!  Am sending you some photos so you can see, she really is a remarkably well adjusted dog!  Thanks for your help with the journey,
best wishes
Mary Wynne-Griffiths

January 10, 2013
MALUCAR cat to London, UK
Thanks Lisa. We picked her up this morning and all's well. Thanks for a very good service.


December 20, 2012
DOTTY cat to Carlow, Ireland
Hi Lisa, Dotty is home safe and sound. She seems perfect, a bit sleepy and quiet but happy. Thank you so much for all your help, you guys were stellar. We're so happy to have her back.
Have a lovely kiwi Christmas and a very happy new year


December 13, 2012
Hi Lisa, we picked the cats up and their doing very well although I'm not sure what they think of the cold! Their staying in the cattery for a week until we have some furniture in the new house so it doesn't feel too strange for them. Thanks for you help with everything, I will be writing a review in the near future so that others have the confidence to move their pets with you especially traveling such a long distance as we have.
Kind regards


December 6, 2012
ZEB border collie to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Zeb arrived safely in Heathrow. We picked him up and he is doing really well eating and getting to know the locals on his daily runs! Thanks so much for all your help in getting him to us. It all went without a hitch from our side and we are so happy to be here with him. For the record: we will not hesitate in recommending you to everyone we know. The process has been really hassle free from our point of view and your communication was excellent.
We wish you and Venture Pet the very best for the future.
Have a fantastic Christmas - we will!

November 6, 2012
BATMAN cat to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Batman arrived safely on Saturday and has settled in already. Thanks for all your help and concern.


October 13, 2012
BRINDY greyhound cross to London, UK
Hi Lisa,We finally got Brindy at about 1.30 in the end - her flight was delayed by about an hour and forty minutes.  Added to the fact it was an extemely busy day, it took a while for them to process her.  She's fine, although I think she is feeling a little disorientated not being in a familiar environment, but I'm sure she'll acclimatise soon enough. Thanks very much for all your work in getting Brindy's passage sorted out.  Have attached a couple of photos of Brindy out in the autumn sunshine where we are staying. She is fine. I want to thank you so much for all you did to arrange for her flight here. Thank for being so kind to me when I was so upset and worried about sending her, I did warn you what I would be like! I was so happy to get her here but I had every confidence in you to make it happen.  If you ever want to give my e-mail to anyone looking to use your services and needing reassurance please let me know, I will be more than happy to do it. Thank you again for everything you did for us all.
Best wishes
Gill and Chris

October 4, 2012
SHINER & HEART staffordshire bull terriers to London, UK
ah bless you, ...thank you lisa you were the best I would not travel my pets anywhere without you guys now I am overwhelmed at how well they look.  They are fantastic have not seen them with so much spark since we left uk 7 years ago.  You guys made them feel very comfortable.
Thank you

Jo page

September 29, 2012
TOBY cat to London, UK

Hi Lisa, we have collected him and all was well, thank you for taking care of him.  He doesn't seem as traumatised this time round, he is a little bit spooked but that's understandable.  we are staying at my sister's house and he has inspected every inch of it!! He met my grandson and even allowed him to stroke him, which amazed us all!
Thanks again

September 1, 2012
ALFIE griffon to London, UK

Hi lisa, Alfie has arrived safe and well. He was over the moon to see me and made all the waiting reception laugh because he was so excited he scampered around all over me. Thanks do much for all your help and care of him and to everyone else who handles him too. Just wanted to let you know that Alfie is doing absolutely fantastic here in England. He was absolutely fine and healthy, and very very happy to see me he jumped all over me and made the whole of reception laugh. It was 5 hours till I could get him but there was only a little bit of wee in him when I picked him up. He smelt terrible like an old hamster cage! Thanks so much for all your care of him of him and to everyone else who took care of him over his long journey. I just can't believe how well he has settled in and how healthy he is.
Thanks again for all your hard work to post him over, you can rest safe in the knowledge that he is safe and well.
All the best with all your future passengers...bet you never get another one like Alfie!
From Bryony and Alfie 

September 1, 2012
REMUS & DOC heading dogs to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Rem and Doc have arrived safely, 2 very happy dogs! Doc hadn't even nibbled on her towel (contrary to everyone's expectations!) We have been for a nice long walk, and they are currently curled up asleep- I don't think they're jetlagged, they're just lazy! Thank you so much for all your help getting them over here.

August 16, 2012
BOBBY labrador cross FREDDY & BELLA cats to London, UK
Hi, Not found a rental yet so the cats have been taken to a swish cattery up the road and are in some luxury now.
Bobby cannot stop sniffing every piece of grass he finds and is in the garden with his travel crate as his kennel for a few days. Nice and warm at the moment with highs of in the late teens every day. Thanks for your help, the pets are fine,

August 9, 2012
DOUGAL lasha apso, CHARLIE & TIGER cats to London, UK
Thanks so much we picked the fur family up from heathrow without a hitch.they are all very well and excited about being together here. Dougal went for a big walk in the country side and got his first wiff of squirrel.
Thanks so much


August 2, 2012
THOMAS & HONEY cats to London, UK
Hi Lisa. Thomas and Honey are both in the UK in good health. Nick picked them up at noon from Heathrow, as they had to wait forever for DEFRA to get to them-It was wickedly busy at the animal intake centre!
While they were waiting, JCS did a great job giving them a nice big run, food, water and the all important litter box!
Honey has sniffed the apartment from end to end multiple times in London and Thomas is very relaxed.
I am so grateful for your excellent service. Please let me know if I can support you by being a reference.
Thanks again,

Janet Grossman

July 30, 2012
MUTLEY, JACK cairn terriers & MISSY cat to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Jack, Mutley and missy all arrived safe and well. There was a small delay at the animal reception centre ( it was a busy day ) but there were no problems with their paper work ( unlike several entrants from the USA ). Thank you so much for all your help and understanding, I will recomend you to anyone who asks for my advice on shipping pets from NZ
Jacquie and Lyndon Barraclough ( and Jack, Mutley and Missy )

June 11, 2012
VINCENT cat to London, UK
Hi Lisa, Vincent made it safely to Heathrow and is now settled. He seems very happy and is extremely cuddly with everyone, so no signs of trauma from the trip :)
Thank you very much for all your help, guidance and advice we really appreciate it.

June 1, 2012
MOCHA labrador to Edinburgh, Scotland
Hi Lisa, Mocha arrived safely just after 2pm. She looks great, is full of energy and is loving exploring all the new smells. We are all so pleased to be reunited and Mocha and our son Alessandro are already back to being inseparable. Thanks for a very smooth and stress free relocation of our fur baby, we are very grateful. 
Thanks for all your assistance with the relocation of our Mocha, especially all the update emails over the last couple of days, it has meant a lot to us who have all been eagerly following her journey from afar.
Kind regards,


May 10, 2012

MAC golden retriever to Dublin, Republic of Ireland

I picked Mac up from Dublin yesterday evening.  He was very excited as you can imagine but appears fine.   Obviously everything is very new and wooden floors in my sons house do not help!!  Thank you very much for your help in this - I just hope that I dont do this again and soon have a place of my own where we can finally settle

With best wishes Carole

May 7, 2012

LOLLY bichon cross to London, UK

Hi Lisa, Lolly has arrived home fine and has been appearing on Facebook already meeting my neices who havent met her before haha, thanks for all the updates during her travel. Great service from you guys.


April 26, 2012

PADDY bichon cross to Dublin, Republic of Ireland

hi lisa, paddy has arrived and was happy to see me. after a wash and his dinner he was off exploring his new home . apart from being tired the flight hasnt really affected him. so thank you for all your help and updates. its great to have him in ireland.    

fiona and paddy x

April 16, 2012

HELENA beagle to Belfast, Republic of Ireland

Hi Lisa, Helena travelled really well, not a bother to her. She's settled into life on the farm very smoothly, and besides a bit of a dislike of horses everything else is to her pleasing. Thanks for making the trip run smoothly, it was a relief to see her looking so well at the other side.


March27, 2012

MISSY cat to London, UK

Hi Lisa, Missy arrived safe and sound. There were no problems picking her up and the whole process at heathrow only took about 10mins. She is settling in nicely, was a bit timid at first but has got her confidence back and is apparently now busy making friend with her new neighbours and chasing all the strange birds. Thank you for all your help throughout this process, we couldn't have hoped for a smoother more stress-free experience!

With best wishes,

March 25, 2012

SIMBA cat to London, UK

Hi Lisa, Simba arrived safe and well, it's lovely to have him here at last, he's a bit unsettled but i'm sure that will pass.
We would like to thank you for all your help in delivering Simba safely to us, much appreciated.

Kind Regards
Katerina Bacon

January 21, 2012

IZZY cat to London, UK

Lisa, I have just got home after collected izzy from London. I am so so happy to have her home with me. Thanks so much for all your help, u guys have been amazing. 

Thanks again. 
Vic Kirk.

January 15, 2012

FUDGE, VELV.E.TEEN & KILLER staffordshire bull terrier & devon rex cats to Dublin, Republic of Ierland

Dear Lisa and everyone else at VenturePet, Velv.E.Teen, Killer and Fudge are safely and happily at their new home in Galway, Ireland..... We picked them up last night and the three of them were quite understandably exhausted, but the cats still managed to purr all the way home (great effort for a three hour drive) and Fudges tail managed to wag up a storm.  Beth and I were both so nervous as to how they would all travel but they have come through their trip amazingly, Fudge was given her medication when she arrived and before she left England and the crew at Servisair in the cargo department were really good and kept them all in a nice warm area whilst the necessary paperwork was done, spoiling them with pats. Beth and I would very much recommend VenturePet to anybody looking to travel, you do a superb job and make things so much easier for those awaiting the arrival of their loved ones on the other side of the world. From all of us here, many, many thanks again, Our family is all back together and happy as can be.

Sincerest Thanks,
Charlotte, Beth, Velv.E.Teen, Killer and Fudge x

January 14, 2012

HARRY standard schnauzer to London, UK

Hi Lisa, Harry is great thanks -  he travelled like an old pro!  He wasn't distressed or shakie (unlike some dogs we saw being returned to their owners) or anything - just came out to as tho he'd only been away from us for 1 day (not 12 months) - got in the car - good as gold and travelled home with us.  He is happy and content and enjoying the smells in his new garden and exploring the house.  No worries at all. Thanks so much for helping get him over to us.  We are very pleased to have him here.

Kind regards

January 12, 2012

BIJOU & RAFFY cat to London, UK

Dear Lisa, Bijou and Raffy have arrived into the UK safe and sound and John drove  them the 6 hour drive down to Cornwall late last night.  They are both  sooooo happy and purring madly. Thank you so much for all the help in getting our cats back home.  we  are so happy to be re-united with them, they are so full of character  and we have felt like a part of our family was missing. All great and Thanks again.

Best wishes
Lucy & John Crawford Scott

January 12, 2012

KIRI & DUDLEY cats to London, UK

Hi Lisa, Just wanted to let you know that Kiri and Dudley are fully settled into their new home. We were able to collect them inside 3 hours of their arrival, which was great. Thank you so much for making everything so easy our end and for the time and trouble you took working together with vetsmart.

Best wishes
Adrian and Siobhan, Kiri and Dudley

January 12, 2012

BOBBY schnoodle to London, UK

Hi Lisa, Thanks for everything. I felt he was in very safe hands and it was great to hear that he was all fine the night before. Bobby has arrived safely and seems totally fine. He is exploring our garden and I can't believe he has been on that massive journey!

Thanks for everything

January 10, 2012

MARGIE basset hound to London, UK

Hi, Thanks for all your help and I must say you guys were worth the money as it's been an easy transition.
I have picked up Margie and she is very well.  fed her a bit and she's getting along with Milo our puppy mastiff (7 months) and she's resting in her bed.  I've kept her bed that was in the crate and washing and drying it just now.  She seems very calm and healthy. 
I cannot thank you both enough. Thanks so very, very much. 

December 31, 2011

PADDY cat to Isle of Man, UK

Hi Lisa, Paddy arrived safe and sound thanks for all your help, hope you all had a lovely christmas and wishing you all a great 2012,

best wishes
gordie, ally libby & paddy Holden x

December 27, 2011

FREDDY greyhound cross to Dublin, Ireland

Hi Lisa, Freddy is very very happy to be back with us in ireland and is sleeping like a baby by the fire at the moment. He is also sporting the latest thermal dog coat as its bloody freezing here at the moment,will have to invest in a new jacket myself now!! He got here no problem on his flight unlike myself who took almost 3 days thanks to a pilot being sick and technical difficulties with a plane,never ever fly ethiad airways! I should have travelled with him in his box it would have been quicker and more comfortable. Best of luck for your business in the future I'm sure you will go from strength to strength.

Many thanks
Linda and Paul

November 11, 2011

MAX labrador to London, UK

Hi Lisa, Just to let you know Max has arrived safe and sound and seems to have handled the flights well.  It is lovely to have him with us again after so long. Thank you again for all your help and updates along the way.

Thanks again

November 8, 2011

TILLY cat to London, UK

Hi Lisa, We just wanted to send you a BIG, BIG THANK YOU for your fantastic service in transporting Tilly from Palmerston North to London. When we arrived she looked quite happy and relaxed (not like Doug & I).   We really appreciated you keeping us informed every step of the way. We have only been in England for 6 days and Tilly is back to her happy chilled out self!!
Once again Lisa & Bruce we cannot thank you and your team at Venture Pet enough for making what we thought would be a nightmare into something simple and stress free.  We would highly recommend Venture Pet to anyone. 

Kind Regards
Ann & Doug TatanaDescription: Smile

October 29, 2011

OSCAR & RON golden retriever & cat to London, UK

Hi Everyone, Just a quick note to let you know that Oscar and Ron are back with us safe and sound, Oscar looking very smart – but being a bit blond, took him a while to realise it was us! Considering the flight etc they were really calm and were soon back to normal. We would just like to thank everybody concerned for the wonderful care and concern you have shown to our pets, and for making the transition here for them as least traumatic as possible.

Many, many thanks
Kevin, Linda and Amy Sykes

September 23, 2011

SHEBA labrador to London, UK

Hi Lisa, thank you very much for all the help that you have given us, and we would gladly recommend you and your company in the future. 


September 29, 2011

DRIFT heading dog to World Sheepdog trials in the UK

Thanks Lisa, Duncan will be pleased to hear Drift arrived save and well. Thanks once again for the excellent job you have done for him.


July 18, 2011

FLY & MITZIE border collie & cat to London, UK

Hi All, Pets have arrived safetly, dog has already been bathed much to his disgust and Mitz is chilling. Thank you guys for making the transition back to the UK so smoothly, maybe I might be better being exported by you guys!
All went very smoothly.

Thank you very much.
Annette,Louise, Fly and Mitzie xxxx

June 16, 2011

P HOEBE cat to Heathrow, UK

Hi Lisa. Just to let you know that Pheobe arrived safe and sound yesterday and looked in very good health, she has already been exploring all her new surrounds and seems very happy, as am I.

Thanks for your help

June 15, 2011

SIR ED red panda to London, UK

Good morning Lisa. Just to let you know Sir Ed landed safely in the UK last night.
There was a 6 hour delay at Heathrow until they could get their customs clearance but apparently he is fine.

Simon Eyre
Collections Development Coordinator
Wellington Zoo Trust

June 14, 2011

TARA staffy cross to London, UK

Thank you we have. Had a big weekend trying to get her to talk to us, we finally have her forgiveness we think. She has seen her new vet today and had her first inoculation for those nasties not in NZ.
Thank you for your care of her- we really appreciate getting her whole and healthy.

Lin and Paul

June 8, 2011

LILY ROSE cat to London, UK

Hi Lisa
That's marvellous news that she is taking it in her stride.  Such a brave wee girl.  She'll be here tomorrow and I'm VERY excited!!  Have been out to pet store and bought her some lovely things for her quarantine cage to make it more "homely"
You do an amazing job organising this stuff for pet owners.  

Take care all and thanks again for everything

May 30, 2011

VEGAS, ELVIS, LOLA CHARLIE cats & maltese dogs to London, UK

Hi Lisa
Thanks for update you have gone above and beyond! You guys have been so diligent.
I'm heading off to stay near Heathrow so I can get cats in morning then I'll stay over so I can get dogs on Saturday.

Thanks again.

Hi Lisa
Thank you for the updates, Lola and Charlie, Elvis and Vegas are all in Yorkshire with the family now !

April 21, 2011

POPPY cocker spaniel to London, UK

Hi Lisa and Bruce
Poppy arrived 5 minutes before we did at our London address - and we were amazed how happy and chilled she was when we first saw her. We were absolutely stoked and credit alot of that to your wonderful handling of her from Wellington to London. Given her timid and sometimes anxious nature we were really worried about how the travel might affect her but it seems all of our worries were in vain. We were also suprised to find that all of the bedding and toys she had in her crate arrived at our new home with her too. Other than being rather hungry and quite thirsty she hasn't seemed to be bothered at all by the trip. Our reunion was a pretty happy one and her and our 16 month old have barely been separated since. Looks like Poppy is also going to be a big hit with the local kids too - of which we have already had a visit to meet "their" new local dog!
Once again thank you for such wonderful support and service. If we travel with her again, you will be our first port of call and we will recommend you to anyone else we know that is travelling with a pet.
Kind regards
Poppy, Amelia, Becs and Shay

April 18, 2011

BEN & CHLOE border collies to London, UK

Hello Lisa, Thank you so much for all your efforts.
My Dad and Angus are going to be busy building kennels today for the dogs on Wednesday.
My family are all excited to meet Ben and Chloe - none of my huge family have ever had a dog and fights have already begun over who will walk them!!!! 

Thanks again for your hard work and information.
Kind regards,
Heidi & Angus. 

April 13, 2011

GUS & TORRO hunterway & mastiff cross to London, UK

Hi Lisa,
The boys are all here and fine and running around with the other dogs!!
Thanks for everything you did.
Kind regards

April 9, 2011

MONTY cocker spaniel to London, UK

Hi Lisa, on collection monty was very excited to see us all, he looks very well considering the distance he has travelled.
Many thanks for you assistance.

Kind regards

April 8, 2011

POPPIE & DAISY bichon & bichon cross to Heathrow, UK

Lisa, As they say at NASA - mission accomplished.  We picked the girls up from the Animal Reception Centre as planned and they were almost as happy to see us as we were to see them.  They were in great condition and have carried on as if nothing has happened. Jean is beside herself and keeps saying she cannot believe they are here.. Today I understand a walk to the local village is on the cards. Once again thanks for all your help.


April 2, 2011

JESSIE shihtzu cross to London, UK

Hi , Jessie arrived safe and sound and has settled in very well. Has no fear and is introducing herself to everyone she can get near to, she is a liitle bit jet lagged but very happy.
I would like to thank everyone who had anything to do with her trip as it could have been very traumatic,
but she is fit well and happy. Toni

March 22, 2011

GRACIE & HANA labrador & cross to London, UK

Hi Lisa, The girls are fine were spoilt at Heathrow came out with new toys!
They have settled in well and are loving their walks in the fields around the village.
Gracie spends a lot of time trying to dig up moles and Hana chases foxes.
Their coats don't know whether to be summer or winter.
Thank you so much for all that you did. You made a tense experience so much easier with your kind understanding and we'll be in touch next move.

Warmest regards

March 11, 2011

LUCA bichon cross to London, UK

Hi Lisa
Thank you so much for the safe delivery of Luca, sounds like she made an impression. It's so great to have her back.


February 25, 2011

THELMA & LOUISE cats to London, UK

Hi Lisa, The cats arrived safe and sound thanks. They're staying at my mums house for a couple of days until we get our house ready, but they seem pretty chilled out at the moment.


February 24, 2011

THOMAS & JACK cats to London, UK

Hi Lisa, Collected Jack and Thomas from Heathrow this morning.. timed it just right and only had a 10 minute wait for them. They were understandably looking a little subdued initially but made their voices heard.. loud and clear for most of the 2 hour journey back to Colchester!
They don't appear to be too phased by their new surroundings here at home either and are settling in well.
Thanks so much for all your care and your very efficient , professional and supportive service! I felt very happy that my 'boys' were well cared for from departure in NP from Dads until collection in London today.  I shall definitely be recommending you!
Thanks again.. its lovely to have them back here safe and sound! Description: Smile
Kind regards,

February 16, 2011

LOLLY & DAISY cavalier king charles spaniel & golden retriever to London, UK

Hi Lisa, we just phoned and heard they arrived safely. I can breathe again!  Thanks so much for your fantastic service. We are going to collect them in an hour, and are all highly excited. It was so important to know they were in safe, capable hands. We really appreciate it and will recommend you to other friends moving their animals.

With very best wishes, Connie, Mike, Niamh & Cerys

January 22, 2011

BEN & STAN border collies to Heathrow, UK

Thanks Lisa. We are all safely installed in our new abode, Stan & Ben appear to be none the worse off for their travels! I am so grateful to you for arranging the boys travel & ensuring it all went smoothly. Please extend my thanks to Margaret who was just wonderful. My son (who has stayed in NZ) was upset at saying farewell to the boys but was glad that they were in the capable hands of Margaret.

Thanks again

December 18, 2010

MOLLY, ALFIE & TWINKLE kelpie cross, cross dog & cat to London, UK

Hi Lisa, my two dogs and Twinkle the cat have all been safely delivered to our home in West Sussex from Heathrow. The weather appeared to conspire against us however as it started to snow heavily about half an hour before their departure from Heathrow was due to occur. The dogs padded about in the snow tonight on their first English walk, wondering what this crispy cold stuff under their feet was. They spotted their first foxes and wait till they see a squirrel ! Squirrels are always way to fast up a tree for a dog, but it keeps the dogs entranced.
Thanks again for your floorless service. I would be more than happy to recommend you to any off my friends who may contemplate a similar move.

Kind regards
Tim Rowlands

November 1, 2010

JASMINE cat to London, UK

Jasmine arrived fit and well in her splendid new transporter and is waiting in a cattery until tomorrow morning when we will take her home
Thank you all for taking such care of her at all times

Kind Regards
Ken & Helen Phillips

August 16, 2010

SUMO & RUBY griffons to London, UK

Hi Lisa
We have had a lovely weekend getting Ruby and Sumo settled in.
We collected them from the animal reception centre at Heathrow no problems at all on Friday and they were both very excited to see us.  Upon arrival at their new home, they had a thorough good sniff around and were introduced to their new kennel.
Both are extremely relaxed and happy - tomorrow will be the test as it will be the first day at home by themselves, but we have some big bones to keep them occupied.
Thank you very much for all the great care of Sumo and Ruby and the updates on their travels.
We are so pleased with the result and found the whole process really easy.
We have some friends moving over to England in 2012 with their cats, so we will definitely pass on your details to them.

Many thanks Lisa.
Warm regards, Kelly, Hayden, Sumo and Ruby

August 7, 2010

MAC border terrier to London, UK

Hi Lisa
Picked Mac up from Heathrow yesterday. He is well and was happy to see us. Thank you for the care of Mac in your hands. I would recommend you to anyone.


August 6, 2010

OLIVE cat to London, UK

Hi Lisa
Olive arrived safe and well and is settling in very nicely.  Thank you very much for all your help and fantastic service.

Kind regards

Lisa & Stefan.

July 26, 2010

POPPY cat to London, UK

Hi Lisa I picked Poppy up from Heathrow yesterday....a slight delay in paperwork, but generally smooth! Poppy was bright and seemed pleased to see me. Do cats get jet lag? Because she seems totally unaffected! She is settling in to her new home well and is desperate to get out and explore the garden and wildlife! Thanks for your assistance and care for Poppy, and for keeping me informed through out the process and flight!

All the best

Suzy Phillips

July 19, 2010

MOXIE cat to London, UK

Hi everyone
Just to let you know that Moxie is now safe & sound with us in the North of England. My sister picked him up from Heathrow yesterday and then had a five hour drive to bring him here.…he is doing good and was really happy to be here.
Thanks to everyone for all of your help (and cuddles for Moxie) - it's great to have him 'home'.

Sandra Castree

July 8, 2010

BILLY & SWEET cats to London, UK

Hi Lisa
They are here safe and sound both pretty relaxed and have got their appetites back. They seem to remember who I am! Sweet is purring away and Billy doing lots of rolling over which is his flirty behaviour:). He is dying to get outside. Thanks for everything Lisa the people at the animal reception centre were fantastic ordered us a cab no problems. Its wonderful to have them back with me again thank you for taking such good care of them and for making the big trip go so smoothly    

Best Sue  

June 11,  2010
BOO & MULDER staffy cross & collie cross to Heathrow, UK
Thank you!
We have picked up boo and mulder and are travelling home. They where calm and ate, now sleeping in the back of the car. We are so happy to see them.


May 1, 2010
PIPPA springer spaniel to London, UK
Hi Lisa,
Pippa has arrived safe and sound and looking very well.  Can't thank you enough everything went very smoothly.
We will not hesitate to recommend your service.



April 29, 2010
SIRIUS whoodledor to London, UK
Hi Lisa
Reunited successfully with Sirius as planned... incredibly smooth and trouble free, he seemed completely unfazed by the whole experience and is back to normal... about to take him for a long walk on the beach. Thanks you to you in particular and Venturepet in general for making this such a pain free and simple experience! I would recommend you guys to anyone.

All the best


April 29, 2010
MOLLY springer spaniel to London, UK
Hi Lisa
Molly is home safe and sound with us, she is in great shape if not a little tired im sure she will sleep well after her adventure! She remembered us which is great and its fantastic to have her home with us again, many thanks for your excellent service and care with Molly’s travel arrangements, we will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone.

Best regards,


April 18, 2010
STORM weimaraner to London, UK
Lisa + Bruce
I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your time, trouble and effort in getting Storm to the UK. You probably guessed I was worried due to his recent big operation but I had full confidence in you with him.
He arrived full of beans. After a few days in his new home he is looking good and is very happy. We were very lucky that he flew when he did as you have probably heard that all flights into the UK have been stopped due to the volcanic dust from Iceland, and as yet they are not sure when any planes will be allowed to land or take-off. Many thanks once again, it was really appreciated.

Regards Karen

March 26, 2010
SID & SCAMP cocker spaniels to London, UK
Hi Bruce/Lisa
Just thought I'd drop you an email to say that Scamp and Sid have made it safely to Cyprus!!  There weren't too happy to be put in there travel crates again!!!!
Thanks for your help in sorting out their travel to the UK.
Excellent service.


Kerry & Chris

March 26, 2010
MAC, ROSIE & ALFIE jack russell cross, west highland terrier & cat to London, UK
Thank you so much Lisa. I missing them an awful lot, but I'm delighted they are settled and the whole process is starting for them. We are so grateful to you for a fantastic service, it has made it so much easier and less upsetting. We will definitely email you when we are in the UK.
Have a lovely day,

Have been in contact with the owners by phone…they all arrived here safe and well. Rosie is very well. She was a little down on arrival, but no surprise after being so long without her insulin. We are still fine tuning the insulin routine so that she can be on just one jab per day. That will be better for Rosie and the owners expenses.
Best regards


March 5, 2010
BONNY & AMI huntaway cross & cat to London, UK
Hi Lisa,
Bonny and Ami Butcher arrived safely at Heathrow as planned at 6.20am this morning.  ARC say they're both well and should be ready for me to collect in the next couple of hours. I've emailed Ingrid Butcher to let her know they're in the UK.
Thanks for all your help, you've made it very easy for me to arrange things at this end.

I very much look forward to doing business with you again.
Kind regards, 

Gill Crone-Miles

Animals at Home (South Wilts, East Dorset & West Hants) Ltd

February 26, 2010
BEN collie cross to London, UK
Hi Lisa
Ben has arrived safe and well his body clock is a little out and expected Gary to take him for a walk at 1am!  he seems full of beans no jet lag!
Thanks once again for all your help

Kind regards
Jane & Gary

January 18, 2010
EMILY cat to London, UK
Just wanted to let you know that Emily arrived safe and well & in good spirits.  Thanks for taking good care of her.


13 November 2009
LUCY & OSCAR cats to London, UK
Hi Lisa and Bruce
Thank you for everything, just a quick note to let you know that Oscar and Lucy have arrived safe and sound.  Grant went to collect them from Heathrow this afternoon and they are now at home.  I have had several phone calls this afternoon so that I can hear them purr, and Grant said that they have been investigating the flat and have covered nearly every square inch already!  Oscar went straight from his travel cage to his bed, and Lucy straight for her food bowl - this is their usual behavior, so clearly they are no worse for wear after all their travels. Thank you again for all your help, and taking such good care of our fur babies.

Kind regards
Rachel and Grant

November 10, 2009
MONTY Yorkshire terrier to London, UK
Hello Lisa,
Many thanks to you both for your enthusiasm and help in getting our Monty on his epic journey back to the UK. Thankfully Monty arrived ok after his epic journey. He has settled well in Kingskerwell, which we are visiting daily. So glad to see our Monty, many thanks for making his journey happen for us...
Many thanks,
Andy Finch & family.

October 29, 2009
KODI fox terrier to London, UK
Hi guys,
Thanks so much for the updates on Kodi.
We are BUGGERED but are now set up in a hotel just down the road from the airport (a doggy friendly one). We see all the planes coming in so will look out for Kodi's tomorrow.
You have been awesome to Kodi (and us) and for that we can never thank you enough. As I said before you have gone above and beyond what we expected.
We'll be in touch again tomorrow once we have picked her up….
Picked up Kodi just after lunch today... she arrived safe and sound after her very long flights!!!
Think she might have a bit of jet lag and is unsure where we are etc BUT all in all she's great!!!
Just thought I'd send a few pics that we have taken today.

Hugs to you and your family,

Carmen, Sandra and Kodi

Oct 5, 2009
BERTIE cat to London, UK
Hi Lisa
Bertie is settling in OK and he arrived in good fettle.

Kind regards

September 27, 2009.
OLLIE & TRINNY cat & staffy to London, UK
Dear Bruce and Lisa,
Ollie and Trinny's travels were hassle and stress free.  I felt very happy during the whole process because you kept us so well informed about their progress and whereabouts.  Ollie has relocated country before, with another company, and I felt nervous during the entire journey for him because we were not kept up to date with how things were progressing.  This time around it was reassuring being informed of their wellbeing, knowing that they had passed the vet's and paper checks and being kept up to speed with their latest destinations on their very long journey to London. 

They both looked great when we picked them up, Trinny wanted to say hello everyone and Ollie was really pleased to have a cuddle all the way home in the car.  I was worried about how Ollie would be as he is 15 years old in December, but I needn't have because he looks great.  Something funny is that we have noticed that Trinny is suffering from jet lag!

Thank you for your wonderful service. 
The Zamick family.

September 19, 2009
MOUSEY cat to London, UK
Hi Lisa!
Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that Mousey has survived her long journey to London and is very happily settling in to her new home!  We were really pleasantly surprised at how well she has coped.  
Thanks so much for all your help in getting her over and for looking after her so well - we are extremely happy to have our family safely together on the other side of the world!



September 3, 2009
ORSINO cat to London, UK
Hi there Bruce and Lisa
Susan texted me to say Orsino is asleep on her bed in London having spent two hours purring and rubbing himself all over her.
Thank you so much for you care and attention to detail

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for getting Orsino here safely.  He arrived on Wednesday afternoon and is already settled into his new home.  I expect he is passed out under a duvet as I type this email!!

August 22, 2009
REX cat to London, UK
Thanks Lisa, Rex has arrived - all safe and seemingly quite proud of his little adventure
and has taken the whole thing in his stride. Thanks for smoothing everything out, esp. When things were a bit tense at the start with the paper work from the vet.

thank so much for all your help :)
Ashley & Sarah

August 14, 2009 MEG & SPOT border collies to London, UK
Hello Lisa,
Thank you so Much for Taking such Great Care Of Our Babies, We have a Great Reunion, Like I got Kissed So much we ended up sitting on the floor, Lol Now that is How i thought it would be, i have a big Bond with my Dogs,  They were Both very good and im Pleased to have them Back, Thank you very Much, for taking such Care,, and keeping Us Updated as where they Were @ anytime,

Thank you ,
Meg and Spot, Julie andy, xx

August 8, 2009
FRANKIE west highland white terrier to London, UK
Bruce & Lisa,
Thank you very much indeed for all your efforts in getting Frankie to the UK.
We picked her up this morning and she is absolutely fine, in fact, in far better state than we are.



June 19, 2009
TUG & TALLIS labrador & springer  spaniel to London, UK
Hi Lisa and Bruce,
Just wanted to let you know the boys arrived 10mins early and we picked them up about 11am, all good, they are so remarkably resilient and have now had swim, walks, food and zonked out on 3 hour drive home, Tallis had unfortunate experience of needing a bath - not due to the travel but because he rolled in fox poo on his first walk!! Typical. So thank you for all that you did and keeping me calm, the new pet reception centre at heathrow is much better and whilst I wouldnt want to do it again I would certainly recommend your services to others.

Many thanks

Sarah, Tug and Tallis

June 11, 2009
PEPPER chihuahua to London, UK
Hi Lisa
Pepper the long haired Chihuahua arrived at Heathrow, fit and well and raring to go in his new country. He has settled  well in West Cumbria loving walks on the beaches and the banks of the lakes.
We were concerned when we first planned the trip to how pepper would cope with the journey from NZ to the UK, but you and the team at Venture pet soon layed to rest any concerns we had with your advice and experience you showed with the handling of animals, it was gratifying that you understood worries of pet owners and how you kept in touch with us to what was happening.
I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to any travelers considering to transport their pets

Thanks to you and the team

Geoff. Mary & pepper

May 14, 2009
TARO german shepherd to London, UK
Hi Lisa,
I just thought you'd like to know that Taro and I arrived safely in London on Tuesday.
He was very pleased to see me, as I was him. He is taking England in his stride and has already made lots of doggy friends. It seems they speak the same language.
Thanks for arranging things for us.
Margaret was lovely at the airport. Please let her know.

Cheers and best wishes,

April 11, 2009
TIMMY chihuahua cross to London, UK
Hi Lisa,
Timmy arrived safe and sound on Wednesday morning. When they brought him out, he was a little confused at first but then went crazy with excitement when he recognised us.
He was in very good spirits when he arrived, perky and happy and ready to explore his new home. I was expecting to see a stressed, tired little dog at the other end, but he was his old self, and didn't seem phased by the journey at all. Timmy is now fully adjusted to London life and is enjoying lots of walks along the River Thames.
Thank you so much for all your help getting him over here. We would certainly use Venture Pets again, given Timmy was clearly so well looked after.

Many thanks,
Isobel, Darryl and Timmy

December 11, 2008
SCRABBLE & SMUDGE labradors to London, UK
just wanted to let you know that we have heard that "the boys are back in town"!!!!!!!  scrabby and smudge are now at little acre quarantine kennel - apparently "full of beans" (we all know what that really means!).  we will be able to get them the weekend after next, so just in time for christmas.
 thank you so much for everything you have done for them - karen for looking after them and loving them for us, and lisa for arranging all the transport and getting them back onto our side of the world. 
 have a fantastic christmas - we will

love to all
sue & co

November 3, 2008
12 BATS to London, UK
Hi Lisa
They did arrive all safe and sound.
Thanks once again for everything you and Bruce did

Simon Eyre
Collections Development Coordinator
Wellington Zoo

October 25, 2008
TESSA border terrier to London, UK
Hi Lisa,
Had a txt from Mum in the night, Tess is home safe and sound, she's eaten and has christened mums new lawn!! Thanks once again, you have been awesome!! You really put our minds at rest that she was in safe hands, if you ever need a reference for someone wanting to ship their pet back to the UK we would have no hesitation in recommending you.
I just wish the shipping company for our furniture had been as professional as yourselves!!
Take care and thanks once more.

Angie & Paddy

October 6, 2008
RONNIE   labradoodle to UK
Hi Bruce and Lisa,
Just to let you know that Ronnie arrived safe and well at Heathrow, and was taken to Wales by the agents in the UK.  He didn’t seem at all fazed by his long journey: he was in much better order than I usually am after that sort of flight!  He’s now settled in nicely to life in Wales...he’s already been to say hello to the local livestock, and everyone says how it’s obvious he’s a Kiwi, he’s so laid back about it all!
Thanks so much for looking after him so well.  I am sure he was so relaxed due to the good care you all took of him getting him through his checks and on to his flight.  Thanks, also, for letting us know his flight progress!  That was great!  We really couldn’t recommend Venture Pet highly enough to anyone needing to transport their dog: thanks so much for keeping in constant contact regarding Ronnie’s arrangements.  It really took all (well, most!) of the stress out of things for us!

Thanks again, and best regards,
Claire and Ronnie

July 27, 2008
POPPY dwarf springer spaniel to London, UK
Hi Lisa and Bruce
Poppy arrived all safe and sound! The import vet was so intrigued by Poppy that he had to take her photo!  Can't tell you how grateful I am for all your care in overseeing Poppy's travel back to the UK, she's perfectly fine and has settled in straight away, tears all round from the family she is so special to us all, I'll have to get her winter coat clipped as we're having a hot spell at the moment, it really is as if she's never been away at all!
Thank you all again so much, and I've given her plenty of hugs and cuddles from you, people can't believe she's such a globetrotter!

Lots of love and thanks
Fiona and Poppy! Xxxx

April 25, 2008
ALFIE cat to London, UK
Hi there Lisa,
I collected Alfie this morning!!! He was so sweet and looked absolutely fine. He has been bounding around the house like he's never been anywhere. I've just taken him around the garden on his lead and he is starting to tire again....think that has more to do with devouring half a tin of tuna when he arrived!!!!
Thank you so much for taking such good care of him and putting up with me!
Kind regards,

Jules Marchant

February 1, 2008
BONNIE King Charles Cavalier pup to UK
Hi lisa thanks for keeping me informed , and thanks for looking after bonnie so well for us , im sure you can see why she is so special to us , she has reached the quarantine kennels ok, thank,

from amanda murray.

January 11,  2008
BEAU & JACK border collies to UK
The doggies looked none the worse for wear when they arrived and of course where delighted  to see us, funny how they don't realise they've travelled around the world.  They been out for walks in the Gloucestershire countryside, after a good nights sleep next to me.  Thanks so much for your fantastic work!

Love Tansy

December 23, 2006
SMUDGE, BRUNO & OLIVER, 2 dogs & cat , Australia to NZ to London, UK
Hi Lisa,
Thank you!  Everyone has landed safely and we are all at home in front of the heater.
Thanks again of all your help, you guys are awesome!

Natalie and the crew

October 29, 2006
CHEVI samoyed dog to Dublin, Ireland
Hi there Lisa,
Chevi arrived safe and sound on the day as scheduled.
Thank you so much for all your help, I would be happy to write a testimonial for your company if you would like as I think your service was brilliant.
Thanks Again

Shaz and Niamh and Chevi

Sept 1, 2006
2 cats to UK
Hi Lisa and Bruce
Just a short note to say that both Lambie and Biff arrived safe and sound. am quite amazed at how quickly they seem to have forgotten their ordeal. So thank you both for your efforts in organising their safe return.
Kind regards


July 27, 2006
MACKENZIE dog to London, UK
Hello Lisa
Thank you for looking after MacKenzie and ensuring that he arrived safely to us. He bounced out of the Heathrow Reception Centre as if he had only travelled from Petone to Wellington Airport and we are sure this is because of the good care he was given and your expertise in 'packing' him up.
Kind regards


January 17, 2006
TIGER & RIO cats to London, UK
Got the cats back all safe and sound thank you very much.  They looked in very good health and not very traumatised after their journey.
All very good!
Thanks for all your help.


December 17, 2005
TANK & PIXIE cats to London, UK
Hi Bruce and Lisa,
They've arrived! Both seem in good spirits and are investigating the cupboards in their new home...  Thanks very much for organising the logistics of this, and for keeping me informed.
Best wishes


November 28, 2005
Cats to London, UK
Hi Lisa,
Thank you!!  They all arrived safe and sound on Friday, and it was lovely to see them again!  They are still a little bit jetlagged but seem to be settling in quite well.  They have coped amazingly well so thank you so much for making it such an easy experience for them and me.
Once again, thank you.


October 25, 2005
BESSIE dog to London, UK
Hi Lisa
Bessie is fine, it was great to have her back and we have spent all weekend with her.  It's as though she has never been away.
Thanks again for everything that you did for us, great to know she was in good hands. 
Thanks again for all your efforts, big kiss from Bessie.
Kind regards

Claire, Paul & Bessie

June 03, 2005
ROSIE to London, UK
Rosie Landed safe and sound yesterday and she's totally happy to be back.
I just like to thank you for all of your efforts and to express my
gratitude to you both.
There were no problems at all and everything went smoothly.  Quite a
worry  from such a great distance - but everything worked out great in the end.
So thank you!
Best Wishes,

Jenny and Rosie


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